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Rock your Monitor! (aka help me choose!)


I mean it looks fine for what it means to offer, but is is significantly less in some of the features, like the refresh rate. If you want to look at the other models on Amazon, you have to select them in the boxes. Sometimes Amazon won’t allow direct model linking. The curved one is the abidpx version. There’s another one there too apparently, the ED273UR Pbidpx.

Is Amazon the only place you can buy from? There’s other sites, like BH or if someone is picking these parts up for you, they may be near a Microcenter which has incredibly sales almost daily (isn’t an online store).


I’m not buying from Amazon - buying locally. The sales clerk gave me the model number over the phone. So now I don’t know if the store here is selling the wmidx or the abipx. Can’t find out for sure until Monday, whether I call or can go there.


Does not understand… reads like a double negative.

In the end, would the 75 hz model still be worth getting, is what I’m trying to figure out.


The cheapest one you have listed says it can do 75hz. thus, I wouldn’t really pay the extra price premium for the other one. yeah it’s a smaller screen size and doesn’t have curves, but it’s in your budget.


If that’s your only option - yes. Though if you can get something with 144hz i would then opt for that. There’s also one thing to note that 1080p on 27 inch screen can look a bit blurry due to lower number of pixels and wider screen ratio. So i would say that 1080p 24 inch 120/144hz monitor would be a sweet spot for your upcoming compy. Gsync is another thing you might want if that’s an option you will have.


Something like this?:


… as examples. Dang it. My Bunny has a “box” that stuff from the US ships to according to the weight, but at last check, the backlog was ev3l for packages.

Thought to go grab the 22" inch ViewSonic tomorrow, but somehow, I can’t push myself to do that, not after getting excited by the Acer model I thought they had for sale.


Those Scepters are actually really good monitors for their price. The Scepter E248B-FPT168 is actually really good, has high nits, just a bit of a “washed” out color. The C248B-144RN is also good. But honestly the AOC 24G2 would be better than all of them. If you are pressed between these three though, I’d say definitely skip the BenQ (this one is old and bad value).

Also, just so you know, Scepter and BenQ do not have very good refund/return policies.


I’m not personally familiar with these brands since they are not available down here but from what i’ve heard Sceptre seems to offer a lot while being super cheap.

Both look like amazing value. You would normally need to pay ~250$++ for those specs so yeah, if you can get one! I feel like 144hz is a better option since its cheaper and you are not e-sport player so those extra few Hz wont make much difference to you.


Linus talks about one Sceptre here.


Ah, Linus. Vampire. Looks too young to be a dad right? Thanks, I’ll check that out.

At this point, I’m thinking to nuzz my local Promotech and get them to bring in a monitor with their next shipment special order. Dang, cheap is always good, but I want a 24" curved. Dang! Mew.

So yeah, having exhausted local available options, I’m going to continue looking online. Really wanted to do the buy local route, but mew, sigh.


Oh, it is worth it to go curved. It’s just so…so very nice. It makes gaming so much more immersive, and I found that it makes it so I don’t want to turn my head to look at the other sides as I do at larger, flat models. I say if you can get them to bring in a special order for you, you go get that curved. xD

This is just for the monitor, right?


Yup. Need nothing else.


Is it worth waiting for? If possible, you could use your current monitor until it ships/arrives in stock.


That would be the laptop screen - HP Elitebook 2560p and if that’s possible, yes, I could do that I guess. Waiting for the case still, so yea… mew.

Just called local store and they’re send me the specs of the 27" inch Acer. I asked the rep to double check exactly which model it is, but I’m betting it’s the 75hz one.

Rep also told me that once I pick a monitor, they can special order it in. I pick one and they’ll send a quotation. I got unlucky after shutdown, the AOC 24" curved they used to have in store here sold out. T_T


During my 25 years of computer programming, I’ve always liked Samsung. :ok_hand:


Not arguing with Samsung, just the price might be much higher than I can wrangle.


It is possible, but you need a cord. It is called projecting. I’m not familiar with that laptop, but if it has HDMI or DVI, it’ll definitely possible. It won’t look very good, but yea. xD

As for special orders couldn’t you ask him to ship in the AOC, or is estimations for more over several months long? If so, you can’t really go wrong with the Acers or the Scepters above.


Updated first post. The curved Acer’s specs is actually 60 hz, maybe you could push it to 75 hz, I don’t know. In any case, terribly expensive when it’s something I thought was the other guy with this model no.

So! We got votes for Samsung, Scepter and Acer. I don’t remember the AOC specs anymore. I’d have to dig through my computer files and see I find any photos or something.


  • 24"
  • Curved
  • Display ports
  • Built in speakers (not important)
  • 1920 * 1080
  • 75 hz to 144 hz

Probably forgetting other good bits, but is tired and hungry. Cheers for all the input so far. Mew.


I had typed up a reply yesterday but didn’t follow through.



MSI MAG24C or comparable model (there is like 4)

Acer (alphabet soup)

Pixio PXC243

Samsung does not have a 1080p144 monitor as far as I can tell (but make the panels…)

Edit: changed stuff to be more accurate and added links.


Yes. I want to bite Acer for that model name madness. The rep in store didn’t realise how many had that same number either. >.<

Ty for the list. With all of you guys on board, I’m bound to find something good that will last me a long while.


Lots of good brands; Acer, Asus, MSI, BenQ, Gigabyte, Spectre etc. They all have good and bad monitors. It is hard to suggest something if its local only, but here’s what I’d suggest (this is 144hz up to 165hz):

Acer VG240Y Pbiip (uses the same panel as above!)
View sonic XG2402
MSI Optix G27C2
Asus VG258QR
AOC G2590FX (great monitor, needs a bit of color tuning apparently)