Your Favorite Generally-Hated Games

I figured I might as well make this thread considering my own experiences. Rather than just reviving another “underrated” thread, I felt like it might be worthwhile to have a whole thread discussing games that aren’t just under-the-radar, not just ignored, but actively LOATHED. Anyone who’s been on this forum for a while knows exactly what game got me thinking about this. :wink:

So, what games are you willing to go against the flow to praise? The format is simple: mention a game you like that the world despises, and make your case on why things should be set right and how good the game actually is.

If anyone replies, I might just be brave enough to make a post or two myself.


Mass Effect: Andromeda.
Honestly just didn’t think it was that bad. I understand why many people dislike it, and it’s certainly not nearly as good as the Trilogy. However I still enjoyed it’s characters and story well enough to enjoy it enough to the point that I just kind of look at all the hate it gets and just scratch my head in confusion.


Doesn’t this apply to every game you like @CptMold? : )

For me I’m going with X-com: Terror from the Deep.
Yeah it doesn’t really count as a universally hated title or anything, but among the people who like the old games the first one tends to be the one praised and preferred while Terror from the Deep seems to mostly be ignored or disparaged.

I really enjoyed the sequel a lot more than the first one, primarily due to it’s underwater theme and lovecraftian aspects which I found made the game a lot more interesting. It also just happens to be the one I played first but I’m sure that couldn’t possible have had an influence.


Call of Duty, precisely Ghosts. I’ve spent so many hours on that game. And now I’m playing Black Ops 4.
I also loved Siege since the technical test, when the fans were upset about the cencellation of Patriots. Years later, it’s at the top of the Steam chart.



*coughBad Rats*cough :no_mouth:


Uh oh. Guess I have to commit now.

Three pretty good choices there...

I really hated Andromeda, but at a surface level there’s a lot of amazing artwork and planetary exploration had a lot going for it. The NOMAD, revamped combat, and return to proper RPG progression similar to the first game was a huge step up on the gameplay side. It all would have been great had I been able to tolerate its characters… which I couldn’t at all.

As for X-COM TftD, I feel like this game is far more enjoyable today thanks to OpenXcom. It’s kind of before the time of the internet, where you have a million opinions at your fingertips; still, it’s one of those cases where all the times you flung your keyboard around were actually justified. It has a lot of great concepts that are just destroyed by the “ramp up the difficulty” mentality of its development. If it had a lower difficulty, I probably would enjoy it just as much as the first one. It’s still the only game where I’ve managed to completely fail on the first enemy turn.

If you read the post already @WikiTora you probably noticed that I didn’t even acknowledge you. Sorry about that! I kind of agree about CoD, but at the same time I find it very hard to refer to something that continues to outsell every other game on the market on a yearly basis “hated.” It has vocal haters, but aside from the futuristic CoDs, that never really manifested into anything. I do agree that CoD is for the most part a solid series, if a bit derivative. The low TTK that’s plagued the series (super subjective opinion) since Modern Warfare is also a bit of what drives me away, though Black Ops 4 definitely looks like a step towards something I’d enjoy.

Now, here we go. The big one. The mother of all hated games.

Metal Gear Survive.

To this day, it’s still probably my favorite game of 2018, even more so now that I actually get to finish the game on my own system. It’s everything I wanted out of an open-world Metal Gear, and then some, all playing into the survival style mechanics from MGS 3 and taking them to the next level using a perfect blend of Fox Engine jank and seamless open world level design. Exploration through the Mist is an experience I’ve never had in a game before. Whenever I’m exploring, a simple “go to waypoint” can become terrifying when you realize that even taking your eyes off the main path for a second could completely derail you. You can be heading back to your base only to realize that you’ve lost sight of it, running around in a panic with zero oxygen until you see a green lens flare pierce through the mist, making a mad dash from the horde you tripped on like an idiot while stopping to take a few shots with a bow as you catch your breath.

The progression feels natural and the perks are fun, there’s absolutely NOTHING that coerces you to pay up cash or forces you to wait out artificial timers, and it all forms a seamless gameplay loop that I’ve come to love. That’s not even getting into the multiplayer.

Whenever you catch the glimpse of things I’m not going to spoil, or a sudden injury happens, you’re not thinking: how can I make it through this mission? You’re thinking along the lines of: “Can I make it OUT of this mission?” That’s not something you always get out of a game.

At the same time, I hate the whole Souls idea of losing everything from your playthrough, and I feel that Survive finds a great balance. If you die outside Base Camp, you can revert to an autosave from the last time you visited BC, and Wormhole Transporters make this simpler by allowing you to pick any point on the map and warp back to Base Camp through a relatively short (as in, roughly 5-10 seconds) loading screen.

It also helps that the game is… well, look at it. I figured the game looked good just as a Fox Engine title, and it had some neat smoke effects, sure… then you walk into the Mist for the first time.

(leaving out some of my favorite moments for spoiler reasons)

Graphics really do matter, in this case. The visuals of the Mist areas make for a much more claustrophobic, nerveracking experience where poorly planned expeditions fall apart and a lot of tactical decisions need to be made just to make it back to base, let alone succeed a mission. It’s also worth noting that nothing has genuinely scared me as badly as this game did since Dead Space… the original. Probably about a decade ago now. It really got me. See that second screenshot? I’m never going back to those ruins, ever, EVER again. One regular walker, clever lighting, strong indoor reverb, a table, and an idiot who thought it was safe without bothering to look at the floors was all it took to scare the living crap out of me.

