Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


I just started playing Project Warlock and it’s as old school as expected (freaking AMAZING)… which brings me to my only gripe… Mouse sensitivity (you ain’t supposed to aim with the mouse anyway, but…) is too fast on the lowest setting for slow sense player like myself :smiley:


So this is totally boring, and I’m probably not as low sens as you (I run 1200 edpi on the source engine) but you could maybe use Kovaak’s sensitivity matcher to try and match 360 rotations in Quake and this by lowering your dpi just for use in this game.


I probably can match my sense, but the thing is … I’m using Deathadder Elite with 100 to 15 000 DPI and my DPI is 500 and I play on lower than 1 point sense in Quake. It’s a bit inconvenient to go 100 DPI in my mouse settings when devs are lazy to address the modern day and age by going total old school :slight_smile:


How many cm is one 360 rotation on that sens? I’m genuinely interested.


About 45 - closer to 50 CM… but I care for precise 180s anyway ;]


Wow…that’s CSGO low…

I think I rock around 34 now…dropped it from around 45 as it makes fast tracking easier for me.



I’ve been having a ton of fun in Rimworld lately, which was given to me by a friend for x-mas. It is a simplified Dwarf Fortress, lacks the intense story telling and randomized stuff, but a shallow copy of it that is still amazing fun.



When you get the defensive character because someone takes your main, just go nuts and show up your combat team mates…


Honk when you drive by my house


The best kind of friends

4 legged


Project Warlock is a great game. One of my favorites.


Some Dark Souls III, playing with some pals. :slight_smile:



Oooh! I love the flying guys. Can you train one? Can I hast one? Hm? Purr?


They’re the dark souls world’s public transit system. They can take you places but you can’t take them home with you.


I just beat my Spelunky mentor… All giddy and stuff…



Kakarot images. Love the game so much so far! :slight_smile:

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Oh, and some Bannerlord of course!

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord



You forgot this one



I just had the absolute pleasure of playing a point and click adventure which boasts historical accurate Norse culture. It was honestly an incredible game. Short, but extremely enjoyable. The music was solemn and yet vibrant, the art was beautiful, and the runes, songs, stories and dialogue were delivered in a charming manner (In a Nordic tongue).

It was worth every penny and more. Very underrated!

The Frostrune

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oooh… The art is sweet! Is it something you’ll remember for a long time? Like did you learn new stuff?