Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


They were uploaded together so I have it ready to go. I like to save them for my own sake but I’m not sure what the interest is from others, the road side camera view looks nicer so that’s what I tend to post.


Looks good, that rail bump wasn’t in the other video.

I see that the difference between you and me is that your recovery after mistakes is a lot better. I suppose a lot of that is going to be practice. Plus you tackle the 3 and 4 turns a lot more aggressively, probably also from practice. My breaking times need work, because I lose a lot of speed in those tighter areas. Mainly just bumping into things if I don’t slow down.

Thanks for the videos, very nice!


you might need to adjust your FOV for that; just in general, optimizing your FOV will lead to faster times in general as well


Yeah that’s what I usually do too. This run was kind of a special event where I barely bumped into anything at all. The railing bump happened right at a camera switch point so the car is out of sight at that moment, it was minor enough to not even leave a mark and caused no damage needing repair, so it didn’t happen!

The reason things looks so tight and neat in this run is due to the asphalt physics on the Spain tracks in this game, you would not be able to do it this tidily anywhere in the first game I believe. Germany would be the closest but it’s nowhere near as sticky as this track is, Germany lets you drift a fair bit but if you lose grip in Spain you’ve probably made a mistake.

I’m delighted you enjoy them, thanks for checking them out.


What do you have to do to get an optimum FOV?

Will definitely check it out when I have some time. Even if work is busy and energy consuming, these runs really don’t take that much time, so trying to be more regular in playing is probably what I need.

They are fun, good for me to see how to do things differently to improve. Thanks for the shares! :slight_smile:

I am heading right back to work now, good entertainment for my lunch session.


yo, that’s some fine driving out there mah doody


you’ll have to google that :joy: cuz it actually depends on your screen size and how far you sit from it etc.

but basically, you’d want it so that instead of seeing that whole side window on the left, you’d only see a very small part of it of its lower corner (and perhaps 20% of the steering wheel or so)

if you do that @Fraggles and @YQMaoski, you’ll find that you’ll be able to better judge speeds and angles

it will also feel way slower at first, and that in turn will make it easier, and it will result in better racing times, quite dramatically perhaps

but u’ll ofc also need to get used to it in the beginning, but that shouldn’t take too long


Found this calculator.
According to which I should be at -5 from “center” which I believe is the lowest possible FOV setting. I’m currently running it at center I think, but I’m pretty sure I lowered it from something else at some point.

Or I should sit A LOT closer to the monitor.

In order for me to accurately have the lowest FOV setting possible in DR 2.0 I apparently need to sit at a distance of 53cm. Guess I’ll see how that feels next time.



I’ve messed about a bit with screen distance and FOV settings now. Can’t get the monitor any closer than about 65cm to my face and that’s still not close enough supposedly. Changed the FOV from standard to lowest possible setting in the game, with the following results.



The screen feels uncomfortably close right up until the car starts moving and then it just kind of works. First attempt was disastrous though and I spun out and crashed immediately, 2nd attempt I made it up to the first high speed corner. 3rd attempt I still made a few mistakes a couple of scrapes and bumps and one full stop crash that required me to back off the barrier before setting off again. That run was still 5s faster than my previous “perfect” run.

The time and showing the new wheel free cockpit view I’ve now opted to use because the view mode I used to use obscured too much of the dash for comfort. Didn’t get a recording while driving this one and the replay view doesn’t allow for this one for some reason, camera on the dashboard is the closest I could get.
For anyone interested in comparing the run in my new view.

Sorry for making this thread a rally thread.

Edit: Looks like youtube really doesn’t like my new view settings and the video turned out fuzzier than last month’s forgotten lunchbox. Not sure if there’s anything to do about it, my local recording is sharp as anything.


I think that pretty much sums it up :joy:

i know it feels rly weird at first, but apparently it’s how it should be and it definitely works


Driving an event in Finland now, who wants to see some big jumps?
I’ll start with a small one.

…totally meant to do that!


lol, that is so satisfying to look at though; i watched it like 5 times in a row


i would have managed to hit both trees, one after the other :joy:


image (at the same time)


Good work! I was expecting shattered glass.


Insane driving there, @Fraggles! lol

Been playing Vintage Story. Started a castle like fort around a basalt area, near a large body of water. :slight_smile:


(I found a trader merged within a castle. What strange generation. lol)


Another tricky jump, didn’t go very well this time.


looks like you need to slap a rudder on that if you plan more flights


I’d say for most cases, that’s a race-ending crash, but by the looks of it, you kept going.