Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


I took more shots, but this time I was playing with the photo mode a bit more, so there are variants of the same shot.


(jumbled order)


Some shots of a new game:

Stay Safe: Labyrinth of the Mad

A spider, of all things! No, not the lvl15 golem before it, but a spider! xD

Death is always the answer in this game. lol

Stormworks: Build and Rescue


It’s always a spider, even if it’s a smol one, lol.


Decided to have a go at one of the public challenges in Dirt Rally 2.0 today, found the first one I owned a car for and went into it without reading the details.

The lancia stratos, possibly the coolest car in the game. But it is absolutely impossible to drive, it’s a straight up old super car with more horsepower than it can possibly hold to the ground and being rear wheel drive the back gets real jumpy if you so much as glance at the gas pedal.

So what better place to use it than Monte carlo with it’s tight narrow roads covered in ice and snow. Yeah this is was a bit more than I expected so soon after getting back into the game.

Well slowly and carefully I made my way through the stages, first placing around 1800, then 1618, 1306 each stage I kept climbing higher until I finally finished the last one at spot 757. It’s not exactly a podium finish, but I got there and I passed a little over 1000 people on my way there. So I’ll say that was a great success.

Well I at least tried to be careful, thankfully we don’t keep the engine up front, but I appear to have lost all my luggage.

Also, hell of a car to pull this one off with.


Nice! What’s their definition of a “clean” stage? :rofl:


I don’t really know, not hitting anything I believe.




I just felt the need to ask seeing the screenshots just above that achievement list in @Fraggles’s post. So I am guessing the achievement wasn’t obtained from that particular run. I would have thought it to be absolutely hilarious if that had actually been the run leading to the achievement.


I’m back in Greece, the place we started it all with last year’s Chrono rally championship. It’s kind of nostalgic and interesting to see these old maps that I actually know very well now realized in this new game. Everything is recognizable but many corners feel a lot easier than they used to be in the old game. Some of the old hazards still trip me up however.

Ah, hello old friend, I see you’re still here.

I’d say I’ve missed you but… no, direct frontal collision as usual.

This bastard rock hides behind a crest which comes after one of the longest pretty straight bits where you can really get some good speed going and unless you keep really far to the left going over that crest you’ll end up on the road bank and guided straight into this thing.

This is a really fun track though as it starts you off going mostly uphill where you can really put your engine through it’s paces, you need minimal breaking and usually even 3 turns you’re fine with just letting off the gas for a second so you feel like you’re really keeping your speed up. Of course you’re not going that fast, especially not with the old cars I’m driving right now.

But that makes this point all the more interesting.

Here the track suddenly turns into a downhill race and everything changes. Speed is easy to come by and breaking becomes a challenge. You have to quickly adapt your driving from trying to keep as much momentum with you to try to control your vehicle instead. After this point suddenly even 5 corners might pose a threat as the speeds you can achieve on this part of it will send you off cliffs, tumbling into audiences or colliding with rocks.


:rofl: You should do so mini vids of your gameplay, hee hee. Hilarious!


I used to record my runs for the latter half of the championship, but I don’t think anyone ever watched them. Even the smaller accident clips I made gifs of didn’t see much traffic and they’re quire a bit of work. But maybe I’ll try again.


Elite: Dangerous screenies. Some might be a few repeats, I forgot to delete the last play I did. lol I’ve been going back and forth from stations and hubs doing deliveries. I’ve saved up about 700,000 in credits so far (this is on a new save).

Elite: Dangerous


I’ve given the starter ship a nickname of Space Yacht. Because it handles like one.


Rain in Spain is mainly a pain

But sometimes it's a little bit fun too.

Except for the assholes standing around cheering for me crashing at the finish line.


Is it raining or just wet there? And did you apply the Initial D music? Or am I just reminiscing about it watching the clip?


It was raining previously in the day on the stage before that one, at this point the rains had passed but leaving the roads wet. Yes you are not hallucinating, there is indeed initial D music in the clip, this was the driftiest I had managed to be up to this point so I thought it fit pretty well.

I was also quite pleased with how the timings turned out.


Uh, so much chromatic aberrations .


What? I don’t think we’re thinking of the same thing for that term because there’s none in this game at all as far as I can tell.


Hmm. I might be mixing up some terms then but all that exaggerated doughnut glaze effect on surfaces.


It’s water on a black surface, it’s shiny and reflective. Maybe a bit harsher than reality but I think it looks pretty cool.