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Share your finds from ongoing Steam Summer Sale.


I bought left4dead bundle since i didnt have it yet


It’s now $1 USD for all on Fanatical. Phew!


Friendly reminder that it’ll end tomorrow. I hope you managed to get all the summer cards to craft a badge!
I’ve managed to buy many games from this event, it was great. Below are some of them.


The shopping during the summer sale was a bit different for me. Would say, strange. I didnt find many good deals so I ended up getting the Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3 XXL games to finish my collection, but actually I got more Soundtracks of games than games.


It’s coming to PC!


I know, and at a much cheaper price too. I’m actually very annoyed and disappointed. :frowning: WOE IS MEEEEEE! xD


I know “Maths is Hard” but…Really, Steam???


Switch version is portable though so you have that perk at least ^^


I don’t like to get games that have releases on PC for their console. I like to have consoles for multiplayer games that are exclusive, or exclusives in general. So I skipped getting the Switch one for the PC version, thinking that should they release the definite edition, it would come as an upgrade path. xD

Boy was that a mistake.


Understandable. I’m a collector so I almost always default to physical versions on console and then sometimes (ok maybe a lot of the time) end up double dipping later on and getting the game again cheap on Steam.