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About Vampyr, don’t you have cloud saves enabled? Or did they get corrupted too?


They did. This game only has 1 save file because 'choices matter , bruh ’ and all i can find in cloud now is that single corrupted save file , lol .


Yeah, I know. Fortunately I didn’t have any problem when I played.
I asked because the corrupt file could be only on your end and the one in the cloud could be intact.
Sorry for your bad luck.


Thanks to @Danacscott I’ve been able to play 8-Bit Adventures: The Forgotten Journey. I instantly fell in love with the 8 bit graphics and OST, so it is really cool to be able to play it! Sadly the game does not support Steam overlay, so no screenshots, but its like playing an actual old school 8 bit game. Got that cheesy tone, too! Tons of fun! :slight_smile:


Hm… is it Ctrl + Alt + Prtscrn? Alt instead of Shift. I did one of those lately and it worked. Had to paste in a photo editor though, like MS Paint or whatever the upgrade is called now.


alt+print screen will capture active window in windows. If your active window is full screen then just print screen is sufficient. But yes you will need somewhere to paste the captured image to.


(Yea, I was using snippy and such, but it got annoying to alt tab and take shots, so I just stopped xD)

I played a few hours of Crusader Kings III. I’m SO relieved this isn’t another Imperator: Rome. It is fantastic! Really love the UI, just wish there were more political map modes to swap between. Oh, and a ruler designer. lol


Pretty sure they’ll give you more of, well everything, in future DLCs. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the base release game though. Do you feel like the game is complete or are there obvious things missing that really should be there?


Honestly, I’d probably need more time with it, but at the moment the only thing I think that is missing (and will be added later for free) is the ruler designer. This new entry in the series is really, really heavy on the role playing aspect and it doesn’t feel as complete in that regard not being able to create your own character.

Other than that, I do kinda miss technologies, though the new method in which they introduced tech is interesting, just don’t have a lot of agency about it.


So I was playing dirt rally 2 a bit.


Fuck those mailboxes in particular

Okay, so honestly, this annoys the crap out of me. EVERY. SINGLE. BANNER. I get promoting the game, okay sure, maybe here or there, but making every banner this same thing gets really old, really fast. Hell the developers for Project Cars 3 aren’t even the same ones that made Dirt Rally 2. It actually annoyed me enough that I put Project Cars 3 on my ignore list.


First. I’ve made my return to Final Fantasy XIV. So that’s been fun.

Also picked up a few things on sale a while back

If you like Final Fantasy Tactics, this might be worth a go. Some reviews have been mixed, I’m liking the game so far, and as long as I don’t run into some horrible mess This should be a good time.

It’s an interesting metroidvania style game. It’s a bit slow and akward. The artstyle is very 8-bit. Which appeals to me, but maybe not others. If I’ll need to spend more time with it, not bad so far.


The race can wait first check the mail :sweat_smile:


Cool! XIV is so good, glad you’re having fun! Also, what do you think of Fae Tactics? I really, really, really love FFT and don’t know which game to get that claims to be “inspired” by it.


It’s why I got Fell Seal - reminded me very of Tactics, with all the job classes to unlock etc. I’d play Tactics again if I could, never did figure out how to unlock Mime. :laughing:


Well, I’ve been interested in playing FPSes lately, and these are my recent games:

It’s a really crappy abandonware DOOM clone from 1994 created in 7 months by a handful of people. It’s as bad as it shows, however it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Thank goodness I’ve already beat it so I can move on to something else.

I’ve been having a blast with this one, and I’m planning to play the sequel after beating it. Of course I’m playing this with EZQuake + Quake Revitalization Project + Quake Reforged.

I’ve started playing it some years ago in Bluestacks, and now that I’ve finally got a decent phone (a Samsung A20s) I can finally go back to it. Yes, it’s a mobile game with some lootboxes; yes, it’s pay to win in some places; yes, it keeps shoving stuff on your face for you to buy them all but hey, at least it’s a good game to kill some time.

After Radiaki I’m looking forward to play another abandonware which’s also a FPS: “You Are Empty”.

It’s a psychological horror game from 2006 which looks very interesting, so I’ll give it a try. It reminds me a lot from “Dementium: The Ward”, a survival horror FPS game made exclusively for Nintendo DS released an year later after this game.

Oh, and a honorable mention to another game I’ll play:


This one was a pleasantly surprise!!
It’s an action-adventure, hack & slash game in the same vein of the old God of War, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Dante’s Inferno.

It feels like a summer blockbuster movie due to the set pieces and over-the-top action sequences. It also has a good dose of humour and doesn’t take itself too serious.

Of course, it’s not as refined as the previously mentioned games, since this one is more on the b-side of things.

If you’re looking for something simple and within this genre, I really recommend this one.


Just added it to my wishlist, thanks for the recommendation! :+1:


Fae Tactics is OK. I need to play more, currently I have no idea what’s going on in the sotry, and I’ve been using the same 3 characters this whole time.

It’s fun to play, but currently it’s missing some of the tactics, abilities, and variety that FFT had. I really need to just play more to see where it goes.

I also haven’t seen anything nearly as interesting as the FFT jobs systems.


Also available on Origin

This one has one of the best fps’ campaigns of recent memory. The only problem is that it’s too short.

A mixture of fast paced shooting, parkour, mechs, make this one of a kind. Great graphics too, and it’s very well optimised.

Haven’t touched the multiplayer, as I’m aa single player guy.

Totally recommend it.


To me, one of the best things M$ added was Shift + Win Key + S. Then grab any part of the screen you want and paste it direct (which I’ve done here). No messing :wink: