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Slime Rancher is free at Epic Games Store



I dont think we have to get it, just ignore it and move on. We don’t need to bring it back up for discussion.


I’m all for moving on, but I merely wanted to clarify to everyone that I’m not involved in whatever this is now; i think that’s understandable given the circumstances.


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so who here has tried this game since it was given on Epic? Any thoughts?


well i did 10-15mins before getting too confounded when i ran into the whole “plort” situation and didn’t really know where to go from there :rofl: and just settled for backing up my game. I’ll probably pick it out some rainy day, -when i’m done with Supraland tho, at least :grin:


I didn’t pick it up at Epic, nabbed it during a steam sale earlier on, but it’s a really fun game imo. Lovely little mix of adventure and farming sim, lots of maintaining your farm so the lil goobles don’t constantly jump (or explode) out of their cages and into the great beyond


i like the epic store but the prices are not regionaliced
nottttt for all countries
maybe in the future like steam but now not


I was actually about to but @coralinecastell’s review made me stop. I do enjoy management games (always wanted to try stardew valley) but some of those other issues give me pause.


But doesn’t Steam use 1 euro = 1 dollar, so don’t $60 games cost 60 euros usually? How’s that regional pricing? Haven’t ppl been complaining about that forever? I do think they also have some games where they don’t use that conversion rate, and I think that’s actually a decision made by the publisher of the game rather than Steam themselves, but I might be wrong about a lot of this; i’m rly not sure.

Epic actually has games that are cheaper in $ than in Euros, so one might argue that they have more regional pricing than Steam even (for some games), but it’s just that maybe ppl are angry that prices are more expensive in their region, lol, so maybe they don’t accept “regional pricing” when that means a higher price for them?

In fact, now that I think about it, Steam does not offer any regional pricing at all where I live, a Third World country where many ppl make less than $60/month. Entry level civil servants make $86/month here, and that’s only cuz that was increased by 50% a few years ago.

So while Epic offers Darksiders 3 for $26 and Metro Exodus for $20 here, for example, Steam releases their games at full price here, I just paid $80 for Dirt Rally 2.0 and $60 for Sekiro very recently, to put that in perspective, in local money it is as if I paid $2436 for both combined.

So basically, I’d say that it’s great that both try to implement regional pricing, but they both have a long way to go in order to do that in a form that is inclusive to all (it seems they both do it, but in different regions, with some overlap here and there and some neglect here and there).


@anyamtikja, @Ernin8t0r and the Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on the Steam store offer more than enough counter balance to my words. If you like management games, there’s a high change you’ll enjoy it.

Might as well add it to your account if you plan on using Epic at some point, and then give it a shot when you don’t have other gaming priorities on the way. Cheers!


Fair point. I’ll give it some more thought, as my backlog is quite big right now. But, free is free :slight_smile: thanks for your input!


in my store dark siders 3 are in $60 metro in $31
with the internacional prices you add better payment methods


it’s the publishers that set prices for games, not Steam/Epic
and payment methods is not necessarily a matter of internationality, but a matter of cost and reach, safety/reliability -steam for instance removed Bitcoin because it was too volatile and too big fees. Other business can’t afford X payment option because it would eat too much of their sale/profit to work out reasonable enough for them.

Epic and Steam are a store, they can offer the choice to have different currency/payment options, but would have to be viable enough for them to chose X local payment option, -it is then on the publishers to accept and set Regional prices, either way, if storewide $ or local currency
a sht show we have seen not always work out too well, just as lately with the change of adding AU$ to Steam and what mess it was for tons of game’s prices to customers.
-i’m even dreading the day/if Steam adds my local currency, because on Origin, games got more expensive than if i go to gamestop(which is about the most expensive place to buy games here), so i’ve been worried if steam will do a straight conversion or if publishers will set a good/bad local currency price if that dreaded day happens

Regional pricing don’t always work, like those living in region X that had to pay 10x more, than their usual game, because a title was given a straight conversion from $/€ to local and publisher didn’t bother to account and set the regional price
Epic might add regional pricing(for “all”), they might even add your local currency as payment, but it’s the Publishers that say how much you have to pay regardless, not epic/steam

and as a bs example we can see how metro had some regional pricing in $(think @M00 had the screenshot) , and ofc the usual 1:1$-€ rate for EU, but that epic decided to make a special deal only for the US making it 50$, not 60, thereby extra screwing over all their customers abroad paying 60€ etc locals :+1:
definitely a “fck you” on pricing for me in EU to Epic on some of their games/this deal and an extra big one to Deep Silver
-doesn’t mean Steam is always better, just the publishers has been more on point, “to my liking”, when setting their prices there


Bless you.