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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


When I was playing the beta, somehow I managed to unbind my “move backwards” key. Didn’t really notice it until I couldn’t go down a rope.


I simply got stuck on a ladder, it’s a classic Ubi-bug.


I wanted to post one or two screenshots of the game I’m currently playing a lot, but it might be slightly NSFW. Is that okay to post?


you can always just put it in the spoiler tag to be sure

warning NSFW

hahah, nothing here, hit the cogwheel and press hide the hide details button :wink:

i’m guessing as long as it’s not completely unnecessarily “lewd”/abhorrently gory there wouldn’t be too much of an issue :thinking: ?


Does the name “Senran Kagura” ring any bells?


idono, you probably need a loli expert to weigh in on that :man_shrugging:, i don’t really dabble in animu games on/off steam so wouldn’t have a clue if that’s FBI prone or juuust slips under the "risque"radar :face_with_monocle:


The game only contains one loli, all other girls are very clearly of age, to show off the game’s amazing jiggle physics :grin:
Two truths and one lie: But of course I play it only for the great combat gameplay and the deep story, and because the character designs are legitimately great (would love to see some cosplayers pull those off)


Okay, here we go… Maybe there’s some fellow weebs here who can appreciate the cute character designs as well. :3
I wasn’t kidding about the gameplay though, it is really fun, and the whole game is totally self-aware of the blatant fan-service. So it’s just great silly fun. :grin:

The end of a transformation scene, really makes me wanna draw her.

This is from one the “Ninjutsu”-type special moves, also a great capture to draw.


Well and since clothes get ripped off step by step when taking damage, this is what it looks like when a character loses a fight.


When you’re not sure, just don’t post it. Let’s not make things difficult for the moderators.


I strongly disagree, push the limits, explore the possibilities. Post what you wish. Those were good shots and nice action poses. As long as you give those who don’t wish to see it the choice that’s all I think anyone can demand.

Well that and staying within the American legal limits since chrono is an American company but then so is steam so anything steam sells should be safely within those limits.


Honestly, I love this company’s slogan.




Better day for sailing.


Beautiful. I absolutely love Black Flag.


Ohhh, reminded me that I have some Black Flag ss stored somewhere in the internet, might post it later if I find.

"Leave her, Johnny, leave her!
Oh, leave her, Johnny, leave her!
For the voyage is long and the winds don’t blow
And it’s time for us to leave her."


Nice day for … boating?


I’ll continue the sailing theme with Sid Meier’s Pirates (2004):


This is what I could find, and now that I look at it, they look pretty bad. :rofl:
I had much better ones stored, but I don’t know why I chose those to upload these.

Bonus one from Skyrim, I like this one.


the evolution of boat videogames in one thread


Some photos i took while doing the #OneTruckFamily Event deliveries for ETS2.