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hahahhaa, i dont think so :sweat_smile:, its a good game if someone wanna buy it


@Donluis524 Aw nuts… :smile:

@DontBeSilly Yes, yes I so would. “You died”. What a succinct way to sum up all your efforts, no? (Wee bit of existential humour there)

Still waitng for the Dark Souls series to keep going down in sales. For some reason, Scholar of the First Sin isn’t often on sale - I mean there are sales, but not often.


I think i already said that at some other convo we had but you should look for 1st and 3rd installments first and leave scholar of the first sin last because it’s not that good.


I’ve just finished Gears Tactics, it was pretty good overall. Compared to XCOM it’s much less tense, you can do much more in a turn, and side characters are very expendable. There’s also not really any gameplay off the battlefield
My biggest issue with the game is that it has a bunch of mandatory “side missions”, which get very repetitive. In the end I started to just send one unit on these missions and have them blow themselves up as a way of skipping them, since you’re allowed to fail them.


there recently was an irl faction (a bunch of morons) who tried (and obviously failed) to create a nation that would apply exactly the same tactic :man_facepalming: :joy:


HITMAN 2 was never going to happen, the studio basically ran out of funds because HITMAN (which itself is a reboot of the franchise) didn’t sell gangbusters after they flubbed Absolution and even with generally favorable reviews, a large chunk of the fanbase had moved on. The goal was to fund continuous, innovative missions and updates for the 2016 game in an annual “seasonal”-style release format, almost making it an always-online shooter (in the sense that you keep connecting to their servers for new content). So Square Enix and IO (the devs) split ways in 2017 after the mediocre sales of 2016s HITMAN.

After the split and release from their publishing contract with SqEnix, IO partnered with Warner Bros. to fund and publish the next season, but for legal reasons (and to keep things discrete between SqEnix and Warner), they chose to release the game under a new title, HITMAN 2 despite all of HITMAN 2’s engine being the same, the content style being the same, the release style (episodic) being the same, and even the same bugs, just a different publisher. Putting all of that under it’s own new title was considered the most balanced way of trying to recognize that corporately, a lot changed, but to the front-facing customers, almost nothing changed as you noted, @DontBeSilly.

Then, at the last minute while SqEnix was busy releasing a Complete First Season edition, a GOTY edition, and a Definitive Edition of the 2016 HITMAN, they gave surprise permission to IO and Warner Bros to include the 2016 HITMAN content in the 2018 HITMAN 2 game for continuity reasons for gamers that wanted to have all their HITMAN in one spot like it was originally intended. This edition was agreed to be called Legacy pack, and either a portion of HITMAN 2 sales or the entire $20 or $30 Legacy DLC go to SqEnix, not Warner. Or maybe Warner paid SqEnix outright for the old HITMAN 2016 license, since we don’t know the specifics of the contract negotiations, but just the way it is setup on digital storefronts leads me to believe (with a high degree of confidence) that the Legacy DLC money is going to SqEnix (in the backend Steam API it’s tagged with unique AppIDs 960831 & 960832, so SqEnix can verify/track they are being paid the proper amount by Warner Bros.).

All that to say, I have nothing wrong with the new HITMANs, even Absolution. They’re not bad, but they’re also not great and since it’s not a genre I love to play 24/7, I have only scratched the surface of them. I did watch the 2007 film (terrible) because I’ve always liked the tie-in storyline to religion, the catholic church, and a secretive society training assassins to protect church interests. Again, for things like puzzle games using the HITMAN theme (HITMAN GO) I 100%'d that, but the Stealth genre can be very repetitive and boring despite a cool story linking the episodes.

I recommend HITMAN 2 about as much as I’d recommend HITMAN for gamers that enjoy those style games, and I believe (could be wrong) you can import your entire HITMAN progress into HITMAN 2 to unlock any Legacy achievements you’ve accomplished. I didn’t Google it or search Steam forums, but I’m sure there is (or soon will be) a workaround because you can’t be the only person frustrated by redoing content for duplicate achievements.

:poop: Love you all, so glad this thread is still chugging along 3 years later. :poop:




That’s the ‘uh oh’ part for me. My Hitman 1 playtime is all on Playstation and i never created IO account so yeah .

Anyway, thanks for the clarification @Shalandir , that’s an interesting insight in to the recent Hitman’s development. I knew that they had sort of bumpy road with the first one but never though it was that bumpy and hearing that Hitman 1 didint sell that well is a bit surprising , everyone i ask say that they really like new Hitman formula .

After Absolution i thought Hitman is done for ( i’m sorry to everyone who liked that game but it was a nail into Hitman’s coffin really ) but this rebooted formula is imho very strong , i wont say better than old Hitman games , mainly because last Hitman game i’ve played was Blood Money 14 years ago ( besides trying out Absolution and deleting it after an hour ) and i truely dont remember much about that game, but this reboot i think really revitalized whole franchise and i hope they will continue developing for it in one way or another.


