something needs to be changed with the daily coin system

Now heres the thing: I completely understand that they probably cannot make radical changes in order not to make the whole thing unbalanced, but right now the daily coins are pretty much as good as nothing.

28-30 coins per day max? are you even serious? Currently the only redeeming login bonuses come from streak chest, as the others barely give anything to work with.

Im wondering if a healthy balance could be found betwen these two, if not thats fine too (although there is always room for improvement)

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I have to agree as it does drag out how long it takes to get these games but also how much can we complain these are still free games so i can understand why it takes longer to get these games.


my guess/thoughts have sorta been around that this is the balance/'cos of balancing

with an obvious limited supply of keys, if it was “easier” to get coins, and not “miss out” because of missing a day/streak, then i assumed there would be potentially too many people with too many coins/larger surplus too fast, making it much more difficult to maintain any games availability than already is, or even worse than prior
(but i also like to speculate about far out stuff i have no knowledge about lol :smile:)

but it has indeed been mentioned before that some sort of coin/streak tweaking could maybe be appreciated for some(can’t rem the thread(s) on hand) -as it might be somewhat punishing when missing a day, and “just” the dailies makes it very slow progress to a game, when/if missing streaks…


If a person visits the site every second day, it’s going to take a long time before they get the 3000 or so coins that many games are given away for. The reason people are incentivized (the streak) to visit every day is because Chrono change their deal everyday and they want people to see it and (fingers crossed) buy it.

It’s a pretty straight forward marketing scheme from Chrono’s perspective and if you do maintain your streak you can generally expect to get one game, even two a month just for collecting coins.

I think there is currently a healthy balance between us and them but if anyone does have a better way I’d love to hear it. Honestly, as it stands I think it’s a pretty simple and elegant system.

Geez I’m turning into a shill…uh… Chrono bad! they kidnapped and ransomed my dog!

No dogs were harmed in the making of this comment, I don’t even have a dog :dog:


Not anymore you don’t…


The balance comes from you having to stop by the site everyday to collect your coins and look at the deal. repeat 30 times and you can get a free game. balanced


lol, well played

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I like that you have to get streaks to get a good amount of coins, but I don’t like how 30-day streaks are pretty much a requirement if you want to be able to afford anything. I think it would be nice if the bonus chest money was a little bit more spread out between the chests, so that it wasn’t as “punishing” to miss a day after getting a 14+ streak. The 30-day chest should still give the biggest bonus, it just doesn’t have to be so much more significant than the others.

As-is, people are able to get 30-day streaks have more coins than they need (unless they want every single coin shop game for some reason), and people who aren’t have a hard time earning enough for even the cheapest games.

@Tatsuya, is there a specific coin shop game you want but are struggling to afford? I’ve got some coins I can spare, I could maybe get it and PM you the key.

Edit: I suspect the chest bonuses are chosen so that it’s not more efficient to farm 3-day chests over 30-day chests, and currently 30-day chests (which take 10x the time and have a lot more chances to fail) give about 15x coins of 3-day chests, which is sort of fair? But maybe the chests could just be spaced out better or something, so that when you miss a day on day 25, it doesn’t feel like such a waste. Or, like OP suggested, slightly reduce chest rewards all around and slightly buff the daily rewards.


This is all great feedback!

We’re definitely not 100% satisfied with the balance of the system and we have some changes in mind that we hope to get to early this year with the intent of solving some of these issues.


Don’t you get more coins if you buy the game for that day?

You rather managed to answer your own question here, before you even suggested it. The chest values are exactly so much so that the best option is to go for a full 30 day streak. Every change that makes it less punishing to keep your streak up goes against the very reason for the coins to exist, to encourage you to visit the site every day to see the daily deal.

@Inferry No you do not. I thought that might be the case at some point at the start of things. Since they did vary the daily coin value a bit, so I paid extra attention the couple of times I’ve bought a thing and it has no impact what so ever.


Huh, weird, I seem to remember that was a thing, nevermind then.

i would be already happy if we had lets say 60 days, 72 days and so on streak bonuses, so that racking up streaks actually matters on the long run.

on off: currently racing to get Tribal Pass, though i wouldnt feel comfortable almost coming off as begging ^^ that said if you could help me out with a key for it, i would most definitely be thankful :slight_smile:

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happy to see you guys are reading the forums and hopefully didnt came off as whining too much

Do keep in mind, im most definitely thankful that this coin programs exist and hoping that it will keep delivering good games, I just hope its possible to avoid basically having a lose-lose situation where good games get snatched too quickly and everyone else is left with nothing.


@Tatsuya Aww, I already got Tribal Pass for myself, and you can only buy each game once ): Sorry! feelsbadman.jpg

I’d hate to see streaks longer than 30. “Just” 30 is already very difficult to maintain even for me, who has approximately zilch getting in the way. If anything, I’d like to see the max streak be shorter, not longer. Shorter streaks still encourage daily visits, but don’t hurt as much (psychologically) when they are broken.

@Fraggles I don’t think that making losing one’s streak less punishing would discourage people from trying to maintain streaks, since there is still an obvious benefit to visiting daily. As long as it’s not outright rewarding to farm shorter streaks over longer ones, it should not be a problem. What Tatsuya is suggesting would not make farming shorter streaks more profitable.


I’m loving all the brainwaves :smile: I like @eishiya’s idea and I also have one (or two):
If we could buy or get rewarded a “miss one day but keep your steak” item then we could at least not stress so much about it. If an emergency came up or suddenly, the internet was canceled at home or something, at least there’s no reason to panic over your Chrono streak… :tulip:
[or is it just me who panics? :sweat_smile:] :relaxed:

Or maybe even have “checkpoints” like once you’ve reached a 100-day streak, you don’t go all the way back to day 1… you just continue and obviously, the checkpoints could get higher and higher. :tada:
Hope those are some good brainwaves. If not, I guess I might be safe in a zombie apocalypse :smile: haha :rofl:


Perhaps using a normal distribution of coin allocation might be a workaround. Day’s 1 through 15 the daily reward slowly builds until it peaks at 15 (with perhaps a bonus chest) and then days 16 to 30 it slowly drops back down again to the day 1 starting point. That way it’s a shorter time to maintain a streak to get the max daily reward and there’s still incentive to maintain a streak past the peak.

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I think it could be a good idea to have another chest between the 14 day streak and the 30 day streak, it would solve a few of the problems since there is a big drought between those and it would be less punishing when you miss a day and You’d rack up coins faster than if You had to wait the 15 days with just 20 per day.

Of course this would mean the 30 day chest would have less coins.


if no one has gotten you that one yet i can swing it for you, as it’s still available to me in the shop


I don’t see any issues with the current setup. I think it’s good that you have to maintain a streak and that is shouldn’t be too easy or fast to get coins. The games are free and they don’t run out so fast.

I’ve been here for 58 days now (That is what my current streak is) and I’ve 7115 coins, so I can soon buy the most expensive game if I want. To have only visited the front page to click a coin for 58days I think is a good deal.

Sometimes it feels that when people get offered free things there is always some that wants to get more or faster, that doesn’t want to spend the time. However, I am sitting at my computer everyday so I’ve absolutely no problem visiting a website.