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Yes… he a pretty boy indeed, esp, with that face shape, no?

Think Bloodstained was 50% off at Indiegala yesterday. Such a beautiful game in a genre that *cough no-one cough wants to play anymore >>

I’d hope it’s him rather Dominique, for sure… pity you can’t play Bloodless, she’s like the girl version of my lovely Soegetsu in Samurai Showdown. (Yeah, I’m a bit high about that, lol)


I think you missed this part.

Boss Revenge Mode - Take control of one of four in-game bosses and use them to battle the heroes of Bloodstained!

She’s in the pic, so my guess is that she will be one of the four playable ones.


Dude… This game goes back on my wishlist today. Right now. WTH. squee!


Game crush, ha! :relieved:


The guilt is real, ha ha :stuck_out_tongue:


Last few:

Age of Wonders: Planetfall - So played part of the tutorial for this and well… I don’t think the the tutorial did a good job. I had trouble following what the game was telling me. Now for gameplay. I’m okay with the turn-based, hex layout format. The problem is the addition of the turn-based combat. It just drags the game out for a really long time. I kinda feel like I’m playing two games in one almost. I wouldn’t say it’s bad necessarily, just I don’t know if I want to put the investment into it. As I understand AoW3 (which I own) is similar in gameplay.

Surviving Mars - I wouldn’t say this game is bad either. It just has a LOT of stuff going on at the same time. I played most of the tutorial missions and felt that I would get overloaded by everything you need to keep track of.

For The King - I actually kinda enjoyed this one. It has a board-game feel to it. With that, I feel this would be best played with multiple people. I don’t know what the max number of people who can play it, but I feel like it’s 3 based on what I saw.

We Happy Few - I managed to get stuck, physically, in this game. To the point I would have to back out and resume the game from the main menu (which would hopefully work). I decided to be done at that point. I feel like it may have potential. I’m just not sure I’m a fan of the crafting system added into the game. That and I’m not sure I’m fond of the setting either. Anyway, I don’t think it’s something I’ll pick up to play, especially when I have other things in my backlog. I don’t necessary think it’s bad though.

So that concludes the ones I wanted to test out. I’ve redownloaded Children of Morta to give it a second go in hopes of getting a better takeaway.

After that I’ll probably be closing down the subscription.


I think this needs more fleshed out. It’s pretty scarce right now.

Super Lucky’s Tale - This game is actually pretty decent in my opinion. It reminds me of the Banjo-Kazooie style of games where you collect coins and items to unlock further areas. The style of this game is extremely cutesy. I mean, you are playing a fox kit. i feel it will be an enjoyable game to those that like the style of game and do not mind the level of cute found in the game.

Sea of Thieves - This game is best played with friends. I found that sailing a ship by yourself isn’t exactly easy as there are multiple things you need to take care of: driving, manning the guns, patching holes, emptying the ship of water, etc. Additionally, sailing by yourself can be boring as the islands are fairly far apart and you might not want to land on every single one, so having some people to talk to will definitely make it more enjoyable. One of the main issues I have is the the faction quests, I had exactly no idea what I was looking for, where I was going, what I needed to do. Furthermore, there are plenty of other actions, events, and things that happen that are not explained. Compass wildly spinning? No idea, is there treasure on the ocean floor? It’s storming out, I don’t feel like finding out. Fountain of multi-colored lights? No idea what those are for. Where is this quest? No idea. You can block?! Oh that would’ve been nice to know. I’m okay with learning some things by doing, but how to do quests and how to block seems kinda important. So if you’re looking into it, I would say get some friends to play with you.

My Friend Pedro - I used Keyboard and mouse for this and I could not get the control scheme to work. It’s entirely possible that this is better played with a controller. The concept of the game seems interesting, but I couldn’t really get into it. it seems like the focus is to do all sorts of tricks and shit for kills. I think the problem with the controls may have caused the game concept to fail a little bit. In the end, I’m not sure I want to continue playing it.

Mudrunners - I’m not particularly a fan of this one. On the road, the vehicles handle like ass. I felt like I was driving some run-down rust bucket that was barely still moving. Supposedly there is a radio, but I never heard it so all I heard was engine revving and mud glorping sounds for the 15 minutes it took to get anywhere. I just didn’t find it fun at all. Maybe the in the mud physics are on par, but the handling on the road is absolute trash. Ultimately, I would rather just play one of the truck sims.


And that was a good idea.

Children of Morta - I thought this was pretty decent. It is mainly similar to aRPGs but adds in a bit of roguelike elements. That being that failing a dungeon doesn’t necessarily kill you but brings you back to base where you can spend “money” gathered on upgrades. The game is currently local multiplayer, which I feel will make the game more enjoyable. My personal thought is that I will consider buying this once they are able to add in online multiplayer (and it sounds like it’s in their plans, eventually), because steam remote only works so well.


About a week ago I finished Prey. I put it off because it’s a creepy, scary game and that’s outside my comfort zone. I decided to challenge myself and stream as much of it as I could. I ended up liking the game and unlocked all three endings. Can’t say more without spoiling. I enjoyed the plot, even though there’s a big cliche at the end, and you’ll know what I mean if you reach the ending. They did an impressive job of setting the mood for each scene, although the facial rendering could’ve been a touch better. Skill system offered an interesting way to switch up your gameplay. Would definitely play again, and recommend if you’re into sci-fi or alien games.


I just finished Steamworld Heist. It’s good, its like a light 2D version of XCOM with bullet ricochet as a core mechanic. Its easy to drop in and out of and if you miss its really your fault. Lots of weapons, characters and loadouts to take so you can cater the play to a game style you like. You can crank the difficulty if you want more of a challenge, but I found it difficult decent enough on the recommended setting for a casual playthrough.

