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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


After a boss battle


You probably won’t be able to get it looking “this” good, because it’s a bit edited in Nvidia Ansel and stuff, but it’s still a good looking game. :slight_smile:


Yup, it is! Do you have KF on your library? If so, we can organize a match later/some day.

What do you think?

Definitely not :thinking: :grin:

That picture it’s from Team Fortress 2


welp for some reason that last screenshot didn’t load for me when I made the comment, fixed it.:disappointed_relieved:


It’s ok! :hugs:


So I got Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

I hate the games but love this one

Now I’ve disliked every AC game after the first one. AC2 was…okay. AC3 was decent only because I could hear NA languages. Black Flag was ONLY nice because I could see beautiful islands. Unity provided hilarious laughs due to bugs. Origins crashed so much it crashed the mode. So why did I take a chance on Odyssey when I clearly didn’t have a good history with the other titles?

So many people were saying it was “The Witcher 3 of the AC games”. Now I disbelieved that until about 5 days ago when my friend said pretty much the same thing. Suffice to say…I’ve been obsessed with the game. Uplay keeps track of some of the things you do in the game. I’ve killed about 1.5k enemies, distance traveled 446578 and am still going. And that’s not including the DLC, which I don’t own, but supposedly add a ton more content. :laughing:

Here are some screenshots of the hero I picked, Kassandra (psst, I love her <33). :slight_smile:


(v the boar that gutted Robert Baratheon lol)

UGH Gotta go play more! :laughing: the next one is supposedly going to be about…Vikings! I’m SO excited!


I have Killing Floor 1 and 2, but never played any of them. A few years ago KF2 was popular on YouTube though, and it always looked really fun. So yeah, I’d really like to try it :smile:


The bit I played of AC 2 I loved - just got flummoxed by the controls - couldn’t figure out how to climb that church faster than bro. shrug I’m obsessed with getting Black Flag and Revelations coz Ezio is love. Odyssey looks really good! Super even. Vikings you say? My memory so wacky, I must have heard about that before… hm.


I should probably explain my position. :sweat_smile:


The only reason AC2 was decent in my opinion was the craftsmanship around Ezio. I couldn’t really get into the growing storyline they plopped him into though, and how it concluded annoyed me beyond explanation. And as it went on, it seemed like they were refusing to expand beyond the foundations of AC. Which is understandable in some degree. You have to remember your game’s origins (the assassinations, the assassins etc) but hardly anyone wanted to play the same game pattern over and over again for 6? 7? Games. If that wasn’t enough of a problem, when games like AC3 and Black Flag came around, which offered in seemingly great story lines or mechanics (such as the American Revolution or commanding a pirate ship) they fumbled the ball by failing the execution. For example, in AC3 you get from point A to B so fast that you can’t get attached to anything, and it feels like the “war” is nothing more than a spat at a border. The characters other than your main character are flat and thrown in to remind you it is a historically centered game about Assassins. In Black Flag, they forgot about story and character almost entirely to focus on scenery and gimmick, so when you jump into what appears to be the lake, it turns out to be a shallow puddle. They aren’t terrible in any means though, I wouldn’t say that, just not something I personally would play in any free time. I don’t mean to knock anyone’s favorites, just wanted to express my opinions and why I might have felt that way about the games.

But I feel like, as someone who felt that way for the other games, in AC:O, they really seemed to have learned from their mistakes. I mean I would prefer that in AC:O they spoke more Greek (even should it not be the Greek of that time) but it is an incredible game.

And yea, I think the Viking information was a huge leak when Odyssey came out, so you might have heard about it then. I remember hearing about it then, but having bad impressions of the AC games, and despite loving the Scandinavians and Vikings to pieces, pushed it aside. lol


Diplomacy-minded Peacemaker… at war with EVERYONE except for me.

I may have killed off a few countries… :bomb:



Whether anyone else wants to join us, let us know.


Either someone’s time is screwed up on their 3DS or they need to learn to hack better.


Quirky nature tho


Some screenshots of the recent castle I’m building in Minecraft vanilla. It is being built into the side of a mountain. The cabin is a temp shelter and if you see dirt stairs and whatnot, they are temp so I can reach places. :laughing:

Castle in Minecraft


The game must be huge! O_o


Minecraft? Yes, it is huge. lol Procedurally generated worlds, and you can set the size if I remember correctly. I’m in a server with friends, so I don’t know what settings was used. haha


Beat a Colossal Hexagonal Globe. Only took a bit. (Just under 100 minutes)



Whenever I’m bored but don’t actually feel thinking I turn on some podcasts and build farms in minecraft.

Today it was a fairly large squid farm in my skyblock world.


A pretty overkill improvised slime farm