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Slime Rancher is free at Epic Games Store



The offer is starting today and lasting until March 21st 2019.


sht… crap… dang it! :confounded:
-now i might actually need to download the launcher at some point :persevere:


It’s AWWWWWdorable :heavy_heart_exclamation:


This one might be the one I actually end up playing rather than just claiming for hoarding’s sake.


y, might, maybe one day, if i lose my job again or something like that, rofl


Dafuq is a “Plort” ?? :dizzy_face:


I’ve been playing this since early access and it’s quite addicting.


I’ve heard @dusty is an expert in the matter and can explain it better to you. Or perhaps @Punkster for being the one who predicted the end of it all.


probably best one doesn’t know?


rofl, but then what about @Shalandir??? Wouldn’t he know best?


They are really trying this ( it seems that site doesnt allow for big empty gaps so just imagine one here ) hard to bribe people into using their service…


It is indeed that!

I hope everyone gives it a shot (although I hope that this causes a lot of people to support slime rancher as the developer has worked so very hard to make their game an amazing experience), as I have loved it for quite some time!


Aaay, Slime Rancher! Let’s all play it tonight! Been too busy IRL this week, need a break.


I should be online for a bit. Though I have an early day tomorrow.


Am i the only one who DOESN’T want it? I’m not going to even bother claiming it.


wait what, why?


I think it seems cool but I’ve heard people say the core gameplay loop can be repetitive. Maybe that’s it?
Or maybe @kovec is afraid of catching an ‘Epic Disease’ lmao wouldn’t blame them for that! :laughing:


It doesn’t appeal to me. I also passed on the previous one too, Thimblesomething Park.


Thimbleweed Park


Already own it, can’t play it as I get insane motion sickness due to retarded graphics- and moving-design.

And I wouldn’t touch the Epic client with a 10000 feet pole. They leaked users passwords and accounts, have no refund, doesn’t allow for people to review games in the store.
Then we have the fact that it’s extremely bare bone with zero game support. Unlike Steam, where you have forums and support options, on Epic you’re screwed if nothing works.

Epic also don’t allow for gamepad use, have zero mod support (even prevents modding) and doesn’t allow Linux use.
Unlike Steam, Epic also doesn’t have any “family” modes, so only you are allowed to use your account. No one else.

And worst of all, Epic is a scam. They give more money to the game devs (of course they do, when they do fuck all except providing a download), but they take more money from users in the long run, unless you live in the US. They have no regional pricing, meaning games cost up to 1/3 more in countries outside of the US.