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I would like to point out the our sloth-loving friends here that in Spelunky 2, you can play as Roffy D. Sloth. Yup, that’s his name, and here’s his Steam card image, @Enki, @DontBeSilly.

Here’s an actual screenshot I snapped:


He shines in the jungle biome I’d assume, rest of the game he should get -25% movement speed. :rofl:


Here’s a couple of screenshots from the jungle:

Grabbing the shotgun and climbing a vine:



ahaha I love Monster Hunter! Such a fun game! Can’t wait until I can get that DLC, gonna be a ton more fun.

Also @YQMaoski that game looks very pretty!

Anyhow, screenies… lol

I found out that my SP Vintage Story world had set ores to impossible settings, so I restarted it with vanilla settings, with a slight change to food spoilage. On my way looking for berries, I came across a skeletal building. All it needed was a roof! lol took a lot of hand picking grass, but I filled it out:

Vintage Story

Then I found near it some structure in the water. Never seen it before in the game, so I’ll have to check it out later.

And a glowy mushroom cave! :o

I also tested Crystal Chronicles’ remaster on Yuzu. It has a lot of visual bugs, but it surprisingly works well. Considering my siblings are constantly playing Animal Crossing, I am grateful it works. There’s a controller bug too that makes it impossible to play, constantly moving character downwards, so until that gets fixed no playing for me. xD


I suppose you have played the first one, it is worth it? because looks like chasm and personally I didn’t enjoy it too much


I’ve played the first one for a bit and playing Chasm currently and the only thing they have in common is that they’re both side scrolling platformers. If that manner of game alone is what you don’t like then no need to look any further.

The basic idea of spelunky is being thrown into randomly generated levels that are ,I believe, about 6x4 “screens” in size and you start at one point up top and have to find the exit somewhere down below while collecting treasure and gear while avoiding traps, falls, enemies and other stuff. If you die your run is over and there’s no saving and reloading, you start from the beginning again.

Considering it’s been sold for $1.50 been in several bundles and given away for free once or twice, so is it worth it? I didn’t like it much but I also didn’t spend much on it so eh, who’s to say. @onLooSe and @YQMaoski could probably have paid $150 for the game and still have had reasonable value out of it.


I like the art style and the gameplay, what personally I did not like about chasm was, that I was expecting that you at least would be capable to switch locations, I mean get out from that cave, like other action-plataform games, well the best way to see if it’s good is playing it


I haven’t gotten too far into the game yet, but I’ve already gotten out of the “cave” and into some sort of catacomb area and soon I believe I’ll be entering some sort of jungle. It’ll still be primarily underground I believe and still a network of corridors but with different enemies and tile sets.

In that way I suppose Spelunky is similar as well, the levels are much the same in how they’re built up but as you get deeper into the game they will have different tile sets, enemies and to some degree a few new mechanics involved.


I was expecting that answer, I did it too, what I wanna say with “Switch locations” is literally get out from the cave (i know that have other Sub-levels), like at the beginning in the castle, is a good game but that’s the thing I did not enjoy too much because when I started playing Chasm I recently finished Death’s Gambit and my expectations were high


If you want to dive into Spelunky, it’s a lot of trial and error and fun by discovery, but you have to be completely okay with dying. I finished the first Spelunky game and cleared the boss after 600+ attempts and only after that did I start exploring secrets and trying to find out other things I could do with the game. Like @Fraggles, I would have easily paid a lot more than the asking price for the original game given the amount of time I have put in and also just the pure enjoyment. It’s currently on hiatus (at 460+ hours) because I am playing the second game and of course also trying to consider/work through my ever building backlog of games to play and to review. In terms of 2D platforming, the movement/feeling of responsive controls in Spelunky is second to none. The second game that has been out for a week now, I already have around 400 deaths and haven’t come anywhere near the end of the main game, much less exploring into secrets.

As Fraggles pointed out, you start every level at the top and need to make your way to the bottom and find and go through the exit, it’s simple in concept, but the game always finds ways to kill you, but some of the most funny and also gut-wrenching moments in Spelunky come from dying. The game has amazing mechanics that it seems no matter how good you keep getting, the game still knows how to one-up you the next time you play.

Even though there are no saves and you start fresh every time, there are unlocks into the different biomes that you can unlock, if you get to it and pay whatever the shortcut-digging NPC (Tunnel Man) asks of you and you will be able to start games within those respective areas. In the first game, there are three shortcuts you can unlock, and there are 4 normal biomes.

In the new game, there are more mechanics, a few new items, a lot of fancy level designs and while you can see the stuff that you have encountered before in the first game, there is just so much more. Some things are easier and some others are harder. Some of the game-breaking mechanics have been fixed, other things seem both easier and harder. It’s just as easy to die and in some ways I feel that the first biome is even harder in Spelunky 2 than the original game. Even with the changes, Spelunky 2 does a good job matching the responsive controls and fun platforming that’s set out by the first game.

I mean to me, both games are worth every penny asked. But I get it also that it’s not for everyone. I remember when @onLooSe got me going with Spelunky, I tried it a few times and kept putting it down, each time with the complaint that it’s just too hard. But eventually I got back into and ended up getting my final achievement only earlier this year. Because of the randomization in level generation and spawning of money/enemies/items, every run is going to be different and I still die a whole lot more than I win in regular Spelunky.

As for Spelunky 2, I am now going back through the wonders of exploring and discovering all of the different ways that the game can kill me. A lot of the skills I had developed playing the first game carry over, and I just had to make some minor modifications because of the changes that have been made.

