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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


Lol I realized that Steam doesn’t let copy-paste from the app and I accidentally just copy-pasted a red circle for a powerpoint project on my school xd.


Well, weren’t you lucky that was the thing you accidentally pasted?


idk, what else could I paste?






I recently picked up Jalopy and this is supposed to be a screenshot of the waves crashing against the rocks on the right. Unfortunately i was too slow pressing F12 and you can only see pentagons in the sky here. Road trips in beater cars that fall apart on the road in real life sucks (speaking from personal experience!) but it’s kinda fun as a game. Strange how that works…


Some No Man’s Sky. I’ve had more fun in it than I expected, but I spent four hours troubleshooting various bugs just to play. I find that unacceptable. There’s a problem right now that has existed since the start of December for AMD cards and support isn’t answering anyone (I tried myself) that locks people out of the game on drivers newer than 2yrs old. Which means really, really, really bad performance.

Then there are the bugs. So. Man. Bugs. Then again I’m not one to care about bugs if the content is good, so long as the devs are actively trying to fix them (which I believe they are?). Another complaint and very minor, and useless to many others, is that when customizing my alien, you don’t get a sense that any of the options are female. That’s kind of disappointing, but again, very minor complaint.

Finally, mods that change planetary generation break quests in a special way. For example, if a NPC wants you to collect a specific type of plant, the mod might generate that plant deep underground or not at all or in systems far away from you. It might be a problem early in the game only, but worth noting for sure.

No Man's Sky

Now I’m no expert linguist or conlanger, but that doesn’t look like any intelligent language to me. Looks like its a cypher to English.

Hmm. After a crash, I loaded back in only to find that I was in the sky falling. I reloaded again, because I hit the ground and died, and quickly jetpacked to my parked ship in the sky (yes, parked ship in the sky) and marveled at the Wile E. Coyote physics.

Next I have some screenshots of a new Stellaris multiplayer campaign I’ve started with some friends. It has been so incredibly fun. :joy: I’ll get more screenshots but here are some teasers of my glorious reptilian empire.

(I immediately got attacked by religious extremists, yea, and then soon the people south of me declared war, freaked me out, lost to one of my gloriously built starbases, whined and then sued for peace. xD )

Also, will probably add more screenshots as edits, don’t know yet. :slight_smile:


The plan is to get the “Survive past day 100” achievement but here’s the blood moon on day ~66:


Will say no more…


that’s kinda funny though, lol


They admin had no chill :joy: He was sure that I was hacking… and kicked me around 3 times and i kept rejoining lol


it’s almost physically painfull to watch


Did you ever play Shadow of Mordor?
The game says: Get intel about Captain’s to know their weaknesses.
The game says: Kill the Bodyguards first and the Warchieves will have no protection.

I say: Why don’t fight 1 Warchieve and his 3 Captains in the same time without intel? :smiley:
And why not repeat it for 4 times?

There is a nemesis system in the game. So dead captain’s are replaced by new Orcs (Uruks) every few minutes.
But what if you kill in 2 hours 20 of them? :smiley:


As long as you don’t die they shouldn’t come back. Be wary though, if you die the game will refresh a lot of captains… though there is a limit to how many get added back at a time. (except for death cheaters).


u sure of that? afaik the game does promote regular orcs to captains without u dying too, no?


@hivefleetbothan is exactly like @M00 says.

They allways respawn as the time goes, not only in case of death.
There are few ways to make them respawn immediately and it is with fast forwarding the time at one of the keeps or travel between maps or restarting the game.

But the story continues: So when there was no other captain to kill, I had to do the main missions. And that taught me how to brand - make enemies your fellows (followers). So I branded all avaible captains.

And fast forwarded the time, so all of them became warchieves. :smiley:

The game has infinite playtime, but you cant grow higher with influence and power. Once they reach their limit. And there are limited skill improvements too.


Also the rate of new captains emerging is quite slow. If I remember correctly in game days have to pass before a new one might step up.

Have you tried Shadow of War? I quite liked it.


I really hope they can work the bugs out of Kingdom Two Crowns. Looking forward to moving onto Kingdom: New Lands soon (after i get the rest of the achieves for Classic).


Just finished everything Hollow Knight except for the last Pantheon.


Cute Pay-to-Win pet from Hunter x Hunter Online. Loved the game, but idiots broke it by exploiting glitches and many aspects became impossible to play. Devs also ignore the rampant spam on the forums, so you couldn’t reliably get issues to their attention. Bah.

Last is not the best shot from some time play Aion, another online MMORPG. You can custom build your avatar a la Sims from EA. Lovely game. Can’t run it on current system. Don’t remember why I stopped playing - probably had so much choice didn’t know what to do, lol