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You are welcome.

You are not the only one. :’(


Do you have something specific you want to ask about the Monkey Island series?


Not really as of yet. Since @YQMaoski helped me with the order of how I should play, I think I am good. But thanks for asking, @dast :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: I will keep you in mind if I have questions.


I need to play these eventually tbh I thought there was only two of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@YQMaoski I love the series, played it when I was young, The Curse of Monkey Island being my fav. Murray the skull was funny, such a troll.

A classic that pioneered the genre in matter of mechanics, aged well. If you never played it, you missed on it.
This video… hah!


that video man :smile: :smile: :smile:
nice footage of fighting and using the environment in funny way


unfortunatly i have not had the pleasure to. it was a choice for this series or the old one. i’m not sure if they are related tho, story-wise. I might get them next summer :wink:
i’m now 20-ish hours into the first one of these and i’m really enjoying it a lot!


Yeah, I see you’re in Chapter 2. I wanted to tell you earlier but hmm… well, it depends on whether you’re able to stop yourself and how much you value the story because CS will spoil something significant for the Sky games. Yes, all of them are related.


A Darkest Dungeon like where you are the bad guy.

A cool survival, farming ressources, mining, fighting game, with online up to 16. co-op or co-op/pvp

A great colony sim that doesn’t get big discount sadly.

A great action rogue-like or rogue-lite i don’t remember, i played a long time ago. Early access.

I haven’t play this game yet but looks good. Turn based kinda like Darkest Dungeon. Early access.

Pretty good Pokemon-like game. Early access.

Nice open world survival. You guessed it, on a raft, but you can find islands too. Early access.


It feels like that raft game has been in early access forever but I guess not that long really jus two years, just feels like the last time i saw that popup on steam was a long time ago.


Yeah they kinda take their time for the updates especially with covid this year sadly, but i would rather have that than an unfinished game, it is not a little project.


On that Raft game, is there procedural generation? And can you build on an island if you wanted or are you, as indicated by the name, stuck to a raft?

I’m looking for procedurally generated games, a lot like how Minecraft handles it (everything is random), but it looks like there aren’t really games like it.


@skunkz0r That video was fire! Literally picked my jaw up off the floor - never seen quite the like in using your environment for battle. O_O Now I sniff around more.

I’m waiting for the Evil Within bundle - the DLCs add a lot to the story. I did a trade for the 2nd game already. So a nice price for Penumbra feels good enough. This is the only thing I’m seriously considering getting right now.


#BluePortalGang :stuck_out_tongue:


@NICK9X9 might like this one:


You can not build on islands they are only there for resource gathering and there are some special ones for story/lore.
I am not sure about the world generation, but there is not that much to generate. It really is just a lot of water with some islands. There are a few different shapes the islands can take and 2 different sizes. And it is not that easy to just sail in one direction as the wind does change from time to time. I was not able to decide if it was an infinite world or if they used some clever tricks to make a finite world seem bigger.


This is what I finally ended up getting…The DLC was the most expensive part…


Thank you, yeah, that looks interesting.
I was thinking about getting it when the sale started, but in the end i went with some other games that i wanted more. :smiley: Maybe in the future i’ll get it on a sale.

Games i got myself on this sale:

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition - 6.99€
Bully: Scholarship Edition - 3.49€
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition - 3.39€
Archimedes - 0.63€


@NICK9X9 Interesting haul, see you’re in to my action oriented stuff right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

@delenn13 ouch on the DLCs but it does make sense to enjoy more out of the games you already (well, 2 of the many, hee hee). Gently teasing. :heart:


Yea, I know but I justified it by thinking…Hey you only paid $5 US on Supraland from Chrono and I won Slime Rancher…so it was free…I think my mind is broken somewhere.