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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


Serious Sam 3 BFE :smiley:


This moment was pretty meta :exploding_head:


claymore in the threshhold. I tried shooting it, didn’t explode. Might’ve exploded earlier.


I don’t know if anyone plays Aaero, but I just got 8th place for a track on advanced! :sunglasses:

If you haven’t played Aaero and like “rhythm” games, this is one that takes all of your focus. Great for ADHD brain. Everything is trying to kill you. Gotta pay attention to multiple things at once. It’s so much more than a rhythm game.

Accidentally found one of my favorite games in the last Humble bundle. Highly recommended.






“that’s not how you park a horse !” :dizzy_face:


:rofl: not unless you’re in a Bethesda game



Wasn’t able to capture it well, guy’s head was spazzing out. (he’s also like stuck in the ground)


Fun little game that is in closed beta right now. I can’t share pics on Steam, so I’m doing it here. Since it’s anime based, I’ve tried to recreate my favorite character (aka Waifu for my fellow wibs out there). Yes, it’s missing a key element, don’t mention it. :sob:

IMPORTANT: I’m on a Potatobook, so I’ve tinkered the graphics settings to look like shit in order to run with a smooth fps. 3D Rendering was reduced by 30~50% in most screenshots, everything on low and resolution is off in some others because I’m a dumdum. Game runs on UE4 and can look a bit more appealing than what is shown here, if you’re into anime style graphics.

(Cat hanging in the back is the best accessory in the game, lmao)

It has a lot of cool cutscenes too!



How to draw anime grillz.

Step 1: Watermelons on Chest
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit!


Game looks pretty sweet. How is it?

As for your avatar…

As if I won't mention it



You cracked the code, ready for the business!

Noooooooooo, you mentioned!

I’m having my fun with it so far, despite the graphical derp I have to deal with. It’s sorta like Furi, that you have to battle bosses to complete the mission; dodging, kiting, killing, etc.

There are story missions that you have to complete on your own, but there are other missions you can play with another person. Every time you complete one, the difficulty increases for the next time you play the mission to the point that if the boss strike you with a heavy hit you’re dead or nearly dead. :rofl: Your character can have two classes of your choice and you can switch between them during battle at any time, I’ve even noticed some combo mixing that can occur if you know what you’re doing. Outside of battle you can switch between any class available by changing your “karma” or weapon type. Korean MMO without gender locking, I know, shocking!

I’m not sure how the game will be when fully released, only heard a bit of it from some youtube previews last year. You’re locked in the first area of the game in the CBT with a mission map that you can play some of the story and the co-op, a training ground, an equipment enhancing thingy and some lore-worth affinity system for you to talk to some NPCs of the game (+Nostalgia from previous games of the devs). The game is certainly something interesting if you like boss fighting.

Oh yea, there’s also two PVP modes, CTF and Versus (I believe there’s a third one too but doesn’t seem to be open atm), it’s not my cup of tea so I didn’t even tried.


portal 2 entring to the videogames like servicing selling skins

just memed but kek


Towards the end of my Witcher 3 Playthrough, I started to stop more and smell the roses. This is just a screenshot of one of those rose-smelling moments. At that point I was a few Steam Achievements short of 100% and I was just stopping as much possible to appreciate the game before I finished it and moved on. Such a beautiful game, can’t wait for Cyberpunk 2077!


The Witcher 3 truly is a beautiful game, it makes me stop mid quest or something and just explore for a bit and stare at the gorgeous landscapes. I only have 39 hours in it so far, and there’s still so much to see.
Here are 2 of my favorite (so far) screenshots from the game.


maybe like this?


Magical Floating Birb. Kinda looks like it’s on the ground and as big as the mailbox though.

Can’t shoot them either :frowning:


The game is Portal Knights.


ahaha i keep mixing that one up with dungeon defenders :blush:
i really gotta reminds myself to add portal knights to my “to play list”, looks cute as heck, and isn’t a tower defense game :smile:


I keep mixing it up with Spiral knights myself, both are games I figured I’d eventually play. I have so far been wrong about spiral knights, probably going to be wrong about Portal too.