Rock your Monitor! (aka help me choose!)

So one phone call just made me happy. Edit: Still need suggestions as these options aren’t super after all. Myrr

Here are the available ones:

  1. Acer ED273 wmidx 27" (confirmed in store): 60 Hz, no display port, $455 BDS
  2. Acer 24" v246hql
  3. ViewSonic 22" va2261h (Note: cheapest one) O_o $242 BDS
  4. Samsung 24" TV monitor TH310
  5. Acer 27" K272HL

What do you guys think? Which brand do you trust or prefer more. Input welcome. Reward? Pets and hugs (and cake for the sloths. ^^). Cheers.

Bits and pieces so far:

Think the Power Supply actually bought is different, but same specs.

Type Name Link
CPU Ryzen 5 2600
Graphics Card Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming OC 6G
SSD 1 - Internal Drive Silicon Power 512 GB 2.5"
SSD 2 - Internal Drive SP 256GB 2.5"
Power Supply EVGA 650 Bq, 80+ Bronze 650W
Motherboard Asus Prime B450M-A
RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz

NOTE: Local Store willing to do special order once I choose a particular monitor.


Well i woud go with curved acer one. Even though i’m not a big fan of curved monitors it’s only one with 144hz refresh rate and display port. Depending on specs of your upcoming compy you might not want to be limited to just 60hz and hdmi monitor.


I had trouble with an acer screen on laptop then again I hear their specialist gaming ones are pretty decent, just not their cheaper stuff. Viewsonic isn’t a bad brand I hear it is quite reliable. And here in my home we have a lot of samsung stuff though havent had a samsung pc monitor since we used windows 98 lol. But by brand at least they are all good.


Agreed with @DontBeSilly on the Acer Curved for the same reasons. Likely you will have a good enough set up to drive most games beyond the FHD 60 Hz limit by the others


It is a very expensive monitor though. It comes with all the features you’d expect at that price however and if you’ve got the money and desire for it then it looks like a pretty good pick.


Yes it is, it’s also the one I have my heart set on, sigh, even without the RCA ports, for which there is likely a workaround of some sort.

@DontBeSilly Thanks for the upvote, esp. since the curve isn’t your fav. :cake: :pancakes: pets

@dogetail It does seem that laptop builds are a totally different animal. My first time hearing about ViewSonic actually. pets Appreciate the input.

So far it’s in the lead, Hm. Ty, Mao.


I agree but i feel like anything below those specs is not really worth buying in 2020 . You could spend ~150$£€ for 60hz hdmi only monitor and be basically throwing that money away.

I know how limited funds can be a problem,believe me ,but certain things are not worth buying below certain threshold at all.


Choice 6. @Pylinaer’s 2K monitor spares that he cannot do anything with as second hand. Not sure about logistics of shipping to you, but probably won’t be too dissimilar to what you would have to deal with anyway.


I would say get the Curved ED273 Abidpx as it is 144hz with 4ms. If not that one, the Acer V246HQL. It is a 1080p 5m TN panel, with very high ratings. Are you open to suggestions?


I would read up on reviews rather than go by plain specs.

Also I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on getting 144 Hz, I went from 60 to 144 Hz and I personally hardly feel a difference besides not having to rely on V-sync anymore. Yes I do play fast paced games, too.


Open to suggestions, sure. ^^ In the end, it’ll still depend on what I can actually find locally.


I’m biased towards brands, so I’d pick the Samsung one.

However, as @anon63424221 said be sure to to do some “research” first by checking out reviews and watch videos before you make your decision.


Difference between 60 and 144 is huge so i dont really understand how can one not notice the difference. Unless ofc pc hardware is not capable of delivering over 60 fps… then yeah,144hz monitor is less of a good idea.


I think our lovely squirrel has problem with what she can get so that is a limitation to be considered.


There is a massive difference (test out counter strike on 60hz vs 120hz and you will see xD), but even should they not have the need of 120-144hz now, getting a monitor with that support for the future is the best choice they could make, unless they can score a 60hz for obscenely low costs.

The Acer Gaming Curved ED273 Abidpx is a very reputable monitor, and from a reputable monitor seller. If they have 1080p gaming in mind–not sure about specs–than it fits the bill great. There are other great options too, such as the MSI Optix MAG24C 24 or AOC C24G1 24".

There are low cost 60hz ones too, like Samsung LC27F398FWNXZA, but again I personally would not recommend buying a new monitor in this day and age, and purposely getting low hz.

I went from 60hz, 75 to 100hz and saw massive differences in each. When I got my 144hz monitor, it was insane. I did a side-by-side comparison in Squad and Counter-Strike, and it was like I was a snail responding to things on the lower hz.

If the goal is to just play RPGs and whatnot, obviously you don’t need to get 120+ hz monitors (it is a nice feature to have for all) but it could be overlooked for other things, like color accuracy, gamma, monitor features, price, build etc etc.

