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Galaxy Squad at an astounding 90% discount, not even costing 50 US cents…

If you’re one of those Graphics Whores who disregards games purely on visuals, then you need to know that this game is being worked on by a Solo Developer so he’s doing everything on his own. The visuals, audio, coding, everything essentially so learn to pay respect. Also although a great deal indeed, I really feel the dev doesn’t deserve to sell his game this low just to sell his product. And unlike those Triple A companies who enjoy letting bugs slip by and don’t patch them up until some time has passed, this actively patches the game up ever so frequently.


None of that matters when selling a product, plenty of solo made games look amazing and works properly. I can never take seriously when someone tries to shield a product from criticism because of who has made it or the circumstances around it’s creation. Only the product matters. Most of the complaints I see on the steam recommendations mentions the game being buggy, repetitive and boring in addition to ugly.

Calling people derogatory names for preferring to play games that look decent seems a poor choice for starting your sales pitch.


I don’t even personally know the developer, and we’re from two totally different parts of the world. He’s European and I’m from Southeast Asia. So what and how can I gain from pitching his product? I am genuinely impressed by his game though which is why I highly praise his game. He’s done a lot more than even Firaxis and 2K is doing with their XCOm franchise


And he’s definitely better than Julian Gollop who screwed over his Kickstarters who poured money over his Phienix Point crap only to buy into Epic Games’ exclusivity bullcrap.


Never said you gained anything, still you’re trying to recommend we buy this game. Also you never praised the game, you merely tried to excuse it’s flaws, preemptively attack anyone who might have a problem with it and then railed against it’s competition. Not a single positive word about the game itself.

Pretty damn poor recommendation.


This seems like a really good bundle (Best of Klei 2019), seems that the one box is showing Summer Sale slogan instead of the sub page. (It links properly, just displays funny)

I know that @dogetail shared the page for Don’t Starve Together before in a different thread, but with this bundle discount, you effectively get that game x 2 copies for $2.50. Of course you have to buy the rest with it, but it’s a complete your bundle kind of deal, so pretty darn good.

For me it’s $22.99 for everything except for Mark of the Ninja and Invisible, Inc.


are the borders permanent? or do they dissapear?


Yes, only the golden profile will expire. AFAIK… ψ(`∇´)ψ

When you go to buy something from the coin shop, it tells you before you confirm to buy whether or not it expires:

The golden profile will expire:

The borders/frames do not indicate as such:


The only thing not permanent in the shop is the golden profile upgrade. That only lasts for 30 days. Everything else you get to keep. The shop will also stay open from now on, too.


Hello first time posting :slight_smile:
Some games that are worth in my opinion even tho they don’t always have a big discount.

Great 1v4 game, even tho it has some issues like matchmaking time, bugs. Pretty grindy. I play since the release and come back from time to time. 700+ hours

Pretty cool co-op game with dwarfs, mining, shooting, upgrading. Online up to 4.

Really fun rogue-lite FPS early access, not that much content right now but worth the price. Online up to 4.

Great co-op game with waves of zombies, classes, grinding upgrades. Online with up to 6 players and even more on modded servers.

Great unique card game with 3 floors to manage.

Good card game with a lot of different characters.

Great souls-like game with guns. Campaign mode, adventure mode to retry a zone because you can’t see all the bosses/events in 1 run, and a survival mode like Risk Of Rain where you start from nothing, and the more time you spend the harder it gets, ramdom encounters. With online up to 3.

Amazing third person rogue-like with online and MODS. Online up to 4 players if i remember correctly.

Who doesn’t know this game ? Great farming game with combat. Online up to 4.

Who doesn’t know this game ? Are you a real gamer ? Just kidding. Great 2d Minecraft like, more action with a LOT of content added since release. Online can have a lot of players with servers or even hosting yourself with changing files i think (never tried).

Great fun car game where crashing into your friend is fun. I don’t remember the number of players online, but something like 10.

I hope my english was good. Have fun.


Hey there, welcome to the forum and thanks for your suggestions ! :slight_smile:


I think you’re gonna love Deep Rock Galactic and Terraria! Very great games. Also, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


Thx i tried doing a short description for each games.


it’s 22 or 24 actually, great game, even in single player

and welcome too, have some cake



Stop it! I just lost a bunch of coins…ALL GONE!!!

And welcome to @machao :sparkler:


I couldn’t help myself but to buy this trilogy, looks really nice imo. Love this type of game. Not the greatest discount i was hoping for but my wife gave me the OK :laughing:


Well that should last you the summer, and probably next one as well. I’ve played a couple of other Nihon Falcom games and they’re generally good. Played the first game of the series before this one, Legend of heroes trails in the sky and been eying the sequel to it for some time. It’s a shame they never get truly deeply discounted, but there’s certainly enough hours in them to justify the price.


Just wondering, have you played the Sky games yet?


Did you even bother looking at reviews for the game? It mostly has positive ratings?

I bet you’re pissed off at the “Graphics Whore” bit are you? And you’re unfamiliar with the term. It does sound derogatory but that’s the label gamers give to videogamers who only care for stunning game visuals above all. Also don’t be a normie. 4chan sensibility FTW.


@CRV2017 @Fraggles could you guys please dont derail the topic? If you feel like continuing this discussion please do it privately .


To answer your conundrum: yes