Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


You can’t ride the cat, but you can ride a super annoying duck or a bear that carries you between his arm and torso :smiley:

There’s a good selection of mounts and I haven’t seen most of them actually.


Here are some photos from my vacation in Vietnam


Back when I was out in 'nam the place was much lower poly and muddier textures.


y that’s cuz back then their economy was in a much weaker state, Nam has improved a lot since, as u can see in those previous screenshots



This just happened, completely random while I was playing a bit of Legion TD 2 :smiley:



okay, that’s pretty awesome :smiley: :+1:


finally it happened… i’ve completed Grim Dawn :sweat:, at long last i can move o… what you say? an expansion coming soon?!?! :dizzy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

“Today Malmouth…”

“tomorrow, -the World!” :smiling_imp:


It was because of noticing that you had so many hours and so many recent hours playing that I purchased the game recently… I hope I will eventually be able to play it… :smile:


i really enjoy it (as evident by the x00hours :smile:) -still nowhere close to some of the other guys with Xk hours :man_shrugging: :rofl:
-but i’m glad i finally managed to complete HC too, so i can “finally” put it out of my mind, for a while :wink:, and get cracking on other things;
got a weekend full of Hollow Knight ahead of me :smiley:, hopefully :crossed_fingers: :blush:


hm, took a look at it after seeing how many hours u got in it, so added it to wishlist too :slight_smile:


I added as well probably pick it up during summer sale. A lot of the PoE streamers recommended it as a great side game between leagues.


when at first you don’t succeed… -“Maximum shields Mr Worf!” (-‸ლ)

…i hate this guy :man_facepalming: :persevere:


I barely managed to beat him twice, I think, third time I just could not pull it off. Though I have now spent far more time on some bosses in DS3 than I ever did any of the Hollow knight ones, so maybe they warrant a revisit at some point.


So many masks!

Dare I say I haven’t come across this one yet… I am stuck at several boss-ish fights that I can’t get past… :frowning:


… you saying; i still have to beat him again, once more, after this, if/when i finally get him down?!? :open_mouth: :dizzy_face: :face_with_head_bandage:


hehe yea, i could actually have had 2 more, but unfortunately that darn boss there “locks” a charm slot lol :smile: heheh cheeky fella
(and despite it all, even with 25 masks, he whooped me good and thoroughly :confounded: :blush::joy:)




poetry appreciation in Project: Gorgon

Some vacation shots from the Dragon's peak. Minor Darksouls 3 spoilers

You can’t hit me from up there, man.

Come on down and face me!

Yeah killed your bird, now what are you going to do, fight me about it?

Oh, alright then!

That’s what you get!
Friede was far tougher, she would have had him beaten in half the time it took me.

What sort of discussions do you want to see within the Chrono community?

Forgot why I added the logo
(edit: fixed image)

Even though the game is still 5 days away from being released, I am proud of my current leaderboard position (only testers really up to this point)