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I’m absolutely loving

atm; it’s rly great. I mean, WYSIWYG with this game, I’d say, and I loved that game at first sight, so… ty so much again @GeekInUndies :heart_eyes:

and I’ve been unable to continue building out my empire in

atm, though i rly want to, cuz i’ve been too busy with:

it plays great when you’re stuck in the mud etc., but the regular driving on regular roads sucks so much it’s actually painful (good thing you spend most of your time in the mud though). I rly want to play Snowrunner instead (only on Epic atm), which seems to have lots of improvements, but that’s a bit expensive so i guess i’ll wait a year or two or so (and perhaps get it on Steam instead later on?)


I’ve been playing a ton of Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch, only since our Switch is constantly in use, I’ve been playing it on Yuzu emulator instead. I can’t play online as freely as before, but I can use Parsec to “Fake” connect with other people. It has been a blast! :slight_smile:


Well, thanks to both Steam and GOG sales I now have many reasons to give a break to Warframe and give a chance to the games I’ve bought!

Currently the one I’m playing with the most and enjoying is Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, and I’m looking forward to give a try to Total War: Warhammer 2, Borderlands 2, Underhero, Kofi Quest and Hover.


I still play a lot of THUG Pro. However, once I get several things back in order, I’m going to be getting back into gamedev almost exclusively.
I still recommend custom maps if you have the hardware for them (I do not unfortunately), like this one made by the talented femme Larxian:


The first update from the 2020 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night roadmap is almost here, Boss Revenge Mode and Chroma Wheel goes live later today.


Well Hell Let Loose is on free weekend. I played approximately 30s of it until I saw this particular thing in the splash screen:

NOOOPE. kill, uninstall, de-wishlisted.

Sorry, but after dealing with EAC on Halo, I do not care for the software and how it operates.


Could you elaborate further? I also have Hell Let Loose on my wishlist and was looking to grab it for quite some time now.


Easy Anti-Cheat refuses to run if you have any type of RGB or otherwise software running. At the time I was playing Halo, I had iCUE running in the background to provide hotkeys to my mouse and disable the scroll lock and windows store keys on my keyboard. I lost the entirety of that functionality by completely stopping the service.

I now run a wireless LG G602 mouse which is smarter (and was cheaper!) than the Corsair mouse. However, the fact that I know that if I even have the G.Skill RGB software running (for ram profiles or something) that it’ll refuse to run doesn’t sit well with me.

Essentially I view that EAC is more of a hindrance than a help. I’m fairly certain that people that really want to cheat have found workarounds already.

I’m not against Anti-cheat. but the question becomes how intrusive are these softwares, and based on what I’ve seen, most go to great lengths to try and stop as many “hackers” as possible. It’s that I take issue with, where they start impeding my ability to play and/or use my computer how I want to in the name of “stopping hackers”. I view it similar to locks. There will always be a way to break a lock, it’s just making it so the lock stops the majority of people through inconvenience with little impedance to you.


Hype! dance Hype! I love Bloodless so very much :heart:

Recently, I’ve tried to run a few games that my chipset was all - Nope! Ain’t nobody got Shaders for that. So for relaxing among other daily stuff, I’ve been playing The Voice from Heaven: a Match 3. The music is really beautiful, quite soothing and the graphics are easy on the eyes. It’s very forgiving in untimed mode - the board reshuffles when you run out of moves. Lots of ‘power ups’ to help you move annoying bits out of the way so you can finish the game. It’s nice that every round is winnable (that’s my usual Match 3 gripe).

Only issue is that I can’t save the backgrounds. I’m not sure if it’s my computer or Steam, but Printscreen captures the Steam windows, not the game. Big Picture Mode doesn’t work either. F12 does absolutely nothing. Hm.


Try using alt+print screen which should capture only the selected window. Alternatively if you really absolutely want to capture this stuff then you could try to install and use MSI’s Afterburner or something like OBS for a 3rd party application to capture what’s on screen.


F12 would not work if steam in-game overlay thing is disabled (sometimes it doesn’t load automatically in some games, try restarting and Shift+Tab to check). Also try WinKey + Shift + S


I’ve played Hell Let Loose, and I have RGB software like crazy. HyperX, Cooler Master, Corsair and Steelseries + MSI RGB software. The issue comes to particular games, which will flag them or whatever. Only game that I have trouble with RGB software is Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

That said, I wouldn’t recommend Hell Let Loose for entirely different reasons. xD


What reasons?


It is very hard to explain accurately, but it feels like it has potential but doesn’t deliver on it. It is really hard to explain, but if you’ve played something like Post Scriptum you might get what I mean (which is fun but way more intense). The gameplay itself is really flat and uninspired, and the playerbase is top sided which basically means servers are run by the oldest players and they will abuse their powers, making it harder to enjoy. Lastly, even on launch it had a low player base and it hasn’t changed. I cannot recommend a game like that.

I would suggest PS over HLL.


Recently I bought a fanatical mystery bundle, ( yeah I know this is a sickness, Help me) and this one and 1 of its sequels came, I really enjoy casual games, is something “Different”, sometimes you get tired of killing/Slaying/Shooting. It’s a point-and-click / resource management game.

Its a trilogy, In this one Dala’s greedy father, doesn’t approve of the marriage between his daughter and Ingolf. Now you got to ride through mysterious land to find a rare gem, this kind of game would like you @Danacscott


I got addicted (yeah, people who played it will notice the irony) to Superhot: Mind Control Delete. It has all the elements that made Superhot cool (except the story, imo worse) and expands on them really well. Throwing a katana to kill a guy, recalling it to kill another, while dodging a rifle series makes you feel like an action god. Fingers crossed for another game that has the story and handcrafted levels of the base game and gameplay mechanics as big as MCD, or maybe even bigger


Yup. I have that one and have earmarked the other two being titles being: New World and Cursed Ring. Good catch in any case. ^^


Gran Turismo 2 Plus just recently got an update; all game regions (and release versions as the patches now update the release version to the most recent) are usable and it now works on both Arcade and Simulation Mode discs. It’s pretty sweet.

It’s not a complete mod project; still plenty of bugs to fix and content to restore.

SSR11? Not yet. Still possibly not at all.


Hmm , i see. Well it’s a shame then because i’m sort of always on a look for a good WW1 or WW2 multiplayer fps game and Hell Let Loose looked like a decent one , just never went down in price for what i considered comfortable to buy out the blue.

I’m also aware of Post Scriptum so i guess i will focus my attention to this title instead.


So there is a free game on Steam called Skye. it’s an University project, but it’s pretty decent considering. Relaxing flying around in a seaplane.

I didn’t realize Art of Rally posted a demo. It handles much differently than I expected.

The daytime has some serious hitching, I was noticing it a bit in game as well, but the video got hit hard in some spots. I think the GPU was doing something else in the background.