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No it’s an arcade brawler rogue-lite sort of thing.
It TRIES to claim it’s a metroidvania though, because you can unlock alternative routes through multiple play-throughs. But it’s not a metroidvania.


I’d love to continue the “sailing” theme here though… hmm, maybe I gotta try out Windward, Sea Dogs: To Each his Own, Risen 2: Dark Waters, Port Royale 3, Naval Action or Blackwake.
Or get into Tempest, The Last Leviathan, Pixel Piracy or Blood & Gold: Caribbean again.

I own too many seafaring/pirate themed games that I play wayy too little… Anyone got any recommendation which one I should try out / get back into first? :sweat_smile:

Before anyone asks: I did play a lot of Black Flag already and completed Sid Meier’s Pirates on PSP, so I didn’t wanna count them here.

Also, what about Atlas? I see it’s still rated “Mostly Negative” on Steam, which is a damn shame… Does anyone have first-hand experience with it and can tell me if it’s at least worth wishlisting?


Hmm, too bad… I love the 2D Castlevania games, especially the ones they released on GBA and DS, and I would love to have a game of similar style and quality on PC (I gotta see if Bloodstained is still a thing and if it’s any good).

I already got a rogue-like castle crawler I love to pop in every now and then, and that’s the OG Rogue Legacy <3


Have you tried out Uncharted waters?

It’s a NES title yes, but don’t knock it due to the graphics because this is one of the best sailing/trading/piracy games ever made.


Huh, I never heard of it, but then again, the NES was before my time (I’m 26 now)… But I like me a good piracy / sea trading game, so far most of the modern interpretations I tried did not do that too well


not my picture


I just got this from Fanatical:

You can buy it for 1.65CA.


I got some


I got more but i’m lazy


Too much discussion and other people’s screenshots in this thread!

But it’s a nice day for sailing.


“When 1 shield just isn’t enough”



Is this Grim Dawn?

Or is path of exile… i’ve seen that font somewhere for sure


Grim Dawn, i’m not doing PoE anytime soon :smile: “arpg madness!” :crazy_face:


I approve of this message. :fire:

buffs Nick with The Church of Elmo’s special ointment

Be safe out there, traveller.

Reminds me that yesterday one of my psychology teachers was talking about how she had a kid client who tried setting fire to loads of things in the house and his mom was worried sick and I reflexively let out this loud giggle in the middle of class because to me the whole thing sounded too darn funny. Now picture me coughing into oblivion to try and cover that one up.

Obra Dinn is so creepy I need to finish it. And yay for the whole boat/ship/sail trend of this thread. :sailboat:



Getting a couple unachieved achieves in Castle Crashers, so it’s a nice day for sailing.


OMG, he carried them to victory!!!

way to go dude


damn, that moment when you have more dmg done than the guy with 4 kills… :no_mouth:
hope he got some nice “assists” for his efforts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and well done to you man :+1:


rofl, he is the guy with the 4 kills

getting the kills is what matters in the end, no kills = no results


i knooow that’s what i meant :wink:
imagine how much it must have sucked for that guy watching the screen “grr pff mrbl gd dang kill stealers!, clearly doing all the work coz i’m bzt reee, and i don’t even get any cool assist point like in CoD that’s a much better game i think now urgh” :triumph: (or something)
^the salt could be real for “dat guy” :stuck_out_tongue:


yr such a troll

bad gnome!