I can gush on and on about Spelunky 1 or 2 all day, but until you play it and see for yourself, it’s really hard to decide whether or not it might be for you. The first game that’s on the Steam store page is Spelunky HD. The original game actually was a heavier pixelated game that you can still download for free. A lot of the mechanics stayed the same between the freeware game and Spelunky HD.

The freeware Spelunky Classic can be downloaded here:

Anyway, expect to die, a lot. But I hope you have fun. :slight_smile:


This might get a few eye rolls or chuckles, depending on your view of using the bonus weapons in the RE2 remake. It’s not a hard trophy, but it was gotten in a more amusing way IMO.

I think I got him



The call here was unseen hairpin right and I gotta say he was spot on the money, can’t see shit.

And would you look at that, the game actually does have wildlife running across the road.


That is a very nice level of detail they’ve added. First game was really nice in terms of driving but environments had this plastic look to them. From your screenshots and videos i can say that this one does look way more ‘alive’ .


I managed a really solid run with the rear wheel drive Opel Kadette in New Zealand so I’m back with a handful of videos for whom so ever wants to see.

This one is the closest to perfect I’ve managed, recorded in chase cam to show off all the smooth moves… and the handful of mistakes. This stage starts out in the open flat lands with a lot of very straight and high speed sections before entering an uphill climb with hairpins stacked on hairpins followed by ones and twos. The contrast of the two sections is quite stark and you’ll have to change your driving technique quickly and slow all the way down. Though of course I’ve seen people blast through this section far faster than I’m doing it.

The main thing I can’t quite get a handle on are hairpins. I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong with them other than misjuding my speed into them, this time around opting to be very slow rather than falling off the track on their outsides.

This is another but similar stage and one I recorded while driving, for anyone who prefer a headcam view.

The Opel Kadette is possibly one of my top favourite cars in these games, partly because of this yellow/black livery that I just find really appealing but it’s also one of the lower registered engine sounds on offer. I’m not very fond of the otherwise very high pitched super high RPM modern engines.

wroom! wroom!


@YQMaoski Here we go


This month I’ve been tackling a longer championship in the H2 RWD class, snippets of which I’ve shown already running the Opel Kadett. Yesterday I finally finished the stretch of 6 events 8-10 stages of each. With the final location in the US suitably dressed in autumn colours. This section of the championship featured several night stages which while dark already gets really very so when you enter sections of dense leafy forests, even though youtube seems to have turned up the brightness somewhat.

A couple of larger mistakes in this one, 4 over jumps means slow down a lot more so you don’t go off course. That early mistake in mind later as I hear the call of “4 left long” heading over a crest into a forest I have no sight into and hit the breaks immediately resulting in losing both time and the rythm of the stage causing a very messy section.

Not perfect by any means either. The hairpins in the US are ridiculously narrow and even though you get ample warning, they seem to come out of nowhere every time.

Not being able to really post the overall results easily in the form of screenshots I decided to plot my placement history across this event. Just in case there’s anyone else here who gets excited by charts and who will get more interested in trying the game out.

We start out in Poland and the first stage was not particularly remarkable, placed a reasonable 1289 but the 2nd stage I really took myself by surprise by how well I did and ended up at a very surprising 697.

Emboldened by my hidden talent suddenly surfacing I gave it my all for the 3rd stage and came out of it with two punctures with only one spare wheel for my troubles. Not only did I have to finish that stage, but run the whole next one with only 3 tires until the next repair point, losing most of the gain I made.

Slowing down significantly means getting across the finish line in an intact car and not having to stop and change tires a lot means far faster times, who could have guessed? Things go pretty well for the rest of Poland and then we reach Argentina.

So funny thing with Argentina is that if you’re not surrounded by cliff walls that will ruin your car quickly if you keep hitting them, you’re surrounded by sheer cliff drops that will completely ruin your car instantly. About half ways through stage 10 I decide to dabble in automobile base jumping which means you get to reclaim your car once the event is over and everyone’s gone home. You’ll get to rejoin the competition after the next repair point and take forfeiture time penalty for each stage before then. That was 2 stages at 15 minutes for me that should have been about 4ish had I ran them.

Result 11 is not stage 11, but from there on I had 30 minutes penalty to work off and by really focusing on not over reaching and just keeping the car on the road I managed to slowly but steadily climb up the ranks and eventually managed to reach and just about beat that stage 2 placement in the end.

Yet this places me at maybe the top 60-65% at best… can’t help but wonder where I’d land without those 2 really big mistakes early on.
Guess I’ll try again next month.

Thanks for reading.


THUG Pro recently got an update, and as of now, one can press F10 to take a screenshot.
It crashes on my end, but the screenshot actually took. (likely crashed because I was playing online and my hardware is lackluster running the game at max resolution)

The image above is my custom skater in THUG 1 New York. That, East LA (American Wasteland), Alcatraz (THPS4) and Mall (THPS) tend to be popular online spots, along with Larxian’s recreations/expansions of Proving Ground’s maps (Philadelphia/Baltimore/DC).



More THUG Pro screenies!
This time, I decided to go ahead and try to create the main character of my main gamedev project in THUG Pro, Ramsey. Turned out decent enough…
If you’ve ever played Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure you may recognize this spot, now defaced by tags because f*ck McDickald’s.

Now, I show her face after getting a custom face graphic done and mapped (hence why the tags are in slightly different places)

Yes, that’s canon to both the main character of the game and the source material.
Rest of the screenies will be in a spoiler.


Yes, she plays guitar every now and then…(custom made trick)

In the middle of a spine transfer and a custom trick (Mute to Switch).

Hueueueueue…(it’s a Special Trick from THPS3-Private Carrera)

Sproing! (THPS3 Special Manual)

Custom trick-Knees to Fakie over the Grate (good luck spining over that in DESA lolz)

Getting sexy on Main Street…xD