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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


looks really awesome :smiley:
-in particular diggin’ the “currency changes” in-between shots, making one begin to contemplate all the potential “horrors” that might have occurred on the journey for “Kingslayer”
(and the 2nd to last ss looks just badass, captured at that neat swing moment)


Ever since mounts were introduced in Guild Wars 2, there has been an influx of female gamers. I wonder why that is?

That’s a rollerbeetle with an armadillo-skin! wtf?! :rofl:


what a nice topic
why would we let it dissapear?

good civ 5 advice


Dirty bomb chat

proxy is the character who can place mines


I hope you took that civ 5 advice, stopping other nations from exploring the oceans/entire half of the map through carefully placed borders (necessitating that open borders with you become a top priority if they want to efficiently explore with their navy) is 2/3rds of the fun of borders.


who do you think i am to do sensible things in civ? i play against prince ai. it really doesnt matter what i do
i usually think of open borders as a token of friendship


Some glorious Mount & Blade: Warband. I’ve been having a very difficult time freeing a certain lord from imprisonment disguised as a peddler. Swadian scum are just too good with their crossbows…or maybe it has something to do with my body being protected by just dirty robes? :thinking:

I skipped that one, went to raiding like a true viking. :sunglasses:


“Arise, arise, Riders of Théoden!
Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!
spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!
Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!”

(the rest are a little jumbled out of order, but oh well xD)

And yea…I managed to take a castle, by myself, with FAR less forces! haha take that dirt Swadians! That’s for looting my poor village three times in a row!

And some Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The trials can be difficult the further you go. I found out that the black mage class is a class that very few people pick. How few? Well let me put it this way…on a server of 15,000 I never encountered another black mage. :neutral_face: I guess the class is too hard for people or boring, but nothing is sweeter than turning your foes into a crisp pile of bones. :relieved:


That’s right, respect my might!

What…what is he even doing? :neutral_face:


Some more Mount & Blade: Warband (Diplomacy mod, so it adds more complex features to Native that really makes it rich). I’m day 90 into my campaign and we’re basically destroying every other faction with relative ease, but Ragnar’s greediness is driving away his loyal subjects. Including one of the only three that were loyal to me! My plans to subjugate Ragnar after we’ve taken the entire country from the other factions is falling to pieces if the Nords do not have loyalists to me in it! :laughing:


First, a show of Ragnar’s greediness and or misplaced trust (granted fiefs I won to people who consider him weak/an enemy). lol

And some battle scenes. A lot of them are of me assisting other lords as they foolishly targeted hostile forces far beyond their capabilities (I’m talking rushing hostiles with 30 men while they have around 140) so a lot of the men I cannot order around (could if I was marshal), but some of the images you can see me trying to organize my men into formations so they aren’t completely destroyed.

(v this lord was really mad when I laid siege to his castle. So far, it is the only one I took that Ragnar gave me)

Here I had my cavalry and my infantry rush straight forward as a diversion. I then had my archers follow me and then snuck up behind the hostiles because they were refusing to give up their high ground. It was easy pickings then. :rofl:

So, I then decided I needed a Lady / Wife for my eventual plan to take over Calradia (because I’m assuming lords will be more easily trusting towards a king with a queen). The marriage was a little awkward but not as weird as courting the lady. :sweat_smile:


At this point your only hope is the Dragonborn to do all the side quests and restore the faith of the Nords.


Some more Mount & Blade: Warband, this time Native…and online! My first time in M&B multiplayer. I truly am terrible at the game, but damn was I murdered a lot by my team. There were kicks left and right for friendly fire.

And some people are just insanely good at this game it is ridiculous. :rofl: The game was with 200 people, by the way. It was epic.


*unfortunately the server kept kicking me off for some reason, so I didn’t get to play very long.

Insanely fun. The castle map you see is Minas Tirith! It was a lot of fun to take (we won, I did not contribute much). We had trebuchets and other siege weaponry to use, even towers and ladders to scale the walls. We had to break down doors while the Swadians poured hot liquids down on us and shot volleys of arrows and I think at one point giant rocks. :joy:

(playing this map made me want to play The Lord of the Rings module for Warband though)

I’ll send a spy to Skyrim now. I wonder if 15,000 denars will cover it. :rofl:

The Old City: Leviathan

Borderlands Banksy

Why else carry a pocket lab?

