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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


Haven’t played Seum in months … actually haven’t got the chance to play anything.

I’m glad I still have the FPS skill and that’s my first top 10 :slight_smile:


Congrats! that’s awesome!


Just got back playing Cities Skylines and here are a couple of screenshots of the current city I am working on:

And no those pictures are NOT of the same spot. They’re actually two different Districts, actual city districts or blocks as we call them and NOT districts as the game defines them as being just an area with a defined specialization.


Every time I play that game I end up spending way too long trying to fix traffic.


There are a lot of guides out there on Traffic Management, but one of the key things I Always keep in mind is to always have an unobtrusive path for Industry to directly access your commercial zones. And an unibtrusive path for your Residential areas to get to commercial. If all else fails, you can always look up and install TM:PE (Traffic Manager President Edition) as it gives you more tools for controlling traffic.


There have been a ton of updates to Vintage Story. The other day I logged on to explore the world more, check out what was added and see if I could spot any bugs, and finally ran into the bamboo forest. It looks so good.



Unlocked a secret achievement in gog galaxy for Witcher 3, no idea which one because it remains secret even after gaining it apparently.


Wow! Now I really want to know what that is! Perhaps it is for unlocking all other achievements? Or making a choice very little people making, or a string of choices very little make?