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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


and so it begins… :crazy_face:


Nice day for sailing…on acid?


… not sure i trust a captain seeing in such vivid colours :thinking:
*looks at last pic
"aha so that’s how it looked from titanic just moments before…" :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I finally unlocked the Gnuffi outfit !!!

It’s his favorite color… also matches his eyes :blush:




deadcells is perfect


Becalm is a really great calm experience


It’s nice out.


It’s a nice day for sailing?




Same server, just restarted, now upgraded with mods! It has so many new stone options! I’ve gotten a lot better at building (nothing epic of course) so no more square huts, something a bit more stylish now. :slight_smile:

So here’s a sneak peak!

MC Screenshots




I’m not sure, seemed to be running fine (fine = at least 35-40fps) for me (occasional hiccups but that’s due to my card, happens in every game). I could check the next time I run Minecraft, just gotta figure that out first. :slight_smile:


That’s all i know to cook


this is the new lands or two crows ?


New Lands.


some of these games I would like to know the names of but then…maybe that could make it a fun game to figure that part out




rocket league :cry:

no time, too much work, too many other games, don’t be sad, rocket league, i still love u


This one looks beautiful, is it a metroidvania-type game?

immature comment incoming

hah, the revealed area on the map looks like a blue peanus