Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


Oh, for sure. I will remember it. I did actually learn a bunch of stuff, concerning runes (how to form certain ones and what they mean and what they were used for) and the stories of the Norse culture. I also got to hear a ton of the language, which is always a huge bonus to games like this.


ooh yes yes indeed. Hearing the narrator speak the Inuit language was so cool in Never Alone.


Jurassic World Evolution



Aw… the dinos looks so proud! Looks like you’re loving. it. ^^




It all makes sense now; the dude’s a gamer.


@Enki @DontBeSilly

and yes, what it does it what you would expect. Slows you down immensely.


Well…sloths are all for safe driving.


Some old shots from Mad Max


Looks hella cool! Sweet! Meow, I hope I can watch ye stream this sometime. ^^


Don’t shoot me as this is not PC / steam gaming photo.

I had played 4 times The Quacks of Quedlinburg this week (3 times with The Herb Witches expansion). I was so shocked on Day 9 in first game, I had 14 rat tails because I was so far behind in scores~

I had like 5 points at the end of day 7. Crazy.
I had to add the herb witches after that madness. I’d refused to score that low with so much bad luck again. Haha!

Today’s games were a lot of fun too, I am so grateful we had played 2 Quacks (with herb witches expansion) and 1 game of Res Arcana.

I haven’t touched PC games in these 2 days.


If you enjoy board games, we try to play them from to time online around here. Feel free to try and join some time.


I would love to join online session too, yet somehow it may be a bit difficult as I am in +8 GMT time. Right now it’s already 1:22 A.M.

I have Tabletop Simulator, Tabletopia both installed. My favourite game on Tabletopia is of course Wingspan then Everdell. On TTS, my most played game is also Quacks, then it’s Century Spice Road. I have also purchased the “Xia: Legends of a Drift System” DLC on TTS

Has Throne of Lies, Potion Explosion, Mysterium, Gremlins, Love Letters, etc

I have heard The Quacks of Quedlinburg is coming to digital release soon. It would be so awesome to play official digitized version of the game.

Board game night

So…I have been playing a ton of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I was finally able to sub for a month. There’s an event going on where you can do dungeons for currency, which you can trade in for various stuff. I had to fly through to level 47 to compete in the good dungeons (gives 5 currency). Took a bit, but I was able to snatch up a little dragon mount. :sweat_smile:

I plan to farm more, provided the event doesn’t end tomorrow. I want to get that flying flame bird! lol


(this thing is UGLY lol)

(I will get this Magitek. Oh, yes, I will. <33)

Sorry images are out of order. :sweat:


Nice screenies :slight_smile:

On what platform/store front do you play , or this game just has it’s own launcher without any store front attached ?


I play via PC on Mog Station. It was always on sale there, and they gave some DLC away. :sweat_smile: The Mog Station version comes with an installer of its own and you use that to launch the game.

The Steam version installs into Steam (and access your wallet instead) and launches from your library but brings up its own launcher. Think of Uplay games, just like that.

If you are thinking about getting it…I would suggest the Steam version. My friend and sister have that version, and it is just a lot more convenient it seems. But no matter your platform, it all cross plays, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. :slight_smile:


Wait a hecking minute… I had one of those in Aion, but only specifically for my job class: Engineer.

The first one you get is kinda slow, but still =^_^=. Can any job class have one of those?

Also, it’s nice to know that the caterpillars are still are scary as they were in FFXI.

Also also, I know the name is wrong, but you make the cutest lil TaruTaru! :heart:


They look so much like TaruTarus it is perfectly understandable to mix them up (the only difference is that TaruTarus have button like noses xD). They should have just put them in the game instead of the Lalafells at that point. lol And yes, my little mage is so adorable. <33


From a while ago when I was playing CSGO :slight_smile: [Not really a screenshot, but a short clip]


When I played Paladins with streamers, I got top kills, streak and damage with a healer champion :laughing: btw, full healer team, each one of us. thats how you meta!