Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


Zelda Breath of the Wild. I am very happy with this screenshot :slight_smile::joy:

You can make a photo of things in the world to create an entry for Hyrule Compendium (weapons, enemies, animals etc.) and that’s what happened. The poor guy just stood with the hoe :joy:


sigh… Happy you have such a great game to play, but I’m more than a little jelly. ^^




Oh, I wish I could actually lend it to you Dana.


@Evranu Appreciate that. Hope you have enough fun to play right to the end, without none of the random RPG frustrations. ^^


I can honestly say that I was not frustrated with this game even once. I’ve beaten it some time ago, but I was going through screenshots yesterday.


That’s amazing. I still have the mega sighs from playing Majora’s Mask - I couldn’t figure out what to do. T_T Maybe I hadn’t enough patience. (Also, the moon though - so scary).


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice


Killed the new boss in her enraged state but died at the same time :rofl:

She instantly kills you if any of her attacks hit you during daytime. I tried to kill her just by flying and dodging but my resolution is too low to actually see where her attacks are coming from to dodge normally. I had to stack dodge chance equipment and build a long minecart rail for this fight. Playing on master mode.

Was also role-playing a magic weapons only build, so my weapon choices were limited. My previous tries with weaker weapons were all failure lol, only after beating the last boss I could take her down. Although her regular mode at night time is manageable with the weapons available at the time she becomes available.

If you’re wondering why would you need to kill her like this, is for one of the new top summoner weapons, the Terraprisma. :blush:

One other boss who have this enraged state is Queen Bee when fought outside her biome, the Jungle. Also a fun challenging fight, but doesn’t hitkill you.


@NICK9X9 The game is so durn pretty. I love how Senua looks too.

@Enki Uh oh… another Terraria enthusiast. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought about it, but having watched a stream, I’m thinking no - that’s a bad place for a collector to go. My backlog would never ever get a play.


Journey mode is perfect for collectors, and there’s about 5000 items now I think :rofl:
Gotta. Collect. 'em. All.


Quick, I need a pillow fort! must hide You should hide too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Started playing Chasm yesterday and managed to beat the first boss with 1hp left xD


Hello , folks.

I think i have never posted in this thread before even though i take loads of screenshots while i play . I have ~430 games on Steam and ~1100 screenshots so , yeah , quite a few.

Now why i never post anything down here? Hmm . Hard to say , but i guess as someone who have studied photography for a profession i always found in-game screenshots to be really limiting on what can be done without using outside softwares.

Anyway , i’ve started to play Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice this morning and was pleasantly surprised that it has a photo-mode so i decided give it a go. Now these could be better if i would use some outside softwares for editing but i’ve decided to challenge myself and only use what in-game photo mode offers.

Uploading only a few now , and i’m interested in what you think about them guys. I’ll keep capturing screenshots as i play the game and upload more some time later.



Few more from yesterday.


The game is danged beautiful. @DontBeSilly I’m no photo expert, what exactly is lacking with the in game screenies? Lighting?


I mostly take issue with not having access to free roam camera. So at best you can disable HUD and if game is / has option for first person you sort of can take some interesting shots but still you are limited by a lot of factors like where you can reach with your character.

So if you want to take any good shots you need to hack game’s camera to let it go. So i’m pretty excited then games has photo mode. Hellblade’s is pretty neat , you can activate it any point , even during cutscenes and use it to catch character during more interesting animations.


Now that is awesome!


not my screenshot but one i found online after i googled why i was seeing these 3 ducks going up and down, peeking at me from behind the wall :joy: in American Truck sim

there’s a video too:


That was extremely close.