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Planet Coaster?



Oh and the Coaster has a proper name now of course. I’m actually also super stoked about how great its ratings are, considering I tinkered on that design for hours as well, taking dozens of test rides until I was satisfied with the result.


So…been playing the hell out of Minecraft. The only problem is, I’m the only one in the regiment that has never played it so I’m an absolute noob and can only make stone weapons and build ugly little houses. :sweat_smile:

Where’s the damn starter guide?! :joy:

(gonna get more shots, I keep forgetting to take them because the game is hard lol damn skeletons)



I still don’t understand why they buffed skeleton archers so much. They used to only be annoying but these days they’re OP and make the game unenjoyable for me.


I’ve been playing a bit of GRID 2 since getting it for free. Not the best screenshot but meh:


Minor spoiler inside (if you consider achievements a spoiler) (Hollow Knight)



After several hours of pain I finally did it. I think 25-35h were the pantheons alone

@Fraggles Added spoilers, thanks for pointing out


im starting starwars battlefront II 2017


The classic starting JRPG protagonist, dumb, cowardly and mean.


You need the typical hugely muscled friend named something stupid like Fujimora Pantsu, and a childhood friend that has the hots for you, and she thinks everything can be solved with the power of friendship.


When you aren’t paid enough to care. (guy is leaning on cargo container staring at 9 bags of cash)



Mateys, have any o’ you sea dogs played Return of the Obra Dinn by the mighty Lucas Pope?



i actually keep mistaking and thinking i got it in a humble monthly (no idea what game i confuse/mix it up with to think that) -so i keep putting it out of my mind as “have it -will get around to it “eventually” sometime”. Probably about time i actually add it to the wishlist “proper”, just in case :smile:


The game is Roblox.


wow, rtx on!


true next gen experience


Jokes aside, RTX halves performance. (approximately)


Nice day for sailing (kind of)


“teach a man to fish they said, plenty of fish in the sea they said… bah” :triumph:


Somebody didn’t have their IFR License…

Truck merged over in front of the car. Car nearly rearended said truck.



A timeless classic :film_projector: