Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


Darn pretty both of them? Where did you get FFIV? O_o


It’s on steam, but as the other old snes games it’s a port of a remake of a mobile port and I’d really recommend just playing an emulated version of the original game.


I got it on Steam. There’s two FFIV games, the original and the sequel. I got it during the sale for uber cheap. xD

Also, I’d recommend the PSP version of FFIV, far superior, but the Steam port actually isn’t bad. The UI isn’t even mobile-y.




Ah, so it’s just the Vita that’s ‘dead’. I remember the PSP now. Very cute.


Me and my friend tried to recreate a photo from the movie Vanishing Point in The Crew 2.

Original photo


low poly sexiness


Nailed it! Hee hee, that’s pretty fun and cool. You wacky people you. :heart:


111 races. same car. beaten, only got 2nd 3 times.


The reward for getting 1st

Okay this is hilarious. :rofl:


New Shiny Truck @Danacscott


Yas! That’s what I’m talking about~ Lookit the shiny Mack truck. :heart: These things are so impressive. I never know how their drivers manage such loads.

Objective Complete: Barrel Roll (Art of Rally Demo)


Today I claimed my spot in the top 1% of Audica players


Here’s the game

and a clip of my playing a song.

had to edit the link because the embed didn’t work right.


Enjoying it so far, and no issues whatsoever (ok, so my controller doesn’t seem to register pause but that’s just muh controller and I switched to keyboard anyhow lol). I’d be playing it a lot more if I wasn’t so sick that looking at light for more than ten minutes gives me a migraine…

Horizon Zero Dawn

As always, sorry for it being out of order. I’m truly sick of it doing this but it won’t stop. lol

(I can’t wait for Cyberpunk 2077, Crusader Kings III and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Gonna be a lit year! :slight_smile: )


Fair enough, but deep Sekiro sale would make my 2020. Meow! #willNeverHappen


Some more Horizon: Zero Dawn.



Soooo… I did a thing

Check out this video “Support 8-bit”


‘Good luck with that’ indeed. I’ve never attempted any of the Endless Setlists.

The one for Rock Band 2 is over five and a half hours of gameplay; it’s 80+ songs.

I dunno if I’ll be attempting this one anytime soon either, lolz


Dude! You got ghost hands!


Decided to dip my toes back into Dirt rally 2.0 for a bit and after just getting my bearings a little in free roam I decided to jump into a championship to see what’d happen.

*surprised pikachu *

Well I did manage to score a 2nd place overall in the championship so that’s pretty decent for a first bash at things after a long hiatus.


I am actually being called a liar on Steam over my performance in Horizon: Zero Dawn. I don’t know what kind of people they know that would lie over performance in a video game, but whoo boy. Anyhow, here are more screenshots: