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Share your finds from ongoing Steam Summer Sale.


I guess most appropriate way to start such thread would be with few finds of my own but i honestly cant find a single game i’m interested in which would be significantly discounted. All sales are equal or worse than what i;ve already seen .

And well this is a big part of why i’m making this thread, maybe you guys can help me and each other find something actually worthy of buying.


Well, that depends, what kind of games do you like, but the meaning of this thread is the recommendations i think.

I’ll always recommend Mount & Blade: Warband, is an awesome game, a fp medieval rpg with great battles and armies, but its strength is the Mods, from Star wars to WWII, theres a tons of cool things you can do, of course if you like the genre.

Or if youre looking for highest discounts, Undertale, Streets of Rogue, AMID EVIL and Mark of the Ninja: Remastered have never been that low


I always recommend these two:

No idea if that’s your style. And it’s not the biggest discount they had, but it’s decent.


There is one little gem which confounds me as it defies logic. Its simple yet extremely clever, its minimalist but beautiful, it seems like a simplistic puzzle game but it will not only twist your mind, it will stay in it after you put the game down. Weird. Anyways, its cheap to buy normally and is on a hefty 75% discount right now.


I love beat’em ups so I’m leaving these sugestions:


Oh! We have a thread separate from the other…opps, sorry about posting in the other one guys. I picked up these (larger discount because I got a promo from MSI for $20 lol).

As you can imagine, I tried to get many co-op/multiplayer games. If they technically have 2 slots but Steam won’t let it work, gonna try Parsec Gaming or NVIDIA’s new stream service. :slight_smile:



Something i found while digging through store. Not exactly for me but it’s a really good discount.


The Bulletstorm remaster is heavily discounted, already have the original, but Bulletstorm is just sick fun so I got it again haha


Some more games that are great and are cheap:


Steam be like


For those of you into RPGs
For racing fans

Open world fans

Taletell fans

Those who like to stab others in the back

and much more :upside_down_face:


i got myself this

it ticked all the boxes along with being 80+% discount so i couldn’t resist this time


Wow, I have never heard of this one before, but now I am going to sit down and think about it as well. Thanks for the share! :smiley:


Again, nothing i havent seen before but good games for decent prices i guess :

Now if only Humble would approve my refund request i then could consider grabbing Batman or Wolfesntein. Original Sin sadly is a bit too steep for me at the moment.



The real question is, which profile frame to buy:


Not saying these are similar, but reminded me in an instant of this:


If you’re into horror games, I recommend the following:


For stealth fans: