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@DontBeSilly No spoilers please, lol, but Plague does look really gorgeous.

@spinoute I have Battletech and 1 or 2 other mech themed games, but dang I miss Armored Core. T_T

I’ve been playing RWBY Grimm Eclispse in fits - testing out characters. Thought I’d like Weiss most, but she’s very light - like wind with her cute fencing sword, feels too floaty to me. Turns out I’m loving Ruby (big scythe). It’s cute how she got excited when she saw the Beowulf: large monster squees, I can relate. Yang is fun with her hand to hand / monk fighting style. Blake (the one with the cute ears) is still a mystery to me.

Totally rusty at fighting games now, so given that the game doesn’t have a tutorial, I’m button mashing and trying to figure things out. There are basically two moves: light punch / heavy punch and of course dodge. You get an Ultimate bar and skill points to spend as you choose.

Aura/HP replenish if you avoid getting hit by the monsters (so far), which I do now by running like hell, but seems you can just jump or dodge. It’s very simple game but I think getting gud will take a while. In any case it’s shiny and not stressful. You can also switch character and continue on a run if you get KO’ed. Novice but loving it. :heart:


I think i didint spoil anything … ? Just said few words about game it self.


pets good sloth @DontBeSilly I wasn’t meaning you specifically: sorry. hugs It was a reflex in case follow up comments to yours had spoilers. Habit since my human Bunny is impatient and definitely into having (and giving) spoilers.

I’m super happy you’re getting to play Plague Tale. :heart:


I recently found some DOOM wads that run with ZDooM. Currently playing 007: A License to Spell DOOM, which requires Ultimate DOOM and is a nine map WAD that overwrites the fourth vanilla episode, Thy Flesh Consumed. It has some new features, changes some graphics and sounds, there’s no music (just background noise in places like wind or machinery), and overall it definitely feels more like a non-linear Metroidvania FPS adventure than the standard DOOM fare provides.


Me thinks it might be that you need to download whole Master Chief Collection to play Halo Reach so that amounts to ~100 gb download… while Halo Reach itself is only 25 gigs.

EDIT: Well i think i’m skipping all Halo games because the way how they want you to download everything even though you only want to play one game is freaking stupid.

Say what you will about Steam but at the very least you buy the game , download it and play it. Xbox game store works in some ridiculous and honestly spooky ways. You cant even access your game’s folders and they are not in Programs List… It just occupies space on your disk and does/downloads whatever it sees fit.


The maps are very long; expect most runs to take at least a half an hour per map. I’m only through the first two maps plus the secret-ish map that is technically just a connected map of the second map. It’s definitely not one a speedrunner is gonna get through in less than an hour.


So my Xbox game Pass escapades continues .

Shadow Warrior 2 Is a pretty decent mid range game. Combat is really engaging and fun and that is a saving grace for this game because everything else around the combat is either bad or intentionally bad which is still ,well , bad :smiley: I just skip all the dialogues and ‘story’ moments and get back into the action. Probably going to play through it since it’s not too long and i can use some of that high-octane fps action.

Observation has pretty interesting idea. You are AI of the spaceship and you are trying to help the last survivor on that space ship. I didint dig the gameplay too much so i had my fill in about an hour but i can commend them for trying something new.

Blair Witch has little to do with source material sadly. Since it is Halloween i’ve decided to play some spooky games and Blair Witch is short enough to try. First of all it has terrible performance. I had to lock my game to 60 fps to avoid massive fps drops from 144 to like 45 at times. Constant background popping . And it looks proper last-gen so i have no idea how did they make it to run so badly. Anyway . It’s not very scary and only somewhat good parts are when you try to keep an eye for your dog in dark . You need him and he needs you to survive so it does create one or two memorable moments. Besides that it’s a lot of pointless ‘walking sim’ sections with no player interaction and artsy visual nonsense. It’s short , it’s free and it’s sort of horror game for the Halloween so i think i can drag myself through it.


If you have not played it’s prequel then I would highly recommend you do. Same fun combat, pretty decent story and no MMO stat based limits to your fun.


I’m considering buying and playing pumpkin jack cuz it looks interesting and is more of the silly Halloween stuff than the “scary” stuff.
If I wanted a scare I would play Amnesia, but I really need to be able to get a good night’s sleep for the next month or so.


I did and i can agree. More straightforward formula of first one is way more appealing . While gunplay of 2nd one is really good i dont like all ‘borderlandy’ aspects of it.

It does look really fun and i hope you will enjoy it :slight_smile: You are not missing much by not playing Blair Witch. I’ve just finished it and i can say that it was a waste of time .


My biggest peeve. For free, yes I’d drag through today as well if I could. Observation is a nice concept. Usually the AI is trying to kill them all and done.


Just finished Scourgebringer. It’s a really fun and very fast-paced roguelike. The movement is super fluid with a big focus on aerial movement and both melee and ranged attacks. You can’t skip levels and while there’s a skill tree I found progress mostly being from becoming more skilled, so a pretty good balance for a roguelike. It’s also super rewarding taking on as many rooms of the map as you can but also risky as every bit of health is super important. You could check out with Game Pass for PC if you’re interested.


I finally got to start Vampyr, after winning it in a giveaway here on Chrono two months ago. I seem to have spent 12 hours on it today, whoops. I’ve been enjoying it a lot more than I expected to! I’m even having a pretty good time with the combat, which apparently a lot of people complained about.

My chief complaint so far is that some of the Citizens can be rather difficult to find (or, more specifically, remember the locations of) with how maze-like some of the areas are. Whitechapel’s particularly bad for this. I wish I could ask other citizens for their approximate location or something.


I too, didn’t have any problems with the combat. Going by the reviews I thought it would be atrocious. I guess spending the xp on the powers that suits one style best, makes all the difference.

As for the citizens, yeah I know what you mean, especially if you’re into saving them all. Although the city map is not that big (compared to other games), a fast travel mechanic would help a lot in this situation.


I was recently gifted Assetto Corsa (UE). Glad to have it, but the game won’t run any races because my graphics capabilities are subpar and there’s no low-end patches. Ah, well…

I also recently installed LZDooM (a branch of GZDooM that works better with garbage hardware like mine), and now I can utilize the mods La Tailor Girl and Stylish Hell. They actually work with ZDooM WADS like 007: License to Spell DOOM and Crapi (though with the latter I got scammed by a powerful demon right outside the starting room of Map 01 using both LTG and SH lolz). Thing is, LTG weapons are pretty OP…

Especially the one you get that replaces your bare hands/chainsaw if you get the golden MMORPG armor because that hammer is bonkerballs…


I don’t mind the lack of fast travel (since, as you said, the world’s not that large), and fast travel wouldn’t help me remember what specific part of a district the Citizen I want is in xP


I meant that the fast travel would help if one wants to help all citizens. Instead of going around from district to district to reach a specific one, a fast travel system would be better.

Of course it wouldn’t help in your case, but it would reduce the time you would have to go around looking for them.


Ah, fair. I enjoy walking around the map and routing my trips so that I can talk to everyone I want with the least effort, and I think fast travel would’ve made me even worse at finding them since I’d have a worse understanding of where everything is.

(Also, finished it yesterday! Didn’t feed on anyone, whoo~ Might do a second playthrough later with some different decisions :3 I had a good time. I had two good times.)


I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s really buggy and it crashes often, but I’m loving it so much!


Super! I know you were looking forward to that one!