Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


I actually wonder what “6 left past house means”… I was able to follow along but the person talking was actually distracting because I had no clue what they were talking about except about incoming jumps.


The turns are rated 1-6, 1 being the sharpest turns, and 6 being the least deviation from straight, so there’s a big jump coming up and then a small amount of left turn after that past the house.

If you ever get to playing the game, these cues would make a lot more sense, and are very useful. :slight_smile: But yeah, from the perspective of someone watching, the information could be a bit of a distraction.


By the by, what game is that?
(I’m sure you’ve mentioned it but memory == awful)


The one @Fraggles is playing is Dirt Rally 2.0.

The first game is pretty good too, that’s been given away before, just Dirt Rally


I would go so far as to call this an undesirable situation.


It’s a Pogo-Subaru!


DiRT4 on offer @ Fanatical



Assassin's Creed Valhalla

I’m so happy I could SCREEEEEEEAM. xD

(there are copies of certain images as I fiddled with the photo mode lol)


I was considering paying 15€ for one month subscription of Ubisoft+ that includes Valhalla, but ended up playing Shadow of Mordor. So I didnt play much in October nor november, but when I started Shadow of Mordor I struggled not because of not knowing the controls, but because of difficulty of the game right after the start of the game.

Firstly I deleted my saved file that I played lastly I almost 2 years ago

I was like half hour in the game with low level and low power, without abilities

And had to fight multiple bosses at the same time - displayed with half circle mark over their head. Each of them could kill me with 2 shots.

So they led me into even more danger - fighting in a city. hahaha so I needed to escape

I met some other enemies and bosses on my way to escape to a safe zone.
So I ended up killing 4 of them in a joint fight out of city.

The thing is, that beyond fighting many bosses and enemies in the same time, I had no intel of them - not knowing their weaknesses. Nice comeback into the game not dying once.

If you ask me if Shadow of Mordor is better than AC Odyssey, AC Origins or The Witcher 3, I say so. Dont know how much good Valhalla is, but some said its buggy and is more a Hack and slash game tahn a RPG or AC game. (after some revews)


Been playing a lot of Assassins Creed Origins lately, so here are some screenshots i have taken. :slight_smile:

And my latest achievement:


IWAD: DOOM II [] WAD: Crapi [] Mod: Brutal Doom [] Map: 22 (has two parts in the WAD)
Not sure if the texture is from the Crapi WAD or from Brutal Doom, but this here is a nice Mandelbrot fractal texture. Yes, that is the SSG (a short-barrel double-barrel 8-gauge shotgun) and you see either a Pistol or SMG Zombie dead on the floor.
I don’t care who or what you are; you’re not gonna take a load of buckshot from that shotgun and not be hurting at the bare minimum afterward (at point blank range would blast a hole the size of a honeydew melon right through most people lolz).

Assassin's Creed Valhalla


@Danacscott can you confirm?


Indeed I can. We will be lead by @AcornAvenger. Epic times are coming.



Oh, okay. :joy:


@YQMaoski I have the first one in my library, and I have yet to play it since I don’t have a wheel. I don’t know if this game is managable on either keyboard or controller (I have a Playstation looking one).

@Rhyagelle I remember seeing it in that first Ubisoft event. It seems promising however I just stumble on a video on my Youtube feed list where someone lost all its progress due to a bug in the game. Game looks good, though, but graphics alone don’t make a game.

@mediiiiiiii I’ve been wanting to buy the first Middle-Earth for a while. It seems like a good game even though I never saw the main trilogy of movies.

As for screenshots, well, I haven’t got much to show other than stuff from my DOOM playthroughs with a bunch of mods. Below are some of them:

Some WAD and mod combinations I've been playing or played

Sunlust with Guncaster:

Plutonia 2 with Highway Acceleroid Booster + Neural Upscaling Pack:

Freedoom Phase 1 with Doom Tournament + Hunter’s Moon Enemies + 3D Doom Models + Target Spy:

Icarus: Alien Vanguard with DOOM RPG + DOOM Roguelite Arsenal:

Refracted Reality with Heretical DOOM + Colorful Hell:

Ancient Aliens with Trailblazer + Neural Upscaling Pack:

Back To Saturn X Episode 1 with Russian Overkill + Neural Upscaling Pack:


The dirt rally games are perfectly playable with a controller, there are even a few people who seem to manage to get decently good with a keyboard but they’re very few and I really wouldn’t recommend trying it that way.

All participants in last years Chrono rally league used gamepads, so do not let that limitation hold you back if you want to give the game a go. I’m also happy to lend any aid or tips I can think of should you find the game too challenging.


Make an alliance or we will hide all the nuts



you’ve posted these screens a while ago, but i’m only browsing now and i want to say that the first screen is stunning - it looks more like a photo than like a screenshot.
if you study/practice photography professionally and have tons of screenshots, does this mean you have more cinematographic screenshots deep down there somewhere? care to share? :smiley: i believe there were communities for screenshot art enthusiasts, too - it’s amazing how much can a proper angle and a good sense for composition do.