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in the late '80s, early '90s, every game was Dark Souls :joy:


I haven’t played the originals myself but I think it might be more accurate to call it the Dark Souls of 2010’s Remasters. You apparently fall much faster in this version, giving you a much smaller window of when to jump.


counts grey hairs on his head i remember those early 90’s you are talking about…


I played the first game in the remaster so far and those bridge levels can go die in a hole, I don’t know if its just me but the controls didn’t feel tight enough to warrant that sort of precision consistently. I was going to go back and try and collect all the gems but by the end the fact that it requires you to complete every level without dying while destroying every box seems like something I don’t want to waste my time on. Other than that its an enjoyable game.


I’ve been playing Ark: Survival Evolved all day. Only good on a private server that runs good, and with friends.


It sure is very tricky game and all platforms have this ‘slippery’ effect where if you dont land on it with your whole model you will slip down which is sure annoying. So far i’m having fun so dieing again and again doesnt bother me too much, that said i’m only couple of hours into the game so i can really see how this can get old pretty quickly and infuriation can take over.


just jump on the railing (the rope on the sides) and bypass everything by running on the railing instead :joy:

i’d consider it an exploit if it wasn’t for the fact it was present in the original game and they left it like that in the remaster, so i consider it a feature and use it


From what I saw, you can fall off that railing right easy too! O-o


Well, I suppose much of you played it before, but I finish it yesterday

What an incredible game is certainly difficult and challenging but not desperate you.

Of course, many facts need to be polish, as the story, there are many “Gaps” like you don’t where is Vados, what the h*ll is the Great Expedition and things like that, but I enjoyed the game and I recommend it to anybody that isn’t familiarized with this genre of games.

Also, I started to play Cat Quest, what a lovely game, really nice


Started Simulacra while waiting on the hubby to get back. Not sure what to think since it’s only been a few hours. It’s just odd. Definitely getting a [Resident Evil] Biohazard vibe, though (gf missing, “don’t find me!” video). My morbid curiosity propels me forward. :thinking:

This is also on Steam. I just keep getting the app instead and too tired to fight with it.


This one creeps the heck of me. It’s one I don’t want to play having seeing gameplay. “Realistic” horror is a bit much for me. Give me a ghost or something, lol.


I guess for me it’s to challenge myself because I know I’m timid with creepy and spooky games. Some of those “phone setup” questions though… “Can I touch your hair?” “What would you rather see when you turn around, a disembodied head or headless body?” :scream::fearful:


Nothing. Not a thing. Bet that’s not an option though. Hee hee.


Nope. Gotta pick. :laughing:


More Ark of course. I have tamed a small army of wyverns. I plan on getting more. And then griffins. My castle will be complete…almost. lol


I am like @AcornAvenger: jelly.


They gave Ark away on Epic I’m pretty sure. If you wanna tame dragons, all you need is the free Ragnarök DLC. :slight_smile:


… and a compy that can run it, ha ha.


When is the new compy coming ?:o


I dunno. It’s a waiting game right now.