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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


Yeah, the game does looks pretty good.
And no problem, hopefully it looks good as wallpaper, i took it on a laptop screen so sadly it’s not fullHD or above.


It works great for me since i use 1360x768 as my resolution.


“sharing is caring”, all good :+1: ,
i enjoy this thread’s voyeuristic tour into peoples gaming habits :blush:


Uh… well…okay.


ubisoft bug pics are always awesome, pretty sure i had one “featured” on my profile screenshot case once :grin:


Quick Elder Scrolls update:

Did you know that animate corpse works on a lot more than human corpses?


@hivefleetbothan is this your house? :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:


Those are bees, not ants, though.


I know, but he’s into bees too! :honeybee: :honey_pot:


I too grabbed a screenshot of The Hive 1st time I saw it.

Regrettably my house is more like this:



Oh wow :heart_eyes:

So beautiful :sob:


I wish real life graphics were as pretty as some of these xD



I finally unlocked the longbow and I got really good at it. I know a lot of the playerbase hates archers, but you know what, I also hate the people who arch swing to get around the blocking (which is more of exploiting if anything) so we all deal. :laughing:


And some Total War: Britannia. My game crashes like crasy, but I got some shots in. I went up against a 700 force army with just barely 300 men. I had no choice. I was surrounded on all sides. I won though. I had my men lie in wait in the woods, and then waited for the enemy to charge by. I then had my infantry charge out behind them, killing many. It drove them into the woods where the rest of my men were, and my archers. My archers obliterated their Calvary and my general just started tearing through their ranks. Then they were routed.

Total War: Britannia

I also found a wife for a vassal, didn’t read the traits fully, and then found out she would give him +2 usurper allegiance. And now he’s getting more fame than me! :sweat_smile: but she’s a lovely wife, supporting her husband, so clearly I picked well for my vassals. :joy:


(a bit late buuuuut) Damn it, nooo! Now I want to play it! It is my third favorite game ever and I’m trying to hold off until the sequel, but I keep seeing it everywhere I go! :laughing:



Edit: so apparently this is actually legit. Until you factor in I traded a Salamence for it. Then it’s back to fishy.


And they said it’s hard to find a job these days…

And this looks like an extremely nice and cute LGB(T?) metaphor to me, even though it 100% is not



Just trying to excavate an old shrine to some old swamp god when curious locals starts showing up.

They can be seduced to look the other way? Well good thing I have a team highly skilled in the arts of seduction:

Send in the old man and the Eldritch horror!

This village will awaken to some serious new kinks this night.


Math time!

What is the value of DEF and S.DEF?(dont worry I’ll solve it.)

helpful details

So the max is 31. 31 technically goes outside the hexagon, but that only comes into play later.

Each mini hex is 6, and there is an unknown buffer in the center.

Additional helpful graphic.



Was playing Pokemon Let’s Go.

You can ride Arcanine! :smiley:

And I caught an amazing [/s] Meowth in the process


I’m liking it! Didn’t realise Arcanine was so fluffy! I’m usually running like heck away from him.