That’s true. If I knew more about budget, system specs, location, store preferences etc, I could provide some suggestions. :slight_smile:

  1. I assume this is around $650 BDS? It’s a 27" 1080p monitor, I think you’ll notice the size to resolution. Some people are okay with that. Obviously this is the ideal monitor, but it seems to be double your budget based on my lazy calcs.

  2. This is a generic el cheapo monitor. It’ll work, probably, but it won’t have anything exciting. The real problem lies in that it doesn’t have HDMI. DVI is basically a dead connector tech, used only by people or places that buy higher tier stuff but don’t upgrade things like that for years. VGA is a legacy connector that just needs to die already. Considering they don’t specify if it’s DVI-I or DVI-D makes me suspect this is an analog monitor. If you want a REALLY good reason to not get this one, it’s that I don’t think your graphics card has a port for it. (Ryzen has no iGPU on non G sku)

  3. This one is another generic monitor. The exception here is the refresh rate is listed as 50-75, which should mean you can run it at 75 hz. That being said, you might have to “overclock” it to achieve that. (had an ASUS monitor like that). It’s a TN, so colors will suck and the single HDMI plus VGA kinda sucks, but that’s what you get for the price. I don’t see anything terribly wrong though.

  4. A TV monitor combo says Samsung. While the reviews suck for this one, it appears at least two of those are from idiots complaining they bought a cheap TV that can’t access YouTube. Most TV in that price range are dumb or smart and 2x the size anyway so I don’t know what they were thinking. The resolution here is the killer. With 1366x768 I cannot recommend this. It’s 2020. You should be getting 1080p minimum.

  5. The Amazon pricing for this one is horribly inflated. Should be around $150 USD. It’s another generic monitor but is 27". So I have the same comment for the sizing as #1. You’re probably going to notice the size to resolution.

One has user inflicted damage so it looks like a group of 4 burnt pixels (always white). As for shipping it’s probably about $150 USD and I could theoretically ship it Monday. The problem is that I’m trying to sack my remaining student loans by September 30 and I would like to keep as much of my emergency fund intact as possible (I will be using some of it). So we’re looking at mid October at the earliest. And let’s not forget the USPS is getting f***ed right now, which is who I would use since it’s like half the price.


@Rhyagelle Add specs as best remembered / noted. Might have missed some things. Let me know. Myrr.


In that case, I’m going to make an assumption that you don’t mind what kind of panel it is, so long as it is highly recommend/actually good. If that is an incorrect assumption, lemme know. :slight_smile:

(assuming budget is under 300)

  1. LG 32GK650F (if you can get it on sale/out of COVID-19 costs its around $300. Probably the best on the market below $400)
  2. AOC CQ27G1
  3. Acer XF250Q
    (above are around the best, but usually out of stock)
  4. ViewSonic XG2402
  5. Asus VG278Q
  6. AOC C24G1 24"
  7. MSI Optix MAG24C 24
  8. BenQ GL2706PQ 27

Optional Extras to consider: MSI MAG251RX and AOC 24G2.

And I feel like I should explain something. The thing about monitors is…you will never find the most perfect monitor. If you can find one with good colors, they are almost always got override issues (which can cause ghosting). If you find some with great override, the colors are usually not IPS perfect and others still mind have banding issues (which means, in dark rooms during dark scenes of any sort, you will notice banding distortion in the colors).

TN is usually good for e-sports like people, IPS for color accuracy and VA for “in between”. I personally rock a VA panel, the MSI Optix MPG27CQ, after spending months looking for a good one. IPS is great for color, but I found that I game just as much as I do watch/create, if not a bit more, so the potential banding in dark scenes was something I was willing to work with. It is great in every way beyond that.

These are some things you have to consider when buying a monitor. The monitors you can pick can be greatly reduced depending on your preferences, so if you have one (TN, VA, IPS etc) lemme know and I can narrow it down even further for you. :slight_smile:


Just saw your GPU and specs. That’s a good 1080p computer for sure. You won’t be able to push 1440p on it very well, so I would definitely suggest spending that quality $ on a 1080p monitor.

  1. It’s $455 BDS. Also over budget but, if it can work, I’m willing to fudge it and forget stuff like speakers, for instance.
  1. Wouldn’t have thought that, as it does seem to be a good company. Not sure about the Graphics Card. Price $308 BDS
  1. New brand to me in any case, best bit on the surface was the price tag. $242 BDS

This one is the 3rd cheapest at $315 BDS, never seen one of these turned on, so can’t speak for how good or not it looks.

  1. That’s Amazon on the whole. Dunno about the res. diff. for this or 1., but the price here $410 BDS

Not a bad looking parts list! I have same RAM so my guess that Py is largely responsible for this setup :smiley: You should definitely get a monitor with display port and at very very least 75hz for system like that. Should be plenty capable running game’os on 60+ fps.