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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


Minor spoiler inside


Happy to see there are fellow Hollow Knight players here, really skilled ones too! :slight_smile:


Might want to check out this thread :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Or be like me and get both!


i need some time in my life to play hollowknight


Yes, cant recommend it enough!
Also got a lot of pics which I have to share somewhere other than Steam, hmm


Feel free to post away, just please do attempt to avoid posting spoilers. We all know how exciting it can be to tell people about these neat things you’ve found and wanting to urge others to go have all this fun you’re having. But you will lessen the experience for others if you do not let them find those neat things themselves or if when finding a thing their thoughts are “ah that’s that thing someone posted about earlier” rather than “ooh this is so cool, I wonder what it’ll do”.

Also if you have a lot of pictures to post, consider using the hide details option you can find under the cogwheel in the post creation options so that your post doesn’t take up all the space at once.
Or use this code snippet:
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“dang pet wont stop poking my head…” :confounded:


Looks more like patting, which makes you the pet. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Monster Hunter World: Cool killscreens are always a great feature in a game.

Human Fall Flat: I died so hard that when I respawned, my leg was stuck in my butt.

Maplestory 2: Testing out the custom skins you can make in the game. I designed my mask, as well as my bow!


i knooow :unamused: that’s the problem… :man_facepalming:



Figured gnomes would be used to this sort of treatment by now…


So I installed a couple of mods for ATS (American Truck Simulator)
This is result:

Passing the Radar Field thingy

Oh look! coming up on a town. (no idea if this had changed).

Immediately after taking the previous screenshot, I rearended the truck in front of me. I was going a wee bit fast, and the cars in this game love driving 2-4mph under the speed limit :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Minor fender bender.

Apparently the texture pack also ignores physics to a degree.

Here’s what it looks like raining.

Other than the mountain texture pack, I’m pretty happy with it.


I have no idea what the game looks like without the mods so what changed? Most of us probably wont be able to tell, other than maybe the trees clipping through the bridge?


I think it’s just the Shell trailer thing?


scroll up!



here a same place comparison:


Mods running:


I’m so happy right now.


Looks like you have 2 more slots to fill for the final 600% completion rate. : )




Jalopy… good game except for the bugs.

2+ hours into a session where i was trying to get the “There and Back Again” achievement and a random terrain bug nearly ruined it. I also had a fence in a tunnel (thankfully i was able to pass through the other side), and an invisible road block (which i found a path around way off the road).

At the other end of that dirt hill covering the road, the car fell on its roof.

I was able to punch the car off its roof, but…

Eventually i got it straightened out and thankfully i was able to make it back to Berlin for the achievement.


This was actually less of a gaming moment and instead more of a half night of building and perfecting, but I have to say, I’m quite proud of what I did with this station.