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Dear Sir, I did not call anyone by any names; i simply called a lie a lie, that is all, and apparently lying is fine but calling a lie a lie is not, i’m honestly starting to consider whether i should just take my leave at this point


this gives me little hope to enjoy the game :weary:


I couldn’t care less about what any of you are arguing over, just hush, you’re ruining the thread.

About Slime Rancher:

I bugged a friend of my for months about this game, because I thought I would love it. That was almost a year ago, I think.

Finally he found some excuse – my birthday, Christmas, St. Patrick’s day, I have no idea really – and gifted me the darn cute slime game to make me shut up.

I was very disappointed. Here are some of my reasons, in no particular order:

  1. The map is badly designed. There’s loads of back and forth to be had once you start discovering new regions. Funnily enough, the map is simultaneously small and easy to get confused in. I’m not sure how they accomplised that but I have at least a couple of other friends who experienced the same, so I’m sure it’s not just me being tipsy.

  2. It’s very repetitive. Feels like a clicker game, you know? Click click accumulate X, save money to buy Y then click click Y and save money to get Z. Except X is pinky cutey slime and Y is a cute Bunny slime and X Z is a GLORIOUS FIRE SLIME YES BEST SLIME :fire: I mean… it feels pointless.

  3. What even is the story? Really. Is there any? Did I miss something or was it as shallow as a rushed grave dug to hide the murder you commited on your crazy neighbour’s rabid dog?

  4. It’s a management game like Stardew Valley, etc. They stress me out, I should have known I wouldn’t enjoy it but foresight was not on God’s design of basic universal human traits.

All this aside, I don’t use Epic and can’t advocate for or against it and also we’re all pretty tired of that discussion coming about every time that store is mentioned so maybe let’s just all allow everyone else to use whichever launchers they want and mind our own lives.



Stardew valley has sprinklers. I just got into animals, mostly for the community center. That’s a bit of a pain.




:thinking: i wonder…

i tells ya, sometimes…

-google is a freakin magical place ! :astonished: :exploding_head:


Sounds like you already knew that. Moving on then.


Do not talk about Stardew Valley in front of @coralinecastell :rofl:
recipe for disaster


I was just wondering what your point was, that’s all.




it saddens me to hear that you did not enjoy this cute little game

there is a story or maybe there are 2 stories even? i cant really remember but there are the emails you get from your significant other or ex or something like that that are about your realtionship and how they feel about you moving to the ranch and things like these and then there is the other story about the person who owned the same land before you why he is not there anymore. these might intertwine a bit later im not sure. I found both real sweet and when i finally finished it i was almost crying


I thought it was your sister…


oh no
why would you say that
now i doubt myself even more

does this help us in figuring out who the person is?
here you can read all the mails if anyone is interested


why not both? :thinking::smirk:




@GeekInUndies Yeehaw Brother


Man I really didn’t pay much attention to the plot of slime rancher did I? Guess I was too busy running around swearing at pink slimes for eating stuff I was trying to vacuum up.


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Namecalling stops now. Any more from anyone and I will take things further.


I don’t get it, my post was related to @rakada’s reply to @hivefleetbothan, who replied to @anyamtikja