I uninstalled after i finished :joy:


Just finished My Brother Rabbit, very enjoyable short & sweet little hidden object game that i recently got as a gift. 4 hours well spent i think, not bad to relax with, colourful and gorgeous to boot. A definite :+1: for a nice casual experience


I recently finished Indiana Jones and The Emperor’s Tomb after 17 years from when I first played!! At the time I couldn’t beat the 4th level of the penultimate chapter, so I gave up. After 17 I found out that it was not that hard :sweat_smile:. Clearly the gameplay nowadays feels clunky and the camera is really bad sometimes, but the game has it’s charm. No Harrison Ford providing the voice and the one that does gets the job done. In the end it’s an enjoyable Indiana Jones adventure.

The other one I just finished is The Suffering. Always wanted to play it when it came out, but was too scared to lol. Somehow I thought it would be a survival horror game and it’s clearly not. It’s an action game through and through with horror elements. The game is not scary at all, IMO, but it’s very violent. My main issue with it is the spongy enemies. The game lets you change between 1st and 3rd person. I strongly recommend changing to 1st person when shooting and 3rd for the rest. For me, 3rd person for shooting feels off.

I liked both games. They’re old, but they’re products of their time. So if you don’t mind old games and like the genres, give them a try. Now onto The Suffering: Ties That Bind


finally finished Rage 2 + DLC, possibly the dumbest game I’ve ever played, great gameplay, rly perfect gameplay, but OMG that game is dumb; i literally feel like forcing myself to finish it all consumed a percentage of my brain cells

sadly, hitman 2 is gonna have to wait longer cuz i dont feel like continuing Ass Creed Odyssey atm, and there’s no way i install hitman 2 as long as that’s installed cuz there’s just no room for both with all the other shit i got installed

am currently playing and loving The pillars of the earth (shout-out to @Shalandir, whose review encouraged me to give in to my already quite strong interest in this game)

and i think i’ll start playing borderlands pre-sequel as well cuz it’s pretty small in install size


Finished The Suffering: Ties That Bind.

It’s more of the same from the first game, but I liked this one more. The story is more interesting and reveals are made. The shooting in 3rd person is vastly improved and the enemies are not so bullet spongy. The game is 2 chapters shorter though and you can only carry two weapons at the same time (in the first you carried all weapons). Another thing is that you can no longer carry with you the medicine to restore health. In this, medicine is spread across the levels and you need to get closer for the character to heal. Anyway, these things are minor and don’t ruin anything.


I’m almost done with it, now i’m looking for opportunity to snatch some expansions or DLC for extra content and play time once it goes on reasonable sale.


The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (no longer available to purchase).

I had this game for so long on my account and never bothered to play it. Always heard goo things about it and since I’m in the mood of playing old I games, I decided to play this one.

First I want to say that I thought this game would be more stealth focused, with you being Riddick and trying to escape a prison. For my surprise, it’s actually more shooter-like, with a heavy emphasis on melee combat too. There are some stealth sections, but they’re far and between and the game really encourages you to engage in combat.

The shooting is fine, however, I gotta say that the shotgun disappointed me. When you get a shotgun you expect it to be a gun that kills instantly a point range, but here it’s not always the case. Sometimes I needed 3 shots to kill a guy. I don’t know if it’s bad hit detection or if my aim was off (probably a mix of the two). With other guns I didn’t have the same problem so…
The melee combat is not that good. You can use punches, shivs and batons and you have always to be constantly moving, otherwise you’re dead. You can easily take advantage of this by moving towards the enemy and punch him, them move back and repeat this until you win, which in turn feels cheap.

As for the story, you are Riddick and you have to escape this big prison. The game has this dark ambience and you have the Riddick eyes to see in the dark. You’ll be causing riots, doing missions for other inmates, participate in prison fights and kill a lot of guards.

If you’re a fan of the Riddick character and it’s universe, this game is a no-brainer and you should play it. Vin Diesel and Cole Hauser lend the voices for Riddick and Johns, respectively, and there’s also voice talent from Ron Perlman and Xzibit.

Next up: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena


Rings a bell, but not very loudly. The set up of the game reminds me heavily of Nioh, although I don’t know if guns is a thing in that setting, history wise. Lots of melee combat, but not as much stealth as I’d assume, since he starts out escaping from a prison.


Bald muscular guy always wearing steam-punk like glasses with leather strap because he has some sort of super vision at night but cant see much in daylight due to sensitivy to light.

I think there were 3 movies , first one being pretty good and rest trash.

Was played by Vin Diesel.

Pew pew pew,bam bam bam mostly.


It’s mainly a character from a series of movies:


I know the name, but not the movies - theater here is mad expensive, I’ve not gone in literally more than 10 years, at least.

From trailers, it looks like most movies these days are like that. >.<


Oooooh… Pitch Black I did see, online somewhere sometime. It was … well, the dialogue was awkward but the rest of it was pretty spooky and edge of seat kind of feels. Don’t know about the rest of the series, but yeah, I would have expected some stealth too, for your game.