I also finished Hollow Knight, not going to say much as everyone knows the game. I have a few bosses to clean up and am at 102%, still considering whether to go back and do that or not. Let me know if you think its worth it.


It’s worth it if it is something you enjoyed doing. I did not particularly enjoy the boss fighting of the game so I did not bother with most of the extra stuff.


So, not like XCOM then ;D

I’ve been hoping to play Steamworld Heist for a while but haven’t gotten around to it. I’m glad to hear it’s a game you can play in short stints, that should make it easier to find time for it.

As for Hollow Knight, if you enjoy the boss fights, then yes, I think it’s worth it, as the optional fights are pretty good. And there’s Godhome if you want even more of that. I myself am not a fan of that and enjoyed the game primarily for its exploration, so once I got all the charms, masks, soul vessels, and grubs, I was satisfied. Unfortunately, getting all of that required more bosses than I would have liked.


I found Steamworld Heist outstayed its welcome.
It’s just went on a bit too long without, what felt like much meaningful progression.
That might just be me. Did you enjoy the later levels as much as the earlier?


Maybe a little, it added new wrinkles toward then end that still made it different from the earlier levels so I didn’t mind it. I did play it just a few missions at a time over about 15 hours, so maybe because I did it that way I didn’t feel it quite as much as you. Though maybe to your point I made sure I got all stars for all missions on the first 2 areas and then didn’t bother doing that for the third and don’t really feel the draw to fix that.


Painkiller: Black Edition (GOG/Steam)

It includes the base game Painkiller and it’s expansion Painkiller: Battle out of Hell.

Painkiller: You play as Daniel Garner that dies on a car accident with his wife. The lady goes to heaven, Daniel to purgatory. There he’s asked with killing 4 generals of Lucifer, who’s plotting on starting a war between Hell and Heaven, before he can go to his wife.
This game is a fast paced shooter, pure and simple. Everything that moves you shoot to kill and you have to be constantly on the move due to the overwhelming number of enemies thrown at you. The games is simple: you are locked on an area, kill all enemies, move to the next, repeat. Yes, it’s a repetitive game and I could only play for 2 hours max per game session, otherwise it would become tiresome. The good thing though, is the game is fun during those 2 hours. The levels are varied: a cemetery, an asylum, a medieval castle, some docks, hell, military base, etc. The guns are fun to use and all of them have an alternate fire mode to obliterate the foes. For health, you collect the souls of death enemies, and when you collect a certain number, you turn into a demon where the screen goes black and grey and the enemies are red. During this time you’re invincible and one shoot kill everything. The problem: most of the time you turn into demon mode when there are almost no one to kill, and it goes to waste.
Another feature are the tarot cards. They are unlocked when you complete certain objectives on each level. When you have them equipped you gain special abilities like double the damage done, double the speed you move, take less damage, and that type of things.
All in all I say the game is worth playing and if you’re a fan of these type of shooters, this is one of the classics.

Painkiller: Battle out of Hell: Continues the story of the base game. More of the same, but shorter. The levels are varied too. It introduces some new weapons and enemy types. According to the reviews, it’s the best expansion out of the 5 that are out there.


Played this, decent is all I can say, has alot of potential. Also too expesive atm, its worth $10 the most imo.


I tried some demos from the Steam Game Festival

Ghostrunner: This game is really good. And it’s fast: you traverse the levels by running, jumping, wallruning, sliding, dashing, etc . It uses a one-hit kill mechanic, so you need to be careful. It also has a slow time mechanic to make you able to doge enemies bullets. You’ll die a lot, but once you get the hang of things and mix successfully the movements with the killing it is a complete joy. It’s also made with speedruning in mind.

Eldest Souls: An indie souls inspired game with an isometric view and pixelated graphics. It seems to be only focused on boss battles. Like any souls game you need to learn the boss movements and git gud!! The art style is really cool.

Ultrakill: a really fast retro fps. I thought it was really good. It’s very violent too. The retro style really adds to the charm of this game.

Hellbound: another fast paced fps, but no so fast! It aims to recapture the feel of the 90s fps, especially Doom, due to the levels and enemies being very demoniac. The demo doesn’t feature a save system, so if you die you restart all over again. The devs already confirmed the final game will have a save system.

Overall I really liked these demos and I’ll be keeping an eye on them.
I think I will try some more demos today.


Painkiller: Overdose (Steam / GOG)

Apparently, this game started as a fan-made mod and then was turned into a full stand alone expansion to Painkiller .
You play as the half demon, half angel, Belial that was imprisoned for a long time, but due to the events of the first game, broke free and now wants revenge against those who wronged him.
This is more Painkiller, a fast paced fps where you go from one area to another killing everything in sight. Due to it’s initially fan made nature, it’s clear that this game is not as polished as the first one. The level design are weaker, the enemies AI dumber, it has sound problems and crashed a lot. However, the levels are varied, the weapons are really fun to use and there are lots of enemy types to kill.
If you like Painkiller, this one is still recommended.

There are 3 more stand alone expansions: Resurrection, Redemption and Recurring Evil and all of them are even weaker than Overdose. I never played them, but from what I gathered from reviews, they’re not worth it.


I recently purchased and played through Always, Sometimes Monsters, one of the best story-based games I’ve played, despite its’ flaws. Definitely a game I recommend.


I’m currently enjoying a satisfying and at times frustrating go at Pokemon Clover. The team who did that ROM hack made a better game than Sword and Shield could ever be. And the game’s Fakemon are all awesome :hugs: