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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


There’s only so many points available on any given daily run. Most of the time you are not able to kill everything on a level in the allotted time, the cheaters just turn the timer off so they can clear it all out. But with skillful planning and execution of the level you can still get a fair bit more points by strategically using the blue bonus stars at the right times for a larger number of bonus kill points.


This screenshot :heart_eyes:



Pain pills will fix that


Congrats! The game is 20% preparation, 80% luck, and 100% orange juice.


not a screen shot but one of my last plays, ft Exo (rl teamate)


I got my arm chopped off. The other guy said, ‘Now stand aside, worthy adversary’, and I said, ‘Tis but a scratch!’ and tried to fight still so he chopped my other arm off (I bled out running away). I laughed so hard my sides hurt for a while. :joy:


*my body disappeared after a few seconds sadly

(even funnier, my side’s sigil was the boar! xD)


Only acid could make those colours so pretty :heart_eyes:



Minesweeper on steriods:

That’s a colossal hexagon

And this is effing nuts:


That actually looks really cool.


Just a panoramic view of the road leading into my city on Cities Skylines…

And one taken atop one of the highrises overlooking the Elevated rail line and the Wall to wall building district a block out.

And here’s a night time shot of the Rollercoaster near the entertainment area.


Not a screenshot, but…
How to deal more damage: Shoot faster!

The LMG shoots at 1000RPM, when it goes into nuts mode it’s 1600 RPM. Because screw physics.
@YQMaoski - You might find this interesting.


That’s a lot of damage and quick kills. I like the two flame turrets right in front of the elevator, certainly made a difference for those guys coming out. :smiley:


Time to build a University :slight_smile:


Playing a game that’s a lot like Minecraft and yet…improved. In many ways from the start. You can carry a damn torch in your hand and it illuminates your way as you go. There’s knapping, pottery, smithing, farming, and more and it runs so very well and looks incredible.

I can’t wait to see what else they do, especially with the story! :slight_smile:

Vintage Story


My Uni is slowly growing and is now at Level 3 with only a few more points needed to get to level 4 :slight_smile:


Early morning mist…


Must be 5 A.M because i see no traffic :smiley:


Looks like it, but according to a mod I use that tells you the exact time of day the game is at, the time I took that shot is was 8AM.


The struggle for copper is real!

I’ve actually got to smelt ore and smith my tools, and hammer at ‘em when they’ve cooled down. No grabbing ore and sticks and putting them just together to make the tools like magic. :sweat_smile: At least wondering about lookin’, about to be eaten by a pack of vicious wolves, I see stuff like this.

*running via Ubuntu mind ya, natively! :slight_smile:


Those are some really nice grass textures you’ve got there.


It’d be a shame if something were to happen to them.