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OOOH! That is so awesome! Never knew about that one. Must commit it memory for all time. Thanks. :slight_smile: :heart:


Not working for me under win 7. But I do have the “snipping tool” which lets you do that even if it isn’t maybe quite as quick. Firefox does have a similar feature too which allows for both capturing of specific elements and freeform selection.


It is a Windows 10 feature I’m pretty sure.


Yeah, was introduced in an update for Win 10 I think


For this one I’ll keep it simple: do yourself a favour and play this game!!


I have finished Wolfenstein The New Order and well. Is it a really great FPS game. It is of right length, action packed and mostly really enjoyable. Some forced turret,under water sections can ruin the pace a bit, and final boss fight was a real miss for me but overally a very solid back to form game for the franchise.

That said devs couldnt have choosen worse engine . You like 60 fps engine lock ? Check . You like vomit inducing head bopping which you cannot disable ? Check . You like horrible bloom,motion blur,DOF,film grain effects you cannot disable ? Check . Finally you like how OpenGL just works like crap on AMD GPUs ? Check.

Only saving grace is that it has console and you can fix some of the stuff via console commands. That said i had to make a .txt file and store 5 lines of console commands and enter them by hand every time i’ve started a new session.

Started playing Party Hard 2 . I cant say too much about it , only spent an hour with it but it seems like toned down version of Hitman . You can kill people way more freely than in Hitman series but if you will start just stabbing everyone in middle of the street people will call police and they will get you. There’s obvious difference in art style ofc.


Wish I could meow.


Finished the fifth mission of Alien: Isolation. Determined to get to the end, however terrifying that may be. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, but not terribly so. Definite A+ for setting the creepy mood and adding just the right amount of terror. It can certainly be trying after a few hours.


Also available on GOG

A time travel themed fps where you have the power to stop, slow and rewind time in order to help you through the environments and the various gun fights along the way.

Cool stuff.


this is beyond good, it’s so good it’s a problem actually cuz i think about this game 24h/day atm although i dont have that much time to play it at all

it makes work even more of a chore than it already is by its nature of being work


it’s funny because you’re not the only one mentioning today they’re obsessing about that game

God damn Hades is a fucking excellent game god fucking damn.

— Commander Sterling (@JimSterling) September 25, 2020


@M00 I’ve added it to my wishlist. Thanks for the recommendation.

As for myself, my recent “obsession” is with the GZDoom + Doom Launcher combo, which’ve been allowing me to play the classic Doom games with brand new mods and wads. Below are two of my favorite customizations.


I got a game via P2P sharing (because that’s the method the gamedev chose for distribution-perfectly fine), and I’m only going to share the name because though I could share screenshots of gameplay that makes it look like a Metroidvania platformer (it is), the whole idea is that there’s a lot of eroge scenes.

The name? ViotoXica. It has full gamepad support but my lackluster hardware has some struggles running it (the font that describes most things including stats reads as letter-blocks). It is a Unity game so that is not surprising. Some Unity games are completely pinked/blacked out.


Also available on GOG

This one still plays great. Not many games out there based on comic books and with cel shaded graphics.
Shame it never got a sequel.

However, a remake is coming this year, and looks pretty cool. Hopefully it’s successful, so a sequel is made this time.


Ubisoft developed, Microids published, sheesh i’m betting there is some interesting mess of corporate stuff surrounding that tale @_@

ugh, and it was in a bundle recentely that just ended 4 days ago :persevere:
gonna add it to the list and see if something happens sale-wise before the remake release (and they probably pull it lol)


This game was originally released in 2003, by Ubisoft, thus they are credited with development. A few years ago, the game was taken from the stores, probably because the license expired (it’s based on this comic book series).

Microids got the rights to develop games with this license, and so they made the game available again, while they’re developing the remake.


My router doesn’t port forward and I can’t afford a server, so I had to resort to Hamachi to be able to play Vintage Story with my friends. It is actually very easy to use, but I don’t feel like it is as safe and powerful as direct port forwarding. A shame, really. :frowning:

Anyhow, been playing the heck out of it the last few days. I have a single player world and an MP world. xD


Strange. Does your router have ‘firewall’ and/or ‘services’ option instead of port forwarding? I am sure you’ve exhausted all the options and features of the router but most will have something for this. Just for curiosity sake, what is the model#?


It has a Firewall option, as well as a Port Forward and Port Triggering option, but I can’t get it to work. I googled my router and could only find people with the same issues. :frowning:

I have a router, and modem (lots of people needing internet lol). Sagecom F@ST 5450 and an Arris TG model.


I finished Hades to the very end of the story, I agree its great.
I could still keep grinding as I have not unlocked full levels on all weapon aspects, all items in the main hall and all items in the mirror (pretty close on that one though). I think there are 2 prophecies I haven’t completed either, but I feel I have got what I wanted out of the game and for all the different systems going on in game they all work together so well and is really polished, early access done right.