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Rock your Monitor! (aka help me choose!)


For the special order, the store would order whatever I choose online. Difference is, shipping is probably less awkward for then than little me.


I subscribe to a daily email about cheapskate deals. This came up today. Don’t know if it pertains, but here it is.


I would even go as far as to say that there’re no bad brands per say,just bad products.

I originally bough monitor from Dell and guess what. I’ve refunded it because it was shite and bought one from Viewsonic ( brand i have never heard before ) and i’m really happy with it.


I had a Viewsonic ips panel for a few years, really had no complaints about it. So I agree, it varies by product.


I have a bias against Dell in general - so I can imagine. Which Viewsonic do you have?

@YQMaoski Guess they stopped making the one you had, heh.

@markwr Nifty. One sold out and I wasn’t keen on the other, but that’s an interesting sale price to be sure!


CNET takes the dubious honor of being the first website to have a legitimate link trip a full block with the uBlock extension.

@Danacscott may want to clear your cookies/cache for today



Emailed the company and now waiting to hear back (impatiently). Mew. fingers crossed The monitor I like best is only listed as “renewed” on Amazon, whatever that actually means.


Means it’s Refurbished


Renewed means it has been fixed and authorized to be fit for resell.


Also means if it still has a niggle, shipping it back to Amazon would be a pain in the rear. T_T


I honestly don’t remember the model, but it was a frameless one, and it looked beautiful with only a small silver rim around the screen. I was running a potato at the time, so limited ability to drive anything with moderate to higher settings. It was also super thin and sleek looking on the desk.

may have been this model (ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD): or a previous iteration



These are not their gaming lineup, for me at the time it was just general utility. It was actually before I got back into PC gaming from console again.

#72 i have this one .


So guys… after 3 weeks of local store servers being done, Promotech finally sent me a Special Order quotation.

Essentially at the cheapest - with a discount - they want to charge me at least $500 USD to bring in any $100 USD monitor I can find online. That’s it the low end mind you. It gets worse, so I politely declined their proposal. I was MAD! and incredulous, but very polite :chipmunk:

Current option is this store, which seems to ship to my island. O_O For less than Amazon by far. >.<

I still want a 24" inch curved, maybe that 144 Hz, Display Port, etc, blah, stressed. Looks like tthis is my last option.


Sorry to hear about your issues, that sucks! :frowning:

I highly recommend bh1photovideo. I shop from them a lot, very good shipping and customer service. Are the ones you see when you open the link among those are considering? Honestly all of the brands I’m seeing here are very good, so I don’t think you can go wrong unless you get one sub 100hz.


:no_mouth: … well that’s one way to make business…

sry to hear dana hope bhphoto works out


Dang, hon. I am sorry. Does newegg ship to you???

These are curved and 24 inch. Copy paset the entire link in your browser… 600030619 600417886 600569036


Nope. NewEgg never heard ah we. lol. Bigger countries / continents only.


Yup. It’s a drag for me to go through long lists like this though >.< Yea. Want to stick to close to $200 USD for the monitor itself, as I still have to add shipping. sigh When you want to 'buy local" but can’t support being ripped off.

PS: I’m still in love with this one. The only thing is it’s TN and doesn’t say it’s backlit. Looking looking.


That AOC has 400 nit, that’s pretty rare from what I’ve seen around that price. Why do you need backlit, if you don’t mind me asking? Also, it is good for gaming, but you should probably know that due to its 6 bit + FRC panel it will band like crazy in things like movies, especially in dark scenes. It will also take some calibrations to make it look truly amazing, but that itself should not be a downfall.


I just like extra light in general - night blindness. I don’t see well in low light. I make sure to get a keyboard that ‘sparkles’ because of that, lol