Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments



Do i feel desire for Hollow Knight. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


no, i actually have and love it, but ppl here (led by @xist, @Fraggles, and @Gnuffi) have been busting my *** for not finishing it, and i don’t need u to remind me of that :upside_down_face:


Something else I captured a while back, I had to downscale the resolution a bit to get it uploaded but it’s still pretty high rez. Captured in Mass Effect: Andromeda using NVIDIA’s Ansel software.


i havent play the game yet, would you recommend it or it’s not a big miss if i’m not a diehard fan of the series?


You’re going to get widely different answers from different people. Unfortunately the quote system isn’t perfect, and you’ll need to actually click on the threads to see them with images and proper names/quotes. It becomes way more important with my post since it’s a giant textwall of searing, unfiltered disappointment.

My (highly negative) opinion of the game, if you're willing to look past my venting about ME2

I had an even better textwall somewhere, but oh well. @xist did a much better TL;DR of my thoughts than I did:

Here’s a post dtnexus made about the game on the ‘Favorite generally hated games’ thread that’s a bit more supportive of it… just a bit.


Really just what I said there in that Favorite Generally-Hated Games post.


I’m going through Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far, so I’m going to have a massive amount of KH screenshots to give soon. First few will be from BBS, KH and DDD (because the others are just movies you can’t play) and then KH2 etc etc. It’ll be out of order most likely because the PS4 doesn’t order it by date because…who knows why. :confused:

For now though…Wayward. I got it before the sale concluded because it looked interesting. It’s really hard though, and is frustrating me because this giant rat keeps chasing me down and murdering me, but hey, no pain no gain! :sweat_smile:


*yes, yes, shameless me, using a low weight mod, but I’m trying to learn the game and the weight is doing a double kill on me while I learn. Can’t get through the tutorial and avoid the spiders if I’m dropping everything. :sweat: :sob:

(took me forever to build this shelter, had to keep bringing down the walls to go out and forage and then rebuild them to avoid danger lol)

I also tried some Survived By, after Realm of the Mad God (because it was super full of bots) and it was…really easy. It looked great though.

Survived By

*yes, my character is named after Wheel of Time lol

Oh and…

Mass Effect: Andromeda (my opinion

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a game only worth checking out if you were a massive fan of the original series (I was) but even then you’re going to play it and constantly be comparing it to every single moment of the prior games’ quality and wonder how they could have released it in the shape that it was and call it a game. The concept and idea they had formed for the game was great, and the graphics (except for some reason the player and humans) look great, but the execution itself is extremely horrible. Think of ME3’s original ending. If anyone remembers the shitstorm that caused, triple it–no, quadruple it. It is, in my opinion, far worse. It feels like a vague spin-off of Mass Effect.

To make matters worse, it is painfully and horribly obvious that they were aware of the story inefficiencies and decided that they needed to distract players from it, so they created these horribly written, cheesy, “romances” that make Hallmark movies look like golden Academy award winning movies. Gone are the carefully but “cute in that little weird way” relationship the previous games had in a “side quest”. It is almost entirely a focal point because if you don’t try to get with someone, you’re missing out on a shit ton of dialogue and the game’s content because, as previously said, that’s where a massive ton of the game’s voicing and content was pushed towards.

I bought the game because 1. I’m a HUGE fan. 2. I thought I’d see something connected to the original series 3. I’d feel that powerful feeling I felt with the original and 4. I’d have a new trilogy to get through 5. I needed to know how the story concluded because it really irritates me when I don’t know but I have never regretted a game purchase more than I did with Andromeda, and that disappoints me more than anything.

Plus, the devs/EA are nothing but disgusting liars. They told people on Twitter days before release that the character creator was the same as the one in Dragon Age: Inquisition, maybe even way better, when in fact it was more limited than an early 2000 MMO. They continued to lie about the patches until they concluded them.

The music is amazing though, and so are the graphics…

(shamefully enough though, I wouldn’t ask for it to not have happened, because they can always move forward and fix their mistakes. I’d rather have a potential push forward for the series than a definite conclusion after ME1-3.)

Dork Saul's tres screens

Slumber party with Siegward

Goofs with giants

Fabled destination, i sought and have finally accomplished. Anor Londo.

The last sprint towards triumph

Sooo… ragnarok happend huh?

Discard your thoughts, there is only you.

I just really like the imagery of this one.

Glitched myself into the fogwall at THE HARDEST BOSS by multiple country miles, so had to quit and properly meditate on that BS.

Didn’t take as long as The Absolute Radiance from Hollow Knight, so that’s relieving.

Wait a sek! He was Optional!?!

Nice color palette.

Praise the eclipse?

Third time was not the charm.

R.I.P Greirat. You lived and died a petty thief. :blue_heart:


Total domination

Last screenshot i took before ending but what a radical backdrop to end your video game on.

I realize that at the end of Dark Souls 3 i barely had any grasp of the core plot, but that’s also partly my fault for skipping 1 and 2. :man_shrugging: Still fun stringing random environmental incidents together. If you’re wondering about my death count at the Nameless King. Somewhere between 25 and 30(according to my ember usage) and my second highest thereafter was Pontiff Sulyvahn at either 7 or 8 deaths.

What to play next? :thinking: Flip floppin’ between Furi and Yakuza 0 currently, since Furi is way shorter that’s probably already secured the space.


