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Yeah, whilst I did get the final kill of the game, it’s still more luck than skill and a case of people running into my bullets rather than great aim. Without those other two carrying me I wouldn’t have got anywhere close. Though I’m better at this than I was when I started…I have no idea how the stats were so kind to me, and believe it or not 50% of my kills were the final squad with a Wingman (no backflips though).

Most of the time my games are still terrible though…

See, I knew that you know me well enough to see three usernames and instantly intuit which one would be me!


Just when I thought Kentucky Route Zero couldn’t get any better… :fire:


For context, KR0 has been a part of my life since late 2011. I purchased the game on Steam in early January 2016. Ever since then, like many of you, I’ve been waiting on new acts. I like the game so much I told myself: I’ll replay it from start to finish every time a new act is released.

Until 2 days ago, I hadn’t gotten around to doing that.

After finishing ACT III, I can say KR0 is one of those things that I can find myself in.

Have you found your favorite game yet? It’s an indescribable feeling when you find your favorite something. To realize you can watch a movie forever, eat the same cake every day, never get tired of looking at a particular beach or painting or, even, hear what a certain someone has to say.

KR0 is likely my favorite game alongside The Curse of Monkey Island, and for completely opposite reasons: The Curse of Monkey Island is the funny uncle that makes deceivingly kid-friendly jokes at the family Christmas dinner; KR0 is your depressed cousin with suicidal tendencies who chugs eggnog when the kids and their parents are too busy unwrapping gifts.

But, you know, they’re family. Maybe that means something.

In KR0, “family” is interwoven in the narrative, whether you like it or not. A kid who lost his family, an old man with a blurry past, a woman who can’t understand the very friend she grew up with.

I guess that’s why KR0 is considered magical realism: we’ve all wished we were the parentless kid at some point, and yet we’ve also found ourselves in very similar situations when we didn’t want to. It’s magical to think that, with a snap of a finger, we’d be free of the rules and the duties, and horribly real to realize we’re now old enough inflict our own rules in ourselves and those around us.

In any case, Kentucky Route Zero is broad and deep enough that you can have your own take of it – something that perhaps has nothing to do with anything I just said.

Maybe in the end this game is just about an old man and his old hound doing a delivery to an address he can’t quite find. And maybe all the weird things are just lack of sleep. And maybe the ghosts and the shadows and the visions and the miners and the museums and the empty driveways and the computers and the TVs are all a metaphor to steer us away from insomnia and sleeping pills…

Or maybe it’s all real. Somewhere in Kentucky… :butterfly:

At some point my brain got the best of me and this turned into a review haha oops this isn’t even the proper thread for this but here we are.

Raffle 5: In the name of the mother...

Well it may not be the proper thread for reviews, but at least you reminded me to get it, as i wanted the game for a while now! :slight_smile:



Now just delete every single one of your copies of Deponia from your account via Steam Support and you’ve got yourself a life-long membership to my Pigs, Fire & Capybaras club. :+1:

seriously though nice call on getting KR0, I hope you enjoy it!!!



BTW he did it. So you know… he’s part of the cult now. Thanks @NICK9X9 for your blood sacrifice.


Let yourself be carried away, in whatever you are doing :blush:

I only played a little when the first episode was released and never got around to picking it up again after more content came out.

Now you’re making me think about dusting it off and giving it a try…


Some shots from Caves of Qud, a game like Dwarf Fortress on Steam. I’m trying to learn it. I died in about 5 minutes by turret. :joy: :sweat_smile:

Caves of Qud



Good Ending. I guess we can all pack it up, we have shown the world everything they need to see.



obviously an anti-vaxxer that began this whole mess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Time to do some damage!


possibly a doctor


We all know a clown carrying red balloons is to blame.

C’mon people read you bibles.



Well the funny thing is that the developer added in anti vaxxers per community request. I have yet to encounter them yet, but I’ve only played a single game. In which I utilized my crappy tactic of silent then deadly.


Street art from The Division 2.


What is it? looks great!


Assuming you are referencing what you replied to. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Available on GameCube and WiiU.


ty 4 the wallpapers