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Not understanding a lot of the lingo, but looks really neat!


A Plague Tale : Innocence


I loved this game! Absolutely beautiful! Now I wanna replay it! haha


Fakie: When you land a trick and are riding backwards. Yes, potentially quite dangerous, gets athletes a lot of clout, when they don’t bail immediately afterward.
Spine Transfer: Lean as you air off of a ramp/quarterpipe and land in an adjacent ramp/quarterpipe. Has various names and is more commonly known as a ramp to ramp.
Manual: If you’re familiar with the term ‘wheelie’, then it’s the same thing, only, a manual on a skateboard can constitute many things, as long as the board is not on all four wheels. Very technical, ask Rodney Mullen about his endeavors.
Switch: Most people have a natural stance when they ride but can ride opposite to that, or ‘Switch Stance’. Purely for clout or for practice.
Mute: A type of grab trick. I believe it was invented/coined by Tony Alva. Could be wrong.
Ollie: Motion where the skater pulls the board up with them in a jump, front wheels first.
Nollie: Same as an Ollie, but the skater stands on the deck in such a manner that the back wheels pop up first.


Whoa! Thanks. You explained those so well, that I could picture the moves. Have seen a few done in videos but never took in the names for them.

Never tried skateboarding, rollerblading yes though. Very fun, but my neighbourhood then wasn’t really ideal for that kind of thing.


Speaking of Rodney Mullen, you might enjoy this playlist

I’ve watched about half of them a while ago and it is a good reminder that I need to catch up with the rest, pretty sick!


Gotta watch, but really I posted because of the interesting number of posts I just saw, esp. @ this time of year. So tempted to leave it for the creep factor, but meh, I’m breaking it. ^^


Second and last one from Plague Tale .


That’s definitely on the Watch Later queue…

@DontBeSilly That has some serious Sector V Cathedral vibes to it, but no flower girl in sight, lolz


I try to experiment a little with some deep cuts in Poland. There are at least two spots where you got a snaky road across an otherwise entirely flat field, I’m sure at least one of them can be ran right across.

I chickened out of it halfways and failed both to stay on the road and take a straight line, next time I’ll try to just go for it with enthusiasm and complete disregard for road etiquette.


More adventurous cutting in Poland.
Misjudged the approach by a wide margin, found another solution.


Pretty sure this is an unrecoverable crash kind of location.

Thankfully this car has a whole lot of power in it.

This is the bridge corner that has consistently ruined my runs over the past couple of months. I finally cleared it without falling off, very slowly, but far faster than the 30 minute penalty I’ve carried every other time.

What makes it so damn tricky is that you really do not see where the road is going, even from this elevated camera position. The run up to it is very nice and straight but too short for both accelerating and stopping in time and the surface is very lose so if you break hard you’ll just lock the wheels up and slide. The crest right in front of the turn will lift your front wheels off the ground and deprive you of the ability to steer, making you fly straight through the flimsy safety tape so graciously provided.


LOL. Safety tape for a car in motion. SO thoughtful. :stuck_out_tongue: I like how you should have dropped off that edge and somehow drove back up. Manufacturers need to get on making that possible. Yes.

As for the previous post: What’s wrong with shortcuts? :thinking:


Wow, that’s some steep climb from a downward tumble!


Indeed, but you know…Pikes Peak still has no guard rails…even if it is paved now (WHICH I DO NOT APPROVE OF).


Blair Witch


My relationship with trees is… complicated.

This game has an awful lot of Subarus in it and it’s kind of hard to keep track of which one is which and what particular quirks they each have. One thing they mostly have in common is that they’re happiest if they get to drive at least a little bit sideways.

This particular one I have not driven much, but it’s one of the really fun ones.
A pretty scrappy run, but I got some nice big jumps in.


Oof, definitely a headspinning run, lolz


That track looks familiar. especially at the “keep middle over big jump and 6 left past house”


Played some In Silence with my friends. The monster can’t see very well, as you can see:

In Silence