What to play next?
Easy, The Ringed City DLC of course! : )


Bit too pricey for me right now but of course already on the wishlist. :smiley: (Probably christmas) Furi it is then!


That one time I’ve played Armello for 20 hours to get my sweet vengeance.

Three differing locals in Furi

If i had just played it sooner then it would’ve easily taken my spot as Game of the Year. Gameplay is rock solid and incredibly responsive. Soundtrack is bangin’.(favorite is probably “make this right”) Every zone is gorgeous and always has a different atheistic that makes it unique. For what i’ve noticed Furi seems to adhere to the rule of picking three complementary colors for every zone. Issues most people probably has/will get with it is stuff like: the harsh rapidly increasing difficulty spike around the third or forth boss, a run time of 4 maybe 5 hours and complete lack of “events” in between bosses. It’s unapologetically nothing more than a straightforward boss-rush mode.

But that’s why i love it.

If this was just a love letter to radical Japanese hack 'n slash games, from some nobody french developers. Then maybe i should consider picking something Platinum related up, just a thought.


Some Monster Hunter: World screenshots.


out of order but oh well lol

SO CUTE! Do I really have to kill it?

oh it turned into a blood sucking giant bat…but it is still so cute lol

This game is hard, but thank god for mega potions, melding, strength potions and friend Pelicos. Though the disconnects. I tried to complete all of the limited bounties today, but missed one because the server disconnected right when I finished the quest so it didn’t count. :sweat_smile: :cold_sweat:

Also met a dude online who had super epic armor and was obliterating everything in his path. He then helped me with a quest I was having difficult with, which was really cool. :smiley:


I tend to forget to take screenshots unless I am in a Nancy Drew game so I can remember clues and stuff. :woman_facepalming:

But I do have a few:

Really big fish bones in “Phoning Home”

Dupe eating under water in “Oxygen Not Included”

Favorite scenery shot in “Vanishing of Ethan Carter”

Aftermath of possessing cat in “Murdered: Soul Suspect”


Monster Hunter: World

So many screenshots, especially of the new Final Fantasy event! Some kindly folk have been teaching me some stuff and playing with me (game is SOOO much more fun with people) and I’ve got to say, I’m a lot better now. I’m not dying constantly, and I know more about melding (crafting etc).

Monster Hunter World

sorry for order, guess the site just doesn’t accept the order I select 'em in.

oh god bezel found me…hiding did not work.

he found me again! lol

Oh, and some Kingdom Hearts shots finally. We’re getting closer to KH3! :heart_eyes:

Kingdom Hearts (some)

Because PS4 handles screenshots like a dumb-dumb…only a few for right now.

Birth By Sleep

There’s more, but PS4 didn’t copy all of them over…


Out of order (lazy lol)

Look at the clock, I wonder if the days were picked on purpose.

I’m also playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 — Definitive Edition with a friend and its fun. We accidentally start a lot of fights with NPCs. :laughing:


Empyrion - Galactic Survival was a great purchase, I knew I’d like it, but even more of a surprise was that I actually liked Stellaris. I don’t like these strategy games at all, but this? This is good. xD

(don’t let the graphics dissuade you please, the game is amazing)


I didn’t know I wasn’t alone on this planet. This thing arrived and killed me while I was building my base. If that wasn’t enough, the green stuff you see is a radiation storm. :laughing:

And yes…my base in unimpressive. So boxy in that image. lol but I promise, after, it got better. It got taller, and now has some windows. :smile:


an heir already okay

okay lets check that heir out

oh wow he grew up fast

Alright, a civilization to assimilate into my empire, alright.

Today (just ended the session)
Empire expanded, met two alien civilizations that are probably going to declare war on me soon and found out that I have a super negative effect on me right now for, I guess (?), expanding too fast.

For Stellaris, I imported an emblem that’s sort of like my avatar. Unfortunately I forgot where I stored my Arma PSD so for now I grabbed a vector of a similar charge and messed around with it. Now my space Empire has a good emblem for when I conquer and smash others, especially pure democracies (muwahaha). A shame that even QoL mods disables achievements for your game though. So damn lame. :roll_eyes:

I haven’t tried Space Engineers yet, but it is next.


-the game just taunts me at this point :confounded:
“Not bug, nor beast, nor god…”

Possible Major Spoiler; Godmaster dlc

…and if you wanted to hate Zote even more:

that reward tho…


I finally got some time to try Space Engineers, but it had some audio bugs that ended up resulted in a crash some time into the Scenario Tutorial.

Space Engineers

This one seems trickier to learn than Empyrion, but I’ll get it.

As for Stellaris, I like it a lot (especially for the alien, exploration and lore stuff), but the further I get, the more I get confused or overwhelmed by things. Such as the economy (I somehow can hit energy cap and be at a negative lol) or how to deal with the overwhelming amount of planets’ issues I get when I conquer systems or when I colonize them. There’s just so much to deal with. How do players ever manage it? :sweat:

It would really help if the game taught you beyond some of the simpler things…

For now, I’ll just pathetically show off that I managed to conquer two other enemies, a xenophobe who kept making fun of me, and another who hated me so much the description said they could go to war with me at any moment. So. I decided to strike first. I prepared the navy and moved out. :joy:

Stellaris (GUI and no-GUI)

And testing Squad on a SSD. I get a bit more stable performance, but the biggest difference is that the 3min loading screens are gone. Now I’m in a game in under 7 seconds!