Recently Played Games


I remember playing XIII.

I definitely recall wanting to get further into it but never got to play it for more than a few days.


I recently got this via a giveaway in an unrelated Discord.

It’s definitely giving me Kings’ Quest vibes.


I have just started playing HOB and it honestly just blew my mind. Yeah ,i was expecting pretty decent Zelda’ish game or whereabouts but , damn , is it a enjoyable game.

Admittedly i’m not far into it but so far so really good.

Maybe even a review worthy after i’ll finish it.


yup - hope people didn’t miss the chance for this gem when it was free on epic, that would be a shame


What is HOB about? What do you do in it?


it’s a light action, adventure puzzle game, where you are in this, not sure what to call it, “manufactured” world? like it seems more of a construct (even golems about) than a “natural” world despite being organic life around.
Anyway, some corruption is taking over and infecting this world, your task is then to reactivate the world, done in a series of puzzles and exploration, to where you can then “deal with the corruption somehow”.
The game is very gorgeous, and the exploration is immensely satisfying imo, there is a lot of “seeing ahead”, where you can view places you can’t reach yet but will unfold a path to later, giving you the sense of the world being bigger than it is “right now”, but also of how much of it you contribute to/unfold through your puzzle solving/construct activating
the combat is not very deep, hence why i called it light action, it’s the exploration/adventure and puzzling that’s the meat of the game, and i do think it handles the adventure very well and i don’t think ever i was “annoyed” by the “puzzles”, at least i don’t recall it if it did like some games just fill in tedious “puzzles”(ex Tomb Raider)


Cool! I’ll have to check it out then, sounds like a lot of fun. And I do love exploration. :slight_smile:


I recently finished (mostly-still a few postgame quests left) Hero of the Kingdom III, and yeah, it didn’t take me too long, though admittedly, once I found a means of bartering to make extra money for needed stuffs, that definitely shortened the amount of time it would take to go forward.

However, there does come a point where money becomes a non-issue.


@Gnuffi did explain it very well :slight_smile:

But yeah,it’s a bit hard to explain what it is about as it doesnt really have conventional story,though i think it’s more about that feel of awe and adventure this game makes you experience.


it’s such a wonderful experience, i recall buying it on a whim, and i just couldn’t put it down, think i played for like 20 hours “straight” over a couple of days fully completing it, because i was so engrossed in it


Also available on GOG

This one has been on my list for a long while. Recently I decided to give it a go. I now understand why it’s considered a cult classic bu many.

The atmosphere is great. It really sucks you in and the story is very mysterious so that you want to uncover what’s happening.

The visuals are dated of course, but there are a couple of mods you can use to improve them. There’s also an unofficial patch that fixes some bugs. More info on PCGamingWiki page

Gameplay consists of some detective work, stealth and shooting. The shooting is not that great, though, but gets the job done.

If you’re into Cthulhu mythos or just love horror games in general, this one gets a recommendation.


I’ve been playing Vintage Story and just recently, Hob. I got to the


part where you gotta get your arm chopped off and then it crashed! I tried it again, crash. :frowning: I think it may be driver related. Gonna have to redo my install, clean.

In VS I’ve been building a sand castle (in a desert of course lol) on a multiplayer server. It’s going good, but I can’t get it even…I blame that on the fact that I haven’t been able to think straight for a few days. lol


oh sht, there is specific fix for that i think, i ran into the same issue and had it solved in a few minutes… for the life of me i can’t remember what it was, it was stupid simple iirc…
i looked around a little and there are a few posts mentioning just put Vsync on - not sure if it’s that but it definitely falls in the category of “stupid simple” so might be :thinking:


Thanks Gnuffi! I’ll try it when I get home. Hopefully it works, the last cut scene I saw was one huge cliffhanger. xD


I was invited to the Prodeus playtest.

It’s really fun, can’t wait for the release.


Snake Eyes Dungeon; I’ve pretty much cleared it short of getting all the artifacts and just a few upgrades. I have encountered the secret-ish boss (I had over 800 coins when attempting to leave). It’s a fun, but definitely cheaty at times dungeon crawler (the RNG is not well-simulated as it does seem to be pre-determined here and there).

Despite the flaws, I had fun with it and I would recommend it.

I’ve also been playing Dynabomb; it has the Bomb Jack feel to it, but not quite the same experience. It’s more like a side-scrolling Bomberman platformer where Bomberman uses a jetpack and throws bombs instead.

Oh, and yeah, I still play DOOM. I use ZDooM because I have a lackluster computer. I can run THUG Pro, but not GZDooM. (shrug)


A lovely Chrono friend gifted me code for 14 day trial for Xbox Game Pass so i’m trying out few games there. Actually it is pretty strange to play a game outside Steam on PC since i havent done that in many years now :smiley:

Totally accurate battle simulator is a fun little time waster. I think i’ve played it for an hour , had few laughs , few ‘what the hell’ moments and had my fill of it. Core concept does get a bit dry after a while . Just drop random units on the battlefield and see what sticks.

Gears 5 Now this is doozy… i have never played a Gears game and this one managed to bore me out to oblivion before even the tutorial has ended. It’s a 90gb download so good thing i have a solid internet speeds so i only wasted around 30 minutes downloading it. Dunno maybe i’m just not the target audience but it’s super stiff and uninteresting to play. To it’s credit it does look and run very well so there’s that at least.

A Plague Tale: Innocence I was so excited to find that this one is free with xbox pass. I had it on my Steams’ wishlist since release. I think i’m halfway through it now and definitely going to finish so this trial pass was worth it for this game alone. First of all it’s a very good looking game. It’s low on action so i’ve sacrificed fps and cranked settings up to the max and , boy , does it deliver there. My GPU is struggling but i rarely drop below 60 so i dont mind too much ,fans are going like crazy though. Gameplay wise it’s not too much to talk about. Very linear , puzzles have only 1 solution and combat is more or less just hide and attack at the right moment. Normally i’m a gameplay man , i value it way more than story or looks , but from time to time i like to enjoy a endearing story with stunning looks , a ’ cinematic experience’ if you will.

Next up is probably going to be Halo Reach . It is also almost a 100gb download so i hope it’s going to be worth it. Anyway, i wont be playing stuff on steam for next few days or so i guess :smiley:


I played Halo Reach on Xbox, I enjoyed it. I’m not super interested in the Easy Anti Cheat it’s bundled with on PC though. Hope you have fun with it though!


Also available on GOG

I have played almost all of Monolith Productions games, but somehow missed Shogo back in the day.

A friend gifted me a copy, and since I’ve been playing a lot of old games lately, I decided to give this one a shot.

The game is anime like, although the in-game characters look weird. The game is from 1998, and at that time character models were not the best, so it is what it is.

You play an on foot character, but also some levels has you playing inside a mech, that can also transform into a veihicle, ala Transformers.

The dialogue is really cheesy, and is probably the most lighthearted game I’ve played from Monolith, despite all the blood coming from the enemies when you shoot them.

The game relies on critical hits, meaning that when you shoot someone, if you hit crit them, you can kill them right way, and gain some health in the process. The problem: enemies can also do it too you. And here’s where the game can be hard and frustrating at times. You go on a corridor, turn a left, there’s an enemy there and he can hit crit you instantly. There are plenty of situations like this in the game, so you gotta be careful.

All in all, I enjoyed the game for what it is. If you’re into old games and are a fan of fps, I can recommend Shogo.


That’s so weird. On Steam it’s listed as 25 GB, and I’m sure that’s what it was when I downloaded it day 1 on Game Pass, but that is how it’s listed on the Xbox app. Anyway it’s my personal favorite of the series and I hope you enjoy it.