Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


It probably isn’t conventional, but I’ve been playing a new FFT inspired Final Fantasy title called “War of the Visions”, a spin-off of the Brave Exvius sub-FF universe. Right now it has FFT characters in it, like Agrias and Orlandu, and the tactical part of the game definitely nails down that satisfying FF tactical scene. Really the only issue I have with the game is the mobile aspects–visiore (gems for pulls), the massive visiore reliant equipment purchases (F2P farmable but way too annoying), vision cards, units (the characters) and, of course, Espers (a return to the Ivalice world summons, based off FF6).

I like it, even though it is a mobile game. Then again, I thought FFBE was…okay. This is more my style since it is Ivalice, and is very similar to FFT.

(played via Bluestacks, and Android emulator on PC/Linux/Mac)

War of the Visions

I have also been trying to mod Bannerlord so I can put in my own flags, but alas, that has been futile. It is just completely inferior in that regard to Warband. -sigh- so I switched back to Warband. Yes, that’s right, I refuse to play Bannerlord until I can—as the title of the game even insinuates—make my own banner. lol I’ll try to get some shots of the game.


My rally career keeps going and I’m now feeling mostly confident in fairly slow FWD cars so it’s time to move up to slightly faster RWD cars. They’re very different to control and needs a completely different set of muscle memory reactions so back to square 1 again.

But they are a great deal of fun to drive, once you figure them out.

And I’ve been messing a bit with gif making. Motion is so much of what’s fun about cars, just a single screenshot tells very little so here’s one way of posting 5 images in one!

No, it isn’t! But thanks for asking.


I got a little confused as to where I was going…

Witcher 3


I drive a 1.0 litre 3 cylinder “eco boost” Ford Fiesta in Spain for a bit, nothing particularly exciting happens.

Just mostly sensible and fuel efficient driving.


I have actually driven this one in real life. Really nimble and surprisingly quick car :slight_smile: Even quicker and more nimble is 1 litre eco boost golf my better half just bought. It is brand new so that obviously helps a lot but it feels like it is glued to the road , VW absolutely nailed mass center of that car.

You can take corners at 80km/s ( ones i wouldnt normally try to tackle at more than 60 km/s ) and it doesnt make a single sound or squeak while doing it. And it’s just a base model , not GTI or anything. I imagine how amazing GTI version must drive.


Left 5 don’t cut

Redshirt’s lucky day

Finishing in style



Hard to see, but spun out because I hit a destructible post.

Sometimes cutting doesn’t work out well.


Some more Witcher 3. I fought a ton of trolls and giants today. lol

Witcher 3


witcher 3 is just such a gorgeous game, and not just because of the graphical presentation on higher settings, but the environments and landscape designs are just fantastic.
There is this area, forgot where, with a tooon of meadow and fields-space, ofc with a bordering forest, that i just enjoyed galloping through. Nothing else, just fasttravel up there and ride around as the sunlight changes, really tranquil experience - before then heading back to cutting the head off monsters and ruffians


Couldnt agree more.


Some Kingdom Come: Deliverance. After years of having the horrible texture bug, where nothing loaded, someone was able to help me get it straightened out. Now it runs @1440p @ 60fps on the highest settings, minus settings like particles, which I have around med-high.

Sorry if you see NVIDIA’s capture icons in the bottom right or any other overlays. lol



Bonus KCD

I knew you could get a bath, but I never saw the haircut/beard options before. It must be with the DLC I bought recently…also, my Henry looking boss. lol

(and yes, I’m achievement hunting in both games for GOG lol)

Exactly what I think. Yes, the graphics are incredible (and they are getting a next gen upgrade in 2021 for free), but it is the settings, environments and the lighting that really gives the game its praised beauty. I do have the texture mod installed, which does such an amazing job, but I think the vanilla game is equally as surprising.


I had a lot of issues running KCD as well but once i finally managed to get it going it was amazing experience. One of the deepest RPGs i have played in many years.


Warning! Language! I was very surprised I wasn’t returned to the road and penalized.


That looks so good compared to 1.0


Especially at sunset and dusk, interestingly you can set different graphics settings for when you actually drive and replay mode. By standard there’s a few more post processing effects enabled for replay.


Had a pretty good day driving today, after a short medical hiatus in my rally career.

I managed a near perfect run in a Golf GTI, though it kind of looks slow I was pushing 180km/h in the early parts.


Great run man! Really impressive, near-perfect run indeed. Just a couple of times your tires were off the road and one minor gutter bump towards the end. It’s also really nice what they do with these replay videos. Are you still driving from the driver-seat inside camera?


I do indeed. I have a recording of it as well if you fancy seeing the actual driving, the mistakes are way more visible that way though. : )
And there’s no BGmusic for it, since I can’t be having anything drown out the co-driver.


If you don’t mind uploading it, I would like to see it, as that’s the perspective I like to play from, but I can never seem to manage to get my timings right on turning/breaking, of course still a work-in-progress if I get to play it again at some point. Spelunky 2 is coming out today, so I might be solely focusing on that for a while. BGM isn’t all that important, and I agree, hearing the navigation directions is most important. I am at work, just watched your video during my lunch break, so I will look at the other one later tonight probably if you upload it before you are off to bed. :slight_smile: