Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


A recent made post made me think of this, (more so when remembering all the screenshot notifications i get in my steam activity feed from some of you) :smile:
So thought maybe everyone might have something/some gaming moment snapshots they would like to share with the rest of us :blush:

Note: the Discourse forum system here on Chrono only lets you link/upload images that are less than 3072KB in size


anyways, i usually suck at “remembering” to snap a pic, so a bunch of my moments are sadly just reserved to memory now
but let me share one i did remember to grab way back; a pure “omg, wtf am i gonna do now”-moment, right before getting my entire top squad totally and utterly obliterated in Xcom2:

-because somehow this MEC suddenly decided to fly… :man_facepalming: :dizzy_face:


I have 2 particular moments in hearthstone that brought me great joy and that I remembered to get a screenshot of at the time.

These two really put a smile on my face and made my day.


Well, I usually forget to snap screenshots, but I do have some… just a few :smiley:

Many pictures

I’m not sure if everyone is going to get some of them, but I hope at least a few will!

I should have some more in my steam screenshots but I am too tired/bored to go through them right now.


I didn’t find anything that fun in my steam screenshots tbh.

Have my favorite village of the ones I made in Starbound, it’s something.


I just hope they don’t kiss their mother with that mouth…:speak_no_evil:


I have a few good stories from back when I played EVE online. This is a series of shots I took while we were in a war to kick CVA out of Providence. The main force is made up of Against All Authorities and us, Ushra’khan.

Lots of large pictures inside.

Gathering up to jump bridge out, don’t bump the titan!

On our way to the target in system, everyone’s on high alert waiting for the word that CVA forces are jumping into the system.

That’s today’s main target, sovereign structure, just waiting for it to come out of reinforced mode. Still no sign of CVA willing to mount a defence.

Time’s up, lets to this! Unloading everything we’ve got.

Die slaver scum!

There we go.

Everyone getting ready to bridge out. DO NOT BUMP THE TITAN!

Heading back home after several hours of high strung nerves with nothing but boredom and exhaustion as a result. Well that and the knowledge that there’s no more slavers in Providence.



I’ll have a look later and post something interesting here


:rofl: :joy: hilarious, the salt is stronk in that one :+1:

damn, i keep forgetting how gorgeous EVE was/is :slight_smile:


:rofl: So much for good sportsmanship. Reminds me of some of the reasons why I quit online gaming.

Very nice! I had a village in Terraria on X360 that I was particularly proud of. Every NPC had their own house (with kitchen, bar, bathroom and bedroom) and in the middle of it all was a massive castle with dozes of rooms, spiral staircases and all kinds of cool shit. I wish I could have gotten some screenshots of it before an update corrupted my save file.

Don’t have many screenshots on Steam. But I have this one from back when I was playing Scrolls, which I found amusing enough to capture.


Another day, another fail. Love this game -.-

My first season with necro. It is love.

Mad Max. This game isn’t the most compelling, but the photo mode is neat.

At one point, my IRL cellar looked like this.

Mission accomplished! Wait, what… 100% hit rate?! This can’t be real XD

My first survival residence. Built with the help of my sla… ehm, friends :stuck_out_tongue:

I was so immersed, that I’ve almost forgot about this :smiley:


But beating sore losers is one of the greatest joys of online gaming.


I probably have like 100 screenshots but there all from when I hit the wrong button on Minecraft :stuck_out_tongue:


Great topic @Gnuffi!

I just had my personal best run on Spelunky… I was totally not breathing at the end…

And here’s when I was trying to play Mass Effect 2 and the game decided that I could walk on air…


Found some more screenshots on my steam!


This man clearly had a fun time…

Skyrim at it’s finest.

I was getting a bit bored, drilling a hole in a vault seems to take a bit…

Oh, the old times… Such fine games


This beaut:

Skyrim Mods are a wonderful thing.


Indeed, mods are a truly wonderful thing.

I’ve got countless screenshots, but when it comes to my favorites, Ubisoft games take the cake for their groundbreaking technologies and how often they glitch out.

Alright, I’ll stop there. If I wanted to tally up every time Ubisoft games :b:roke, I’d be here all day.

EDIT: Oh boy, here I go spamming again

Just a few more mod pictures.


Thor wishes he was half as badass as this one :smirk:


Maple Story 2 Closed beta


“Chibi -the mmo” :blush:

ps, please tell me you can ride that cat :smiley_cat: