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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


All that rally paid off ? :smiley:


What a great game! Feels like the most perfect Dragon Ball Z game we could get right now.



Not a screenshot but I hope you can indulge me. After way to many hours in this game I did my first ever wall drag goal… sorta, I don’t practice this stuff, I just play for fun

EDIT: Its a Rocket League gif for those interested, its making my the chrono site chunk for me, so I will just leave a link here


As someone who have played Rocket League for what could be considered “decent” amount of time i can say that it is fairly impressive. I cant remember pulling anything like that myself.


For me I can never get that launch right that helps me follow the ball, and my aerials aren’t always the best, but that time it all just worked. Don’t think I will get it again anytime soon.

What rank are you @DontBeSilly?


Oh, i havent played in years so ‘none’ i guess :smiley:



I reached Diamond 2 in both duos and trios, and I never managed to learn how to do the thing where you drive the ball up the wall and then follow it to the goal, lol

I never actually understood how I’d be a diamond player (solo queuing only, so no carry) playing like an absolute noob. I’d miss half the aerials I’d go for regardless. I guess i was half decent at defending and maybe positioning a bit though.

so, yeah, kind of wondering what’s your rank here too, Pete, I guess you’re either diamond (i saw plenty of diamonds able to do that stuff) or perhaps even champion


Yeah i pretty much played goalie most of the time or defender in general so never really got good at any of that fancy stuff .


Like I said I didn’t learn it and I can’t do it consistently, it happened and I went with it. I am hovering between Plat 3 and Diamond 1 in duos and trios (and I also only solo queue). I am with you, i think a person good at the fundamentals is better than someone who knows all the fancy plays and that’s how you get to that rank. I (in my opinion) just play relatively ok, position decently, give space and get back when I need to and very very rarely pull of a fancy dribble or shot.

This was a fun goal from years ago when I was in gold

This was also a great assist from me from years ago


Here are some screenshots from Risen3D, a DOOM sourceport which allows you to play the classic games of the franchise in full 3D graphics, including the monsters.
NSFW stuff ahead, of course.



Aw… that is so cute and stylish too


Had no idea there was a full 3d source port for Doom. I definitely gotta check that out.