That’s not to say it’s not flawed. The whole premium character slots thing is stupid, even if it’s just a way to have a second character that specializes in classes differently. The always-online DRM sucks, as always, and while I’ve had no issues at all with it, that does mean someone without a constant internet connection is kind of screwed. I’m hoping they’ll patch it out some time. In the meantime, you have just a few pretty small complaints over what is otherwise not only a fantastic game in its own right, but in ways I’m not going to talk about, a great Metal Gear spinoff.

So yeah, there you have it. The hot take of the century. I highly recommend this game. It’s the best game I’ve played this year. I’m tempted to even say it’s my favorite Metal Gear, but for now I’ll settle with “it’s up there with Revengeance and 3.”


I can’t say I am surprised by your pick :neutral_face:
I did like it thou, not as bad as people make it out to be

Final Fantasy XIII
A lot of people hated this one for several reasons, story, linearity, gameplay, characters, you name it, but I kind of liked it, I do feel the story could’ve been better, but overall that game wasn’t as bad as many said it was, especially once you figure out what the different formations work like and the best way to take advantage of them, so not to say it was perfect, but not that bad either.


I love this thread already :smiley:

For me it’s definitely the Warrios franchise (Dynasty/Samurai Warriors and so on). I totally get why most people don’t like it. The gameplay is extremely repetitive and for every iteration it’s basically the same with a few changes here and there. LOTS of asset reuses, quite high price for the main game, expensive and COMPLETELY unnecessary/silly DLC. The list goes on…
My issue is that I fell in love with it when I was about 13 years old and even 15 years and hundreds of played hours later I’m still totally addicted to the gameplay loop :joy: (Which is, like I said, almost the same as it was back then :see_no_evil: )

I also share @Inferry’s opinion about FF XIII. Even though I prefer the older titles, I still had a good time with XIII for the most part.


y i almost said something similar, lol, usually, when the Capt’n talks about the games he loves/plays i’m like “rly?” i think it’s rly funny, but that just goes to show how different ppl/gamers can be and i 100% see that as a positive

[i don’t even know for sure that Cpt stands for captain in this case, but to me he’s known as Captain Mold lol]



Not that it’s well enough known for the world to actively despise it, but considering it’s current rating is “Mostly Negative” I’m definitely in the minority in defending this one.

For bigger game releases it just feels to me like instead of a game being actually hated people just enjoy jumping on the hate-bandwagon while the games themselves still succeed financially and manage to pull in players. Most often you see this with sequals that fail to live up to expectations or break the formula too much or alternatively games that promise something cool and fail miserably when it comes time to deliver. I don’t really keep up with latest gaming news though and the only somewhat recent game I remember being hated really loudly was No Man’s Sky, which I haven’t personally played.

Usually hate that extreme just gets people interested and after going in with low expectations thanks to all the negativity surrounding these games, they might be positively surprised (“It’s not THAT bad…”). Seems like No Man’s Sky for example is sitting at Mixed when it comes to both recent reviews and all reviews. Also a nice amount of reviews in general it seems.


Resident evil 5

Not a good resident evil but a great coop.


I’d argue it is a great sequel to Resident Evil 4… but PREACH!


People don’t really think so :stuck_out_tongue:
Not much of a horror, but a better coop experience than some other coop based games.


Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. They’re either loved or absolutely despised for ruining Sonic and whatnot.
Heck I’d even throw in Shadow the Hedgehog, it has issues but I really love the dumb edgehog.


there’s always resident evil zero, which I felt was a pretty good game overall. I can see why inventory management was an issue for some people.


Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 are generally despised? Man those were my FAVORITE games growing up.


Holy shit he said be brave, not suicidal!

Well, as for me, I often dislike some business decisions to the point I refuse to give them my money, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like/could like said game, only that I feel disrespected as a consumer and therefore I’m not paying them a dime.

Now, about generally considered bad games themselves, I really like Heartstone wich, in case you don’t know, let me tell you is an uninspired, wacky and unbalanced obvious copy of half the cards from Magic The Gathering history (I game I started playing after Heartstone) but it is still a great one. And the company it’s Blizzard wich, while being the sister of Activision, it’s not literally Hitler two times a week like Wizards of the Coast.

I know it’s not really generally disliked but believe me when I tell you most players have a little to lot of hate for the game even if they play it.

Thing is, I’m way, way more picky than the average player so, within failing in some category while shining in others if often enough to drive me away since it breaks my “inmersion” even if the inmersion is just to have fun shooting something or whatever. I will think about it though, it has to be a couple for sure, probably for PSX, but opinions about those games don’t pop up like nothing, you have to ask and search.


For me it might just be the Thief reboot. I know it has many, many flaws and some of the design decisions just boggle the mind, but I still had a ton of fun with it.


well, i have to say Fallout 4 i guess, giving that it’s sitting at “mixed” reviews on Steam and has received lots of hate from the fan base, and as i’ve said before:


already 86 h in now and cant wait to play more


The worst aspect of that game are the loading times between each area. Without that, it would have been a much better experience. I overall liked that game, tho.