Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments

Yup. Though the majority of the videos I watched were about the various code quirks and history of the game. Still, definitely one I too would recommend.
Also: (from CRAPI.WAD)

This right here would be perfect for manualing down, if this were a Tony Hawk map, lolz
(that is the machine gun which has a grenade for alt-fire)


Yeah, I’ve also met him through his yellow videos. He’s great, but so does pagb666. He plays a bunch of DOOM wads, as well as old FPS games.

I’ve took a look at this crapi.wad, and its reviews are not much favorable, saying that mostly levels are empty. I’ll try it later, though. Is that Brutal Doom or another mod ?

Another good channel which recommeds mods is Gaming Room.


The maps are large, and often, the enemy placement does have one wandering about for a long period of time without encounters, but there are some interesting map gimmicks and textural designs that make it worth looking into. There are also a bunch of DM maps that either have a small number of enemies or none/one (Map 12 has a switch that when pressed summons a Cyberdemon but it works only one time).

Yeah, that’s Brutal Doom. Definitely makes the wad much better. One can grab the flamecannons from Incubi and the rocket launchers from Revenants (technically a temporary weapon that is removed when one runs out of ammo-also has a 100 ammo limit).


Yeah, I’ve also read reviews that it’s mostly about exploration than running and gunning, and that some maps have multiple exits. I think I’ll give this one a try with the Radix mod, which’s a player and weapons mod ported from a DOOM clone game from the 90’s. Below are the videos from the mod and the original game.

So I was correct. I’m honestly not interested in this mod since I’ve found so much options to choose that I’m satisfied with what I have. Besides, I have decided to not even try downloading and using it at all since I have my personal reasons to not do so, which were further reinforced after watched decino’s 100k livestream.

Below is my “little” list of mods I have installed with DOOM Launcher.
The tabs have the tag names of the main mods I use for the wads I have for the sake of organization:

So many mods, so little time

Ok, so I’ve managed to play some Steam games during this week after I took a break from Warframe, with my favorite being Monster Train. I’m really enjoying this game:

Monster Train Screenies

And I’ve started playing the updated version of Darksiders today, all thanks to Kyle. He’s the man! :wink:

Darksiders Warmastered Edition Screenies


Yes, @kylehayman361 is… :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


It’s gone anyway; the site host is dead. I did find a mappack through the video though that I’ll be trying out later.


The download is in the description, and I can still download the mod just fine, @Amyrakunejo .

Since your PMs are closed, I’ve uploaded the mod to my Google Drive, and you get it here.

The mappack is Slaughterfest 2012. It’s really a tough one, and more meant to run on the likes of PrBoom+ because it lags like hell in GZDoom, in special maps like “Simply Dead” (Map 07) which had 1000+ enemies and it couldn’t handle the last wave, forcing me to get out of the level. I’m currently playing this wad with HXRTC Project.

So much lag...

So I’ve been playing some more game, and I’ll show some screenshots of them.

Hades Screenies. Won't show much to avoid spoilers since the game is not that long.

Neon Abyss Screenies. Fun roguelike game.


What’s weird about this is that when I opened it in new tab on my end it went to the dead site host; when I did the same with the hyperlink here, it went to the site leave confirmation screen and then when I told it to go, it just opened up the save dialog window.
I dunno what the deal is, but this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve dealt with shenanigans like this. Still, I have the mod now, and thanks for the ladder across the chasm, so to speak.

Yeah; I imagine that I would need to tweak LZDooM settings that I don’t know what they do in order to cut the lag on my end because the four cyberdemons at the end of the first map (I only saw two at first) would of caused LZDooM to crash (been having that issue lately with the EDay wad and it’s not RAM related), had I not used ‘freeze’ in the console. Yeah; sucks I have to use that, essentially a cheat to keep playing/from crashing, but…
It’s only the cyberdemons that do this, and it may be their size or the number of rockets, or something, I’m not sure. Even having over forty chaingunners shooting at once doesn’t crash (it does cause the framerate to drop to less than 1 though).
Brutal Doom and Slaughterfest…kinda goes hand in hand I think. Then again, maybe a bit too easy, what with the added weapons like the machinegun, the BFG10K, and the railgun and all… (not to mention the fact that the SSG is much more realistic-blowing holes at close to point blank range in just about anything it is fired at lolz)


Glad to be of help. And yes, this Wad was unfortunately more meant to be played with other source ports which are more capable of enduring all the armies of monsters in their respective maps. GZDoom and its variants calculate all things in a certain map, which includes effects and texture improvements, hence why it suffers so much to load slaughtermaps like this. This is why people don’t recommend stuff like Nuts.wad and its sequels to be run with GZDoom, since it has less to do with your PC and more about the source port you chose.

As to quote someone from r/Doom reddit:

It’s not mods, it’s the source port. Majority of slaughter mods are designed for PRBoom with GLBoom being a close second in consideration. GZDoom has trouble with having too many things in one area or too many surfaces. You can help it by turning off basically everything openGL such as dynamic lighting. But as soon as you start to spawn a ton of particles because enemies or you do the the sourceport will lock up.

You can force the round peg to fit in the square hole but it won’t be happy about it.

But at least we’re managing to play the wad anyway.





Next generation textures :slight_smile:


So, I’ve started my first attempt at making a Doom level map. I think I have the gist of some of the features, but doors? Wow, nope. Of course, since my hardware is super lackluster, the latest editors will simply not run, so I’m using Wad Author. It makes the maps and drops ‘things’ (enemies/items/scenery/etcetera), and allows one to customize each wall and floor by sector and linedef. Wad Author is also super dated, made for Windows 95/NT.

Sector Map:


At one point I could get the doors to open but also, one could simply walk right through them. I am definitely a novice at this, but I am trying. I was able to make a proper exit (walk to the center of the floor at the end). One thing I don’t understand is the command code associated with doors (NSe? NS1? NSRe? What?); I see the desired effect and go with that, and often times the desired effect only has the one associated command, or actually, that is very much the case…I dunno. I may consult with someone who knows what they’re doing in this regard later.


Found a very tall mountain, so I scaled it.

Watched the sun rise.

Just narrowly managed to hit the river below it on my way down.


Which should also be made from blocks so…legs broken?


RE: Doom Wad Map of my own:

Managed to figure out doors, vents, walls that are not actually walls but are walls to enemies for DM starts, but one thing that eludes me still, is how to mark an area as a secret. I mean, sure, it’s a tick box, but, in-game, nothing. I still need to figure out how to change the names of maps because yeah; doesn’t look much like a hangar now, lolz (nor does the original E1M1 to be honest…)



cyperpunk so buggy it only has black and white colours left :grin:


Well…the Doom WAD I was working on got corrupted somehow, and so I ended up having to copy over all the linedefs to a new WAD project and in the process, lose all the sector definitions as well as the motifs. I have to redo all of those from scratch. I am quite angry, so I’ve put that aside for now. I also realized that if I want a WAD to be more than one map, I have to use some kind of utility to smash them together or something, or maybe I have to use something other than Wad Author.

I may just have to upgrade my hardware because a lot of editors just refuse to run. UGH.


Ugh, I hate when that happens. All your work goes to trash because something unexpected happens or you forgot to save or make a backup before this happened.

I suggest watching some youtube videos on how to make maps, using them as a guidance and reference and to dedicate yourself to it, learning everything you can.