Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


So it is just like the PC version of Black Desert? That is pretty impressive that they still managed to make it like the PC version, and keep the face and hair textures high quality.


I’ve never actually played the PC version. I’d like to though.
I’m pretty sure it’s a lot more streamlined (gameplay wise, not sure about the character creation) though, it feels similar to some other mobile MMO’s. It’s better overall so far, but still similar. The character creation is far and away the most in depth for I’ve seen from anything on mobile. You can’t change your gender and race though, those are class based.


Still building away a defensive fort against the drifters and those damn rabbits. I still can’t seem to find iron or bismuth in the wild, the generation is very “realistic”. :joy:


Here are some screen shots of me making my delivers for the Christmas Grand Giving Event going on for ETS2 & ATS.


Reminds me of the old coca-cola xmas commercials.


Way cool, @TR3NT :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Oh my gosh, the Northern Realm deck is unstoppable I think. Play a soldier, put the drummer to his left, and every turn he’s buffed and attacks a card. :joy:

At one point, I couldn’t even pass and I still had a ton of cards. It was forcing me to play. :rofl:


Red Dead Redemption 2 :slight_smile:

Red Dead Online

Moments before another player drove his cart right into me (I was in a gentle trot). He apologized of course, which was a surprise. Honestly, I understand. When you’re delivering supplies, it is life or death. Players can steal all your hard work. You gotta dash like there’s no tomorrow, no time to look on your mini map for blue dots (players), so you just fly. lol

Observing how even on Medium (with little high settings) looks gorgeous.

I finally won a game. xD


@Gnuffi does carry when he had dinner …


Cute little fox


yaiks, no profanity filter, and i even think that was one of the lighter rounds of swearing :grimacing:

and also one of the 1/100th rounds where i “carry” :joy:


Isnt Quake Champions completely dead?
Played it last december (2018). The queqe was 10 minutes for a game.


Is it AER: Memories of old?


Just wondering why you’re not carrying me in Apex… :grimacing:


Yes it is.


Some screenshots from Final Fantasy XV. :yum:



It never took me more than 5 minutes in a queue even on morning hours searching only for EU games. Most people queue for more than 1 obscure game mode anyway ;]

Now in the evenings we get TDM games for even less than a minute queue.


My game is bugging out quite a lot. It makes for some pretty funny moments.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

You can barely see it, but there’s a secret woman here. And she was wailing something fierce. And I could bump into her. And no, this was not Anabelle the ghost, whom was at the top level still. She didn’t even have the same voice. :joy: I haven’t played the latest patch before (1.32) but boy, it is buggy.

Next up we have Triss, sporting the new trend…all of the time.

There was another instance where I found a book keeper and talked to him. The book was still attached to his hand, palm open. It was really awkward. I thought I took a picture, but apparently GOG didn’t catch it. xD

At least I’m getting my achievements. :joy:


Just started playing Valkyria Chronicls 4 and this very much symbolize the experience.

As is often the case with asian games they feel the need to tutorialize pretty much everything and it gets a little tiresome at a certain point, usually about 5 minutes in. They’re not even good tutorials, just a couple of text boxes that tells you the most obvious stuff. You could cut out 90% of them and I’m sure no one would mind.


When my Teammate team killed all of us.

My endless run in 20XX where I was basically unkillable.

Hitting Platinum in Rocket League.

Platinum PS4 trophy for Mega Man X Legacy Collection on PS4.