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The game have changed quite a bit since the last time I’ve played it, two years ago. At the time, it was already good, now it’s even better.
It’s worth it, if you enjoy crafting, building and some mild dungeon crawling (bosses are cool). It’s a very charming and chill game, that run super smooth too.


Wow, I instinctively thought I was looking at Minecraft with several graphics mods.


Kind of :slight_smile: But this game has much more ornaments and knick-knacks by default.


Traffic in San Fran.

This path looks legit.

Yes, speed limit 65. hah.

at least the scenery is nice

here below we see an excellent example of Truck Sim’s idiotic* traffic. I’m in a truck lane for climbing mountains. *I have a more vulgar word I use for this

like seriously:


That reminds me, i have some ETS2 screenshots:


I finally managed to beat the heart with the Silent in Slay The Spire yesterday. What’s shown here means nothing to anyone who doesn’t know the game really well though, but I got really lucky and got a fair bit of gear that synergize well. I got a surprise in how amazing Unceasing top + Concentrate was, I’ve always stayed away from that card before.

I’ve managed to now beat the heart with 2 out of the 3 classes, only the defect remains. I think the Silent might be the hardest character to do this with as I’m pretty sure her other deck archetype, shivs, is nigh impossible due to an inherent quality of the heart. Ascension 1 is probably the easiest choice as well, since it gives you more elites and none of the other more dangerous penalties, so there are more relics to be had.


im back to play minecraft for the hytale trailer and i love how shaders change completely the experience


I’ve been trying to play Minecraft, but it crashes after I start a game. It’s a known bug apparently, and I suspect with AMD products, but ugh. I just want to play it! :sweat_smile: I wonder though, is it really hard to learn?

Anyhow, @Pylinaer , what game is that? It looks fun!

(I’ll have some Empyrion shots up soon too)


if u have a hardware problems to minecraft search in reddit they help u

i have so much years to offplay and i die 3000 times in 3 minutes but no
the new versions add so much help to newsters players


Assuming you are referencing my latest screenshots, American Truck Simulator.


So I did everything I could in Shadow of Mordor, so I started a new game. I finished some missions, learnt how to brand and then returned back to first map. 2 hours I was hounting down every available captain until just 2 of them left, so I marked one and he just showed up near to me - 1 minute and he was branded.
(File name: 20190306191758_1)

(File name: 20190306191851_1)
Since I didnt die once. Had no problems fight 3 captains (with level 15+) in the same time, when alarm was raised. Some of them accidentaly died, but I couldnt pick up the rune, because my libary of 110 runes was full (A dead Uruk always drop a rune. So I needed to convert some runes into points.)

So the warchieves are the next.



As promised, some Empyrion Galactic Survival! :relaxed:

I died a lot and then thanks to a bug, I couldn’t spawn at my faction’s clone chamber, only a stranger’s public clone chamber, which was left open I know by accident. I clicked it because I had no other option and was hoping that, by some grace, his base would also be open but alas, it was not. I was stuck in someone’s base, unable to do anything. Eventually I had to starve myself to death and respawn my character entirely, which mean going back planets far away from my friends because of a damn bug…

Now I’m on a starter planet! lol


@Pylinaer yup, that’s what I was referencing! I thought it was Euro Truck Simulator but it looked different. The truck simulators look really relaxing. :relaxed:


Something i like to do in Jalopy is put my flat tires in the middle of the road and watch the traffic:


I really like this game! Although my frustration sometimes reaches skies. :rofl:


I see myself here dear sir! :grinning: I hope that we can play again sometimes! :sunglasses:


LA Beach Park thingy.

Different park

World of Trucks County Police

Some sort of Stand-off. Guy on the roof is hilarious.


This dumbass tried passing a slow truck and proceeded to head-on a bus


i need to get back to any truck simulator… it’s so relaxing to just drive away planning your route to be most profitable etc,

is there a new version or ETS 2 is still the “best” one





American Truck Simulator is newer and from the same company but ETS2 still gets updates. It just depends on which style appeals more to you.