Deadly indeed


I played some Arma 3 after a while of not playing it for Squad, which runs better in so many ways (but isn’t the same). I really wish they would do something about the performance being heavily tied to server health and the CPU because when together, it is havoc. There’s no reason why a $5k PC (not that I have one, of course) should be getting 15-20FPS on the lowest settings just because the ping is a little high or the server is full or something like it is nothing more than a $400-500 PC. :sweat: but when it runs good, this game is so damn fun.

ArmA 3

Here I think the pilot got it into his head to use the MRAP as a ramming tool. We were being held up at the beaches for too long, kept getting shot down.

Just a bit of some swimming (because the pilot trolled us the last second).

Here’s hoping ArmA 4 is built with optimization in mind, particularly with MP (as the only reason people don’t play A3 more is because of the terrible online performance). Though by then I hope it is more along the lines of TitanIM, since I doubt that is ever going to be available for entertainment purposes. :disappointed_relieved:

Oh, and some other screenshots I took. This is from a bit a very different game. :blush:

Regions of Ruin

Reworking my way up now that there’s cloudsaves instead of saves being put into registry.

That’s it for now. Though I do want to say that I did enjoy your screenshots @orbus! That first game looks so beautiful I immediately had to google it.


I’ve taken a lot of racing game photos over the years…

*It’s 4k so really requires full screen to get the best results.


Okay, so I played Squad today. It runs way better and more consistently than ArmA 3 and it is very fun. I cannot wait until we get helicopters etc, or when we can drag bodies to revive them. It is going to be awesome. :+1:


Unfortunately Steam doesn’t allow you to take screenshots while you press other buttons, so most of the time I can’t take shots while in Squad because I’m constantly using other keys at the same time. Absolutely lame! :grimacing: If I could capture firefights in shots it would be amazing!

(and then I thought about Afterburner…and then immediately remembered it takes pictures of the overlay -sigh-)

In this game below, we held our points very well against the offense. It was tough at the end, they pushed against us with everything they had. In the end, we ended up winning by a mere 5 tickets! That goes to show…you never give up because 1 ticket can mean defeat or victory.

This was the end of the game, we had 13 tickets left. They were attacking the north like mad. They had an APC there, *ATs, and of course dozens of infantry pouring over the walls and through the gates. lol I ended up only picking off four people the entire game because we played back defense and the other squads played their roles very, very well.

And some left overs;

ArmA 3

Some images of me and two people testing some stuff out with our CLAN logo and stuff. This is just the last few images I had that were interesting. I’ll get new ones when I play it again.


What game is that? GTA-V? The buildings looked so good it fooled me as real for a moment. :astonished:


I’m a huge fan of the Mass Effect trilogy and absolutely love it’s characters. One of the rules I have whenever I do a playthrough I have to do the Citadel DLC to get a screenshot of everyone on the couch.

This is from my first playthrough.

As opposed to one of my latest.


And now seeing that chrono does show the file name, yes i have done at least 21 playthroughs of the Mass Effect trilogy (yes I know I have a problem).



It’s from The Crew.


Nice shot, I like it! Give us more, pls :smiley:


Spintires oops!


Thank you :smile: Here’s another I really liked.

Game is Blur by Bizarre Creations (rip)


Some more ArmA 3. I’ve been having a blast in it, so… :grin:


I came around the corner, kicked the weird dude’s friend, ran out of ammo, died to weird dude and then thankfully an ally revived me. :sweat_smile:

One day I’ll be able to record stuff…one day.


I am also a very big fan of Mass Effect. I first played the third installment but as soon as I finished it I immediately went and ordered the other two for Xbox. I fell in love with it. The narrative was so compelling, and I actually felt like I was in control of how Shepard turned out (female Shepard canon in my head, I’ll fight anyone who says different! lol). I then bought the series on PC and played the hell out of it again and again. Whenever I finish the third game I always feel so sad, and very few games can make me feel that way.

I was really disappointed with Andromeda, but it wasn’t bad, it just didn’t have as compelling of a story as any of the other titles (again, not bad, just not amazing).

Now you did it though…I want to play it but I have a backlog already that’s huge. :sweat_smile:


Oh wow, I didn’t know that game looked